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And so it begins, Obama imposes first new taxes Comments

The soaking of the rich has begun with the IRS releasing new rules for income taxes affecting the highest earners. Those taxes apply to capital gains and dividends earned by individuals making more than $200,000 per year and married couples earning above $250,000. Continue Reading

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  1. Jeffrey Caperton
    2 years ago

    I feel that it is both low and unfair, not to mention scapegoating, to pin the 2012 election fiasco on the "Bishops and priests who were an accomplice to the election of Obama and his party of Death and Deceit". The reality is that, in general, the American Christian laity does not set a good example for Christianity and the Republican Party still thinks this is the 1980's where they can win with the white vote alone. And that does not even factor in Romney's numerous blunders, who became a live reminder of the phrase "it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt". It is not the job of the clergy or the religious to hold our hand at the polls or to school us in civics. It is, however, our jobs as members of the Christian laity to do a better job of setting a better and more consistent example of Christianity and not just reflect Christian teaching that supports our partisan views of politics, not to mention the fact that most of us are single issue Catholics. As to the clergy and the religious, I have nothing but admiration for them as they have made a committment none of us would and, for the most part, they reflect their committment well. I would that we look more to the Catholic clergy and Catholic religious more and our politicians less.

  2. vance
    2 years ago

    I want to thank our Bishops and priests who were an accomplice to the election of Obama and his party of Death and Deceit. They are a party to the misery and suffering that is about to hit us. Obama and his anti-Christ Party made no bones about where they stand. They booed God three times at their convention just to show us their true face. Yet our Bishops and priests kept their silence. Great leadership isn't it?

  3. Emma
    2 years ago

    "For over 30 yrs we've enjoyed ...." Sorry, not me! I wasn't alive 30 yrs. ago. However, glad to hear that some benefited on what my generation will be paying for. Also, my enlightenment came long before even October. This is not an either /or choice. We can have good schools and health care. It's a matter of priorities. Unfortunately, as Mike states, far too many fell sway to the mantra eminating from all corners of the democratic political machine. "Kill your children! Kill your children! C'mon "ladies," we're on your side. We'll even pay for it. And, to sweeten the pot, we'll reward you with public acclaim. We'll parade you around the country and with the help of our spin doctors, make a heroine of you. We'll provide you with government grants to further your education so that in years to come, you too can climb the corporate and economic ladder, just like us. It's not such a big deal, all you have to do is Kill Your Children! You know you don't 'really ' want them. We don't want them. Oh, and while you're at it, convince as many others as you can to Kill Their Children also. I mean, I love my two beautiful daughters, but *yours *shouldn't be allowed to live. Kill them! Kill them! " and so, they did. Evil twisting the truth to suit their political ambitions. Murdering children to further career goals.

  4. Janusz
    2 years ago

    It is quite unfortunate that your enlightment came in December rather than October, when there wasstill time to do something about it! I guess, live and learn....

  5. Nobody Important
    2 years ago

    For over thirty years, we have enjoyed lower taxes, yet screamed everytime pet programs were singled out for budget cuts. We lowered taxs in the 1980s while spending a wartime budget, and we applauded Ronald Reagan throughout the process. In the last decade we lowered taxes while conducting two wars, and we applauded George W. Bush. We demand more spending on education, public safety,health care, disaster relief... Now that somebody is telling us that somebody needs to pay for all of this and we are up in arms.

  6. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    It is a shame Catholic democrats were not taught economics in school. In hurting wealthy people financially, we do not help ourselves. I speak of myself, one who is losing his job soon and has always been on the lower half of the economic ladder. My first job was cleaning toilets in high school and I still clean toilets as part of my work now. Catholic democrats would do good to read Church teaching about the value of work-no matter what the work is. God knows our hearts, and if Catholic democrats desire to hurt the wealthy, they are breaking God's commandment against covetousness. The irony is that in hurting the wealthy financially, we hurt innocent people like me who need the wealthy to do better (and for there to be more wealthy people) in order for those like myself to have more jobs from which to choose. The only "justice" in this maddening Catholic democrats "social justice" policy, is that Catholic democrats who are not wealthy are hurting themselves. God sometimes allows us to cause pain to ourselves when our initial goal was a sadistic desire to cause pain, financial or other, to others. However, the injustice in this Catholic democrats "justice" is that it hurts innocent people like me at the lower end. I have no desire to hurt the wealthy. I am offended by the Catholic democrats' candidate in his attitude towards people like me, that is, thinking I will support someone who wants to hurt the wealthy. The Catholic democrats' candidate even admitted raising capital gains taxes on the wealthy would result in less revenue for the government. But allowing more revenue to come to the government this way would be "unfair". So let the debt, which is killing us, continue to grow beyond control.What pathetic nonsense.But we should not be surprised. The Catholic democrats' candidate also thinks girls and boys can be legally killed even after they survive the attempt to kill them in their mom's womb. He is also waging his immoral war against the Church for our "crime" of adhering to God's laws. He also thinks he (and his daughter) are wiser than God when it comes to what constitutes marriage. No wonder his brutal economic policy, endorsed by Catholic democrats, has caused higher poverty and unemployment, and lower incomes and wealth.

  7. Emma
    2 years ago

    How will this benefit anyone? Obama naively believes that this will be absorbed by the wealthy, when the truth is that the cost will be passed on to the middle class consumer and small business via higher prices and costs of doing business. The wealthy won't lose a nickel, they'll just raise prices and treat it as another cost of doing business! Obama is either stupid or deliberately working to destroy the middle class. The poor receive services, the wealthy raise costs and once again anyone who dares to work to support their family is screwed!

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