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The Antichrist in Muhammad: Introduction to the Series Comments

We have seen in our prior series entitled "The Heart's Witness Against Muhammad" how, in his moral fruits, Muhammad can be identified as a false prophet.  We will see in this series entitled "The Antichrist in Muhammad" how, in his doctrinal fruits, Muhammad can also be identified as a false prophet twice over.  This series is nothing less than an effort to be responsive to the Lord's warnings regarding false prophets.. Continue Reading

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  1. Jorge
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH, it is YOUR fear that propels you to deffend the undeffensable-islam-its evil ideology and its intolerant practice we see more and more exploding worldwide. Burying your hand in the sand and trying to do catholics the same will not make islam become the "peaceful, tolerant" religion it never was and never will become.It is up to muslims to change islam or at the least change the way they practice it which normally causes brutal oppression(sharia) or mass-murdering all over the world(jihad).This article helps confronting the dark side of islam(which is its true side) and help muslims truly become peaceful, tolerant..and not the other way around as you fallaciously suggest.

  2. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    And the only message here is that we live in fear.
    That's what Catholicism is?
    Where does the Bible promise us a comfortable life, a country of our own, a place in this world?
    We're to be IN this world, not OF it. Instead of a ticket out of it, all we're offering is fear OF it.
    Shame on us, and shame on C.O.

  3. Harry
    2 years ago

    Great article.Muhammad is indeed a sinful and a failure , a charlatan worshipoped by millions, but cast away by Jesus to the eternal fire.

  4. blacksheep09
    2 years ago

    I have read Islam's doctrines and the life of it's founder, we can't dialog about Islam because Muslim groups and the Feds throws fits. I have worked with Muslim's in Iraq and family that has worked in Moroc, live and watch what do you want to know. Islam has been at war with this country for about a century, and our leaders don't want to talk about it. You can't get around the Islam's mission statement of the one religion, one God, one prophet; and the whole "slay the infidel were you find them" makes dialog a little troublesome.

  5. Joseph
    2 years ago

    This article is gratuitously divisive. If ever there was a period in human history when all people of faith need to pull together, respect each other, and unite in their identification of the common enemy - Western Secularism - surely this is it. The secularists actively seek to eliminate all faiths, and all people of faith, from society, reducing all of us, at best, to nothing more than quaint relics of a bygone age, utterly irrelevant to modern society. We therefore need to promote respectful dialogue and understanding and work together, focusing our attention on our true enemy, not foment resentment and disrespect among our potential allies in this great struggle.

  6. Jose Gutierrez
    2 years ago one is saying that all muslims are terrorists.However it is clear muhamamd WAS a terrorist and therefore, being the "perfect example for muslims to immitate" it is not surprising that there are thousands of incidents involving muslims attacking non-muslims and even other muslims, by using violence, terror and shameless criminal thugish tacts of deceit, intimidation, kidnappings, torture and murder.Not all muslims are terrorists but most terroists are muslims..FACT! And that is not a coincidence because islam preaches and practices terrorism worldwide..if all muslims practiced jihad and terror as muhammad taught you to, being 1.5 billion , we would be living in HELL(similar to muslim countries).
    The fact you say you learned about other religions proves you are not being honest and are using taqyya, since islam prohibits muslims from learning anything about other religions; in fact islam teaches muslims to dispise and hate all non-islamic religions, and therefore all non-muslims altogether.islam condones a brutal legal system called sharia that denies EQUAL RIGHTS for non-muslims and even for wimenand ther is not ONE muslim country that allows non-muslims to live, prosper, teach and preach freely their religion without fear of getting killed(not even turkey that used to be seculkar but now is drowning into a islamist abyss).

  7. Jorge
    2 years ago

    Muhammad, islam, the quran are pure evil, pure ruthless curruption and shameless deliberate violence not just against GOD, Jeus, but even agains the very foundations of the human beings, its dignity, not to forget against natural law. I am astouded how so many so called "christians" tend to fear more muslim violence and repirisals than they tend to deffend GOD, His word, his Truthful Loving message, regardless of what satanic violence , lies , threats, or deceits muslim apologists come up with to try to deffend the undeffensible-islam itself! islam is offensive, violenmt, ruthless and the world needs to know aboput oit so we can preach the GOSPEL and practice it as God COMMANDED us to do.God did not say:"preach the gospel only to non-muslim because I fear for your deaths at the hands of mass-murdering jihadists and mujaheddeen terrorists, rapists, theives."I thank andrew has the honesty to address the islamic problem with fearless passion, honesty and REAL CHRISTIAN FAITH!

  8. Andrew M. Greenwell
    2 years ago

    @A. I can empathize with your sorrow. But I think it is important to be honest about Muhammad. If he were simply your brother, I would not write about him. But he is supposed to be the mouthpiece of God and the perfect human, so he must be judged by strict standards.

    You say that Islam acknowledges the Injil (Gospel) and the Tawrah (Old Testament), but this is not true. While the Qur'an does say that, it at the same time teaches things that completely contradict the Gospel. That's what this series is about. Then, Islam teaches that the Injil (i.e., our Gospels) are corrupt, so that if they contradict the Qur'an it is because we corrupted them. So the Injil for the Muslim is equivalent to the Qur'an, and is not the Injil or Gospel of the Christian.

    There is not one sacred and central teaching of the Injil which is not rejected by Muhammad, whether it be the Trinity, the Fatherhood of God, the eternal Sonship of Jesus, the Incarnation, the life of grace, the notion of adoption as sons of God in grace, original sin, man's need for redemption, the crucifixion, the atoning death of Jesus, the descent of the Holy Spirit, the role of the Church.

    This series does not even address Muslims, but it looks only at Muhammad. There may be Muslims of good will; in fact, I have met some Muslims who, I am convinced, are acting in obedience to their conscience. The only judgment here in this series is upon the objective teachings of Muhammad, and nothing else.

  9. Henry
    2 years ago

    Most Christians are persecuted and jailed in muslim countries and are treated as inferior when
    they are the true saints and martyr's of those countries and not vise-versa. Muhammad was not a good man like he is portrayed to be. But propaganda is spread like butter and honey in
    muslims countries. Thats the way they are.

  10. A
    2 years ago

    I came across this article, and as a Muslim, I must admit I am saddened with what is written here. Islam acknowledges Injil, the bible, and acknowledges Jesus as one of our prophets before Muhammad.

    You read the news about Muslim terrorists, then jump into conclusion that all or at least almost all of them are terrorist? Please, don't look at it so one-sidedly.

    Please note also the political, economical background and upbringing of a Muslim that you identify as a terrorist before you immediately judge him or her as an antichrist, and unholy. Any person living a hard life are prone to turn to crimes, regardless of his or her religion.
    There are always extremists; Muslim extremists, left-wing extremists, white power extremists. We cannot say that all white people are bad just because of the KKK, or if Russians are bad because of the (tyrannical) communists.

    I think before we approach each other with hatred and negative preconceived thoughts, we can never make peace. I know how inevitable conflicts are, but as people who believe in God, I think it's not right to judge one faith with so little knowledge you have about it.

    And then brand Muslims as intolerant, violent…whatever you think we are. We are not. I am a Muslim and I’ve never been taught to bomb countries. I went to school and learn of other religions and they are all wonderful; they teach us of peace and harmony with people and nature.

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