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And so it begins, Obama imposes first new taxes Comments

The soaking of the rich has begun with the IRS releasing new rules for income taxes affecting the highest earners. Those taxes apply to capital gains and dividends earned by individuals making more than $200,000 per year and married couples earning above $250,000. Continue Reading

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  1. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Nobady IMPORTANT: Peace Be To You. My friend, YOU ARE IMPORTANT!. YOU ARE A SON OF GOD! That said, I will pray that you come to feel better about yourself.

    Now, what you said about Vance and the Bishops are partially true. Vance is also partially right. The Church has always had, since the Apostles left, some who were more seemingly on Fire with the Spirit than others. If you are interested, I would have you watch Bill O'riely @5:00pm tonight. He is airing a series on: "Why most Christians are dead silent when it comes to defending their Faith." He names factual happenings, airs true footage, true stories, and has a guest speaker. Last night he had a Baptist minster who has written a few books and is a Ph.D. In short, his message was: "Wimpy preachers make wimpy Christians". Of course, you and I know that Free Will is also involved, amongst a host of other things. But it is interesting to get another's perspective, nonetheless. I am sure he will have a guest from different faiths each night. But All of what is discussed is food for thought.

    In closing, I would like to say, that some on this board, myself included, are actually Baby Boomers with Sorrowful hearts that our children and grandchildren will never have the opportunity to know the America we lived in, or the one that our Father's and Grandfather's fought for... Where most people were friendly and you could leave your back door unlocked.... until your World infringed upon ours. And then came a World of Terror. We were not responsible for that. We lived in a World free of Terror. But a World always, like this one, ready and waiting, for someone to be foolhardy enough to start WWiii. Yes, we have always had to live with That thought on the back burner of our minds the same as you.

    My point here is, some Baby Boomers do not think like All Baby Boomers. And I imagine, that if All the Politicians and voters of that time had hindsight, perhaps, perhaps, things would be different. But just as I did not vote for Obama, he won, in spite of myyyy thinking. We can not help when we are born. I have children and grandchildren. I am Sorrowful unto death over what has happened to this country. The votes are in. I can not do a thing about it. Do not play the Blame Game. It is as it is. Prayerful Blessings...

  2. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    Of course the "consumer" always pays! Obama knows this, but could care less! The worse the economy becomes, the more people become beholden to the govt - and will end up voters for the hand that feeds them. So it makes no difference to Obama or his administration as they win either way! Welcome to the "New America."

  3. Nobody important
    2 years ago

    To respond to Emma, I can certainly sympathize with the fact that you were not around thirty years ago, because my son, who recently became an adult, was not around thirty years ago either. So you naturally find it unfair, and rightfully so, that you are being asked to pay for the mismanagement of the baby boom generation. What Obama is doing with regard to tax hikes should have been done thirty years ago while the baby boomers were able to pay their share (Coupled with corresponding spending cuts, of course), but, as it is, the baby boom generation has been living on borrowed money and is now asking their children and grandchildren to pay the debt. You have my sympathies.

  4. Jeffrey Caperton
    2 years ago

    "G.G." a pro-life Catholic:

    That was nice of you to write. It is not with an honest difference of opinion or beliefs that I take exception and I even recognize that some of my views are sometimes on the fringes of the mainstream (However, I am adamant when it comes to pro-life). It is personal attacks in the form of name-calling, sarcasm, rancor and other forms of disrespect that I take exception. Also, this type of environment is not conducive to problem solving and generally fuels the stereotyping of Christians in general because of those Christians who exhibit such behavior. It also is contrary to the law of love, with which we are commanded.

    I can concede that you, and others, noticed silence on the part of your parish clergy or local bishops regarding these issues and you, and others, have a right to question this. For my part, the clergy and religious with whom I am generally in contact were rather vocal and I am sure there were a large number of other parishes who experienced the same. But even if we do not see them being publicly vocal enough to satisfy our personal zeal, we are not necessarily privy to what is happening behind closed doors where the USCCB or a local archdiocese is generally formulating plans A, B, and etc. to deal with the issue at hand. But to label them as accomplices or collaborators, as has been a consistent charge by Vance (And others) goes too far and I feel falls into the realm of scapegoating and is unfair. With regard to the 2012 election, there is plenty of blame to go around, but most of it can be aimed at the Republican party due to the rancorous primary process whereby the primary candidates did more damage to the nominee than the opposing party (Ironically, something the Democratic party generally does), failure to reach out to non-white constituencies, a presidential nominee and other candidates who inserted their foots in their mouths on more than a few occasions, incompetent numbers people (As an accountant I can sing the virtues of a good numbers person) and the general inability to make their case. Nothing the USCCB and local archdiocese clergy said or did could fix this fiasco.

    I already feel bad about what I wrote and I become very angry at myself whenever I allow myself to be pulled into a gutter brawl, but, unfortunately, I too have strong opinions, particularly when it comes to issues such as civility, fairness and Christians behaving as Christians. Perhaps if everybody observed simple truths like the "Golden Rule" or humility, things would be different. However, pride rules at this forum just as much as it rules Washington, D.C., and, unfortunately, I am not as good at offering the other cheek as I should be.

    2 years ago

    TAX DOLLARS????????

  6. "G.G." a pro-life Catholic
    2 years ago

    Jeffrey Caperton...Hooray for you and you said it well! You are NOT a bully... You
    only stood up against a bigot bully...Which is your right....
    However, I must agree on one point and that is that I do not remember one homily by
    any priest, of the Catholic church that I attend, that was about abortion or homosexual
    marriage or the HHS mandate against Catholics... The pulpit has been stone silent on all these Moral Issues...These issues should have been addressed by our priests and some

  7. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Emma: You are a very wise yount woman. God bless.

  8. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Vance: Hi, my friend. Haven't talked to you in awhile. I don't know whether or not you saw this, but, the Archdiocese of New York and two other Catholic entities were given the go ahead with a lawsuit seeking to invalidate a provision of the Obamacare law requiring group health insurers to cover contraceptives. U. S. Dist. Judge Brian Cogan in Brooklyn, N.Y., refused the U.S. Dept. of HHS request to dismiss the case. That's good news for now. The Bishops are working for us very hard. You just will not see it on the MSM. Have Faith. God bless.

  9. Jeffrey Caperton
    2 years ago

    First of all, Vance, you do not know me, so to say that Mr. Obama is my "God-hater-in-Chief" is nothing other than a bigoted personal attack because I do not agre with your politics, and I am deeply offended by such an insinuation. I did not even vote for the Mr. Obama. Of course, I did not vote for Mr. Romney either, but our lack of acceptable candidates and desperate need for viable third party is the subject of another forum.

    But, since you choose sarcastic rancorous personal attacks upon those who have the nerve to disagree with you (In this case, me), I will tell you that, from the perspective of a Christian, you are a very big part of the reason Christians cannot form a consistent argument in the face of secular arguments; that your rancor fuels arguments that Christians are extremists and bigots.

    I will regret what I am writing tomorrow, and it probably will not be posted, but I have done nothing to you for you to go off on me (And this is not the first time you have leveled sarcasm at me) with your sarcastic responses regarding my "God-hater-in-Chief" and how ecstatic I am over "Dear Leader's re-election" since you have no way of knowing for whom I voted, or if I bothered to vote at all, neither of which is any of your business. I would gladly hold out a hand in peace and friendship to you, but I fear you would only slap it away. Maybe you, and others like you, are the real reason Obama won re-election, but you are more comfortable blaming the Catholic clergy for not engaging in partisan politics from the pulpit because they are too busy focusing upon Christian love and forgiveness. Would it make you feel good to blame me as well? Why not blame God for failing to send a plague upon the Democrats?

    I am not proud of what I write here, but I do not like being verbally brow-beaten by bullies. Unfortunately, standing up to bullies often makes us no better than the bullies.

  10. vance
    2 years ago

    Jeff, It is every bit fair to hold "Leaders" accountable for "NOT LEADING". All religious leaders cannot be partisan. They cannot endorse candidates or political parties. BUT they can discuss "Issues" Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Obama's HHS Mandate on the Catholic Church are "ISSUES" that can be discussed from the pulpit. The immoral sewer that our society has sunk into is an "ISSUE" that can be discussed from the pulpit. The disintegration of the Family in our country is an "ISSUE" that can be discussed from the pulpit. The pulpit has been stone silent on all these Moral Issues. Your God-hater-in-Chief won re-election by a mere 3.5 million votes. I know you are ecstatic over your Dear Leader's re-election, but the Catholic Church is not because the church will need to spend millions of dollars in legal costs to fight your anti-Christ leader and his abortion mandates. If the Church loses the legal battle, then the Bishops and priests will be faced with expensive fines and/or jail sentences if they follow Christ and not your anti-Christ leader.

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