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Jamie Foxx proclaims Obama as 'messiah' to cheering crowd Comments

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx just spat, figuratively, on the faith of all believers, committing blasphemy by replacing Jesus with Barack Obama. Foxx made the offensive remarks during an awards ceremony on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue Reading

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  1. +BVM+
    2 years ago

    Obama isn't the 'messiah' as the article questions...
    I'm thinking...Anti-Christ?
    God Bless.

  2. faithful2christ
    2 years ago

    In response to Byron Smith14 - I am a devout practing and believing Roman Catholic Christian and I hear you out and respect your opinion.

    First there was no mention of anyone wanting to implement laws of committing blasphemy by replacing Jesus the Christ with whomever. Don't play on the fears most Westerns have since Islam has laws and extreme punishment for those who go against the "prophet" and call to mind that which the Christian church went through before and during the era of Reformation.

    Yes I do concur it is his [Jamie Foxx] "FIrst Admendment Right" as an American to free speech. But in public forum he should know better to exercise restraint -- freedom doesn't say whatever I want but what I ought! As a vowed Atheist "belief" you can only address the psychological (commendatory claims) - since you have chose (right or wrong) to only be one demensional and cannot by definition go beyond that. As for Christians, Jews, Moselms, et al... it covers a multi-demensional range from psycholigical, spiritual, religious (both commendatory and existential claims) and is being address on one or more levels (according to their/our faith belief system).

    Therefore your understanding of this is thus lacking and because of your "belief", so to speak, cannot go beyond the sciencific/psychological emotions. Outsiders looking in on a banquet or feast can only speak on what they see not what they experience since they either by choice or force have not been invited to the fullness of the experience.

    We must all remember that all of us are intitaled to our OPINION(S) but opinions are meaningless if they do not lead us towards the truth! And what is the truth you might ask? That good ole Pontius Pilot question. Truth is that which is and will be regardless of what I think, feel, experience or chose to define it according my my perception(s) i.e. regardless of my opinion of it.

    In this case - on your level it is not a crime or sin or blasphemy... on the level of a believer it is and it is disrespectful especially from one well known in the public arena! Even a comedian especially since we are living in a Country where Political Correctness runs abound and accepted by the Left!

  3. Dagmar
    2 years ago

    To all the non-believers out there:


    Think about it!

    As for me, I love the Lord with all my heart and soul !!!

    Never forget, if you do not seek HIM, you will not find HIM.
    HE is waiting for you, PATIENTLY,
    GOD BLESS YOU, in your search for HIM !!!

  4. Manuel Rivera-Lebron
    2 years ago

    This is utilitarianism at its best!

  5. robert francis
    2 years ago

    Surely no one could take anything Jamie Foxx says about religion seriously. And if there are those that do - why, what can you say.

    And there is no evidence to indicate that President Obama is a Christain.

  6. Byron Smith
    2 years ago

    OK, first off, let me begin with the standard disclaimer. I am an atheist, so some people will automatically ignore what I have to say for that fact alone. Blasphemy aside (and I agree that Foxx blasphemed, but I believe even that should be covered under First Amendment rights), I believe this is a simple case of hero worship, nothing more, nothing less, and harmless as such, according to perceived intent and targeted audience (perhaps those who are non-religious or liberal in their religious perspectives).

    I am an ex-Christian, but even when I was a Christian, I would not have agreed with the idea that Foxx " just spat, figuratively, on the faith of all believers," even if I did agree with the wording that follows, "committing blasphemy by replacing Jesus with Barack Obama." I do not know this for sure, I admit, since I cannot get inside of Foxx's head to verify. But I believe this is (perhaps an ill-advised, though certainly forgivable, in my opinion) exercise of hero worship using verbal superlatives of religious imagery. In fact, unless Foxx claims devout belief in the Christian religion, then I would expect language like this from someone less religious (if I am correct in my perception). My atheistic bias overlooks a lot of religious offense, but seriously, if I did believe in Christianity, God, and God's honor, I would believe that He is able to take care of this and bring offenders to a divine reckoning. But I was never Catholic, being Baptist, so I am not sure how much of my theology is shared. One thing I am certain of, however, is that I will never need, want, or support blasphemy laws or any lesser variation thereof (and I would have said the same as a believer, because I have always believed that Church and State must remain separate).

  7. vance
    2 years ago

    This guy is sick. The problem is that he "Believes it". There are so many Obamabots that believe that. This is what happens when God was removed from the public square and Booed three times at the Marxist Dem Convention.

  8. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    Once again I wish to thank Catholic democrats for what they have done to us. The dollar signs must have been very big in front of their eyes. In exchange for their 30 pieces of silver (which is leading us to a Greek-like collapse), catholic democrats voted for someone who is waging war against the Church, threatening her institutions with closure under the guise of "health care". The Church cannot abandon God and His laws in order to operate under the laws of this morally corrupt executive branch. Catholic democrats also voted for someone who advocates killing of children who survive the attempt to kill them in their mom's womb. And they voted for someone who thinks that he, not God, knows what constitutes marriage. We must also question African-American Catholics who apparently made an idol of race when they cast their votes for this anti-life candidate.

  9. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    This a genuine indication as to just how far the Obama cult has taken hold in the black communities around the country. However, there are many black Americans who take exception to this perception of Obama. One the most outspoken of these can be found at which I highly recommend in order to balance your impressions of his popularity among black Americans. Mychal is a very accomplished and outanding black conservitive journalist who ii unafraid to tell the bitter truth about the couple in the White House.

  10. Rose
    2 years ago

    Pravda reported in an article that Obama was re-elected by an "illiterate society." How sadly true.

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