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Editorial: The War against Christmas Is Symptomatic of a Bigger Problem, Intolerant Secularism Comments

We are the soul of the world in this age. That vocation has never been comfortable. That is why we have as our sign a cross. Intolerant Secularism is on the rise. We must not cower when confronted by those who attempt to silence us. Our message is not our own. It is for the whole world and it still sets the captives free. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    2 years ago

    Who are the Intolerant Secularists? They are the Marxist Democrat Party, the Marxist Media Complex, Hollywood, the Marxist Judges, and the Marxist dominated University faculties. These are the evil that is attacking our church and Christian Culture.

  2. Brian Westley
    2 years ago

    Leonardo, you are comparing the actions of private individuals (which car vary widely, and yes, atheists get a LOT of flak from believers, including Catholics) with the actions of the government, which needs to be neutral on religion, not play favorites.

  3. Leonardo
    2 years ago

    The birth of a dictatorship is through eliminating any effective opposition. Eventually what you end up with is a people that will instantly oppose/persecute anyone that has a difference of opinion or belief. This can be seen taking place 24/7 against all factors that are the cornerstone elements of the Catholic Faith such as Family, Marriage, Life, Faith and celebration of that Faith. We are certainly in an age of a dictatorship being pushed hard through the new tools of "the other side" which seem to be plenty and have unlimited support.

    Brian Westley
    I feel dissapointed in your response, although that may not matter to you. It is not based on strong analysis, which you can easily derive out of every day life and news. It's not about a "level-playing" field at all. The field is anything but levelled. Take a second, really good look. I as a Catholic, when passing by a Menorah in a public place or any place, do not suddenly feel the urge to complain to take it down. It does not offend me at all. Yet, just the other day while waiting in the line to grab a coffe, I heard the gentleman in front of me complaining that his coffee cup contained elements of Christian worship in it (there was snow, a pine tree and people skiing - nothing indicative of Christmas except it's December). He made the barista go in the back and fillin a fresh cup of coffee in a regular cup because he was of a different faith. In the end he had a ear to ear smile of "I gave it to you good" attitude which showed how easy he could put people on the spot while he kept boasting to his friend loudly about how he just "showed" the was all great fun to this man. This is a small sample happening everywhere, 24/7 against Christianity. That becomes a huge issue when put together and certainly does not make for a levelled playing field.

  4. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Emma, Enjoyed your post. Some Secularists enjoy Christmas for its "obscene consumerism".
    Your idea for Christians is wonderful! How much more our families would learn and be blessed for it! May I suggest some Catholics take at least some of Emma's idea's to heart, for a much more meaningful Christmas? I know I am! Not all, but some. Merry Christ-mas!

  5. Dorothy
    2 years ago

    Excellent, very timely editorial. Thanks!

  6. Brian Westley
    2 years ago

    The author picks some odd examples to make his case:

    First, the seniors told to remove their Christmas tree (and menorah BTW) in a private facility, were told that by the owners of that private facility. Certainly the owners have the right to allow or disallow such things (also, they reversed themselves later).

    Second, if the state is going to erect a tree in the state house, you've already given the state the right to decide what it's called.

    Third, the Soledad cross was erected on public land, and the government can't play favorites when it comes to religion.

    What you're really losing is just Christian hegemony; society has been tilted in your favor for so long that a more-level playing field now looks slanted to you.

  7. Esther Marie Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    Excellent commentary on the state of this nation Deacon Fournier. I find it interesting as I read the above comments. That there are quite a few who think, gee its okay to NOT recognize the' Christ mas' tree as that which is symbolic of a direct CHRISTIAN MESSAGE....we have more and more Catholics being tolerant of things in society that they should not be...Oh of course they have their right to speak of it....But I find it blantenly insulting., esp to Jesus Christ.HE came as a BABE at' Christ mas' to save a people he so loved. And now the people HE so loved are making excuses as to NOT doing what is right by OUR LORD and SAVIOR. In fact I am very tired of accomadating people who think and speak as such, We live in a very dirty, even filthy society. Yet so many, and many Catholics see this as well, we are all entitled to our thoughts and actions....we cannot serve two masters...if it is yourself and God ..or Society and God...YOU MUST CHOOSE GOD ALWAYS. This is a COMMAND, The very first Commandment as a matter of fact. As to this secular land we live in. Its disturbing in that if we stay speechless in times we should engage, and speak out. Soon the time will come when there will not be an allowance to speak out. I am so so so offended that Society has turned so secular. I see it everywhere...even in the church....My reliance is on God for ALL THINGS IN MY LIFE.....Secularists believe HE should be regulated to the interior of the church. Our society will die a slow and agonizing death if we continue as we are...LETTING THINGS JUST BE~~~ so so sad,. Its clear Deacon , so many I would say are not Catholics in the manner of Pre Vatican 2. which essentiallly made us quasi Protestants. I have returned to my maternal and later paternal Byzantrine Catholic Church, The REVERANCE due our GOD is found there.... I suspect people would say I have a closed mind.....on this topic? I most surely do. To follow the Church Doctors Teachings and all the saints as to how to be a TRUE CATHOLIC is a treasure of GOLD~ BEHOLD, one day the Lord will come the 3rd time. Will he find lukewarm excuse makers of HIM, or soldiers of Christ. The title we were given at Confimration?

  8. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    This is a power struggle between Obama and many democrats against the Christains. Obama wants to break any faith or belief that Christains may have in the Churchs authority and/or influence in their daily lives. Christmas and it's traditions are one of many ways that Christains display their beliefs in their faith. Take that away and it will be like driving the Christains "underground," and very similar to the days of the early Church in Rome, where only the most faithful could survive. That is the day Obama and many democrats look forward too!

  9. John
    2 years ago

    The nation's economy is bad enough, without Christmas it will be worse. Christians have a right to live and express their Faith as anybody else. . In california, the people have spoken for the sacredness of marriage, a marriage between One Man and One Woman. Some judges want to take the peoples' decision from them. What ever happened to " agovernment by the people..........?????

  10. John
    2 years ago

    I believe that we live as Christians in a secular society. Most of the pine trees decorated with tinsel and ornaments we see are, in fact, holiday trees and not Christmas trees. They are intended to help sell cars and jewelry and not to celebrate anything but the economy. It would be incorrect to call them anything else. Christmas has grown well beyond the confines of the Christian celebration, and this is okay.
    Christmas is not under attack. The debate is open and all voices are heard. There are certainly critical voices on both sides, as part of a healthy if not always polite discussion. Just because the occasional Creche or religious shrine on paid public property is opposed does not mean that these voices look to eradicate religion or religious speech.
    My house has a Christmas tree and a Creche. No one is complaining, threatening or waging war on them. I celebrate Christmas at home with my family, in Church with my community, and in my heart. I also celebrate the holidays with Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and shopping.
    To paraphrase Emma's comment, "Perhaps the answer to this (season) is one of witness, prayer, fasting and worship during these times." Let a holiday tree be a holiday tree. Live the tolerance and love of Jesus.

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