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Blasphemous Obama painting goes viral Comments

Last weekend we had Jamie Foxx say that Obama was our "lord and savior." Now, we have the picture to prove it, or so we paraphrase former GOP candidate Herman Cain's tweet which alludes to a new Obama painting which most find to be blasphemous. Continue Reading

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  1. Anita
    2 years ago

    [Hi, here is something that I saw on the web & would like to get reactions to it.]

    Who Needs Holy Catholics?

    There's already enough holy stuff:

    Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Week, Holy Virgin, Holy Water, Holy Orders, Holy Bingo, Holy Savior, Holy Family, Holy Matrimony, Holy Oils, and Holy Communion. So who needs Holy Catholics, especially in politics?

    The New Testament (Phil. 2:9-11) says that "Jesus" is "a name which is above every name." Since many have viewed Catholicism as a "blasphemous counterfeit" of true Christianity, shouldn't the Pope tell folks in Catholic countries to quit naming their boys "Jesus" and threaten to excommunicate them if they do? Wouldn't this be a step in the right direction?

    (Believe it or not, the above message was inspired by "good Catholics" like Boehner, Biden, Pelosi and Madonna!)

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    No Judy. But the right is the only faction talking about it. I think they sensationalize this garbage and keep it going. They get everyone riled up but and for what? So everyone can whine?

    When Obama first ran, it broke me of right wing talk. This last cycle broke me of news in general. I've hardly followed anything since the election. I find I have way more peace.

    All of this stuff is just noise.

  3. William
    2 years ago

    It's been brought up repeatedly here (in an accusatory tone) that 50% of Catholics voted for Obama. The Hispanic population is overwhelmingly Catholic. Hispanics were the only group he won by huge margin and I do mean HUGE.
    How much of that 50% vote do you suppose was purchased from our Hispanic brethren with the little backdoor amnesty stunt he pulled just a few months before the election? What politically brilliant timing. What was Romney going to say that would trump ' Don't worry about a thing, your family members and friends who are here illegally are in. Don't forget to vote! '?
    I'm not going to throw out some bogus statistic about how many of these folks are represented in this '50% of Catholics' number but it would be naive to think it's not a BUNCH.
    Something to think about before you pull the trigger on a phrase like "you Catholics" brothers and sisters.

  4. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Roseann Graham, Ditto!

    Rob, Are you saying that the right is making it up? Bear in mind, i am Free and Independent and Catholic. Being such, I would not consider it a Right thing. Existing in Reality however, it exists in the Truth. Therefore, Considered neither Left or Right. Prayerful Blessings...

  5. Roseann Graham
    2 years ago

    Will say an extra Rosary for this desecration. What on earth is going on in this country?

  6. eithena
    2 years ago

    If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck then it is a duck he dont look like GOD and he dont act like GOD then he aint

  7. Rob
    2 years ago

    By viral, does this site mean on right wing sites? I've only seen this referenced by the right?

    Seems to me the editors could save us all some time if we are going to have the same rhetoric of the last four years for the next four. Just cut and paste the comments.

  8. vance
    2 years ago

    The Liberal Left hates God, religion, and the Church. Since they have no god of religion, they create their own religion and their own god. The religion of the Liberal Left is "Liberalism". Whatever "Talking Points" the Liberal Leaders vomit, their robot followers swallow and digest these 'Talking Points' as gospel truth. The god god of the robot followers is whoever their current leader is. Right now, it's Obama. So, he is their god. Bill Clinton was and still is a god in their programmed minds. Whatever they say is gospel truth and they can do no wrong. Their god can commit murder but they will fight to the death defending them against their accusers. This is Jaime Lee Foxx and all the Obamabots.

  9. Peter Wukasch
    2 years ago

    Whatever Jamie Foxx said or this artist portrayed does not mean that President(he still has that title!)Obama endorses these ridiculous ideas. By coming out and commenting on them President Obama might draw more attention to these two irrelevant people. No matter what, Christ reigns and the foolish statements and acts of some His creation does not diminish that. Whether we like or dislike the current President he needs our prayers so that his positions on moral issues might be changed to reflect what would please our Lord. Our God has the power to do that and we need to be the agents of His love, not judgement.

  10. judy claar
    2 years ago

    This is ridiculous! Nothing could be farther from the Truth. All Catholics/Christians must practice Our Lord of Patience. St. Francis was the first to receive the stigmata of Christ. One vow of all Franciscans is also to follow Our Lord in Patience. Patience. Both Our Lord and St. Francis had Patience while suffering, ever, and continuing in Prayer. While Always fulfilling their daily duties.

    I say this not to introduce a new topic, but to remind all of us, including myself, how, in my mere opinion, we may react. I share this, because, until I know, or hear of anything more, this is all that I can do or say that would be of any use to anyone for now. Blessings...

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