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Jamie Foxx proclaims Obama as 'messiah' to cheering crowd Comments

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx just spat, figuratively, on the faith of all believers, committing blasphemy by replacing Jesus with Barack Obama. Foxx made the offensive remarks during an awards ceremony on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue Reading

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  1. johnathan
    2 years ago

    That was very stupid for Jamie Fox's to say fhd only messhia was Jesus. Obamba is one the worst presidents I have ever seen. I think Jamie foxx should apologize

  2. Mr. Crit
    2 years ago

    Obviously, Foxx was joking. And it's clear the author of this article recognizes the farce. However, this does not mean that Foxx's "joke" was funny, or that it should be tolerated-- especially considering how many people do indeed treat Obama as if he were the Messiah. I remember seeing t-shirts floating around during his first campaign that intimated just that sentiment! What a sad world in which we live; a sad world with occupants who are so easily fooled by this deceitful man in office. I pray for our country.

  3. Vin
    2 years ago

    While all this is going on, people are being murdered in the most dangerous place for a human being these days, it's mother's womb. Nothing good can come out of balancing their lives to putting bread on the table for all. One personal choice is the loss of salvation the other the hypocrisy of choice. On the one hand we kill, on the other we hand out food. Something is really wrong with this picture. Life is so short and eternity so looooooooong. As far as Foxx, I don't believe he really thinks Obama is the messiah, but it is tasteless to even say what he did which is offensive, but ignorance knows NO BOUNDS.

  4. Jimmy
    2 years ago

    I cannot believe you think that Jami Fox means President Obama is the second coming. What an ignorant way of thinking. You have minimized God and brought your hate and racism into the church-actually long ago. You have defined God to and Christ to your small world. Christ is larger than that! The world is changing right before your eyes and you can't see it.

    I pray in the names of Jesus that all of us remember who we are, and what are, and that our fears be turned into positive actions to help the poor, sick, and those who cannot speak for themselves. I pray that we look for the good in people. I case out racism, hate, greed, selfishness, and in-bread bias towards others. Help us O Lord as we look towards heaven I pray that we have compassion and love as you showed us on the cross. AMEN!

  5. Dr. W Raven
    2 years ago

    Neither Mr. J. Foxx nor President B.H. Obama are empowered to administer Sacraments which give sanctifying grace necessary for salvation. Much like Henry VIII of England, who declared himself as head of Church and state, this president runs the risk of self destruction while leaving the state and the church intact. Throughout the 2000 year history of the pilgrim Church on earth this Church, guarded by the Holy Spirit, will triumph over evil: called by whatever name...I would not entrust the salvation of my soul to either of these uninformed, misguided penitents. The Church will survive.

  6. Christian J. Bisson
    2 years ago

    Rob, I wish I were preaching to the choir. But the fact is that when one formally cooperates with evil, one in effect ceases to be part of the choir. That is very sad and tragic. It is not about votes; it is about the eternal salvation of souls.

    The results of the election is a sad commentary on what a little more than half of the american people value or don't value. We have a president sittting in office who is very antagonistic and dismissive to the Church and what it teaches. He is poised and ready to strip away our freedoms and has used and will continue to use misinformed Catholics to do his bidding. He's a clever one that one. He has an agenda and he knows what he is doing.

    This goes beyond politics though. This is spiritual warfare being played out in our lives. Our present circumstances are the results of moral choices made by us over the past few decades. We have rejected God in favour of sin and self interest and we are about to reap what we have sown. No president can save us from what is to come. Especially not Obama since he spurns Him at every turn.

    Better job at evangelizing? Hmm, I don't know? How many ways can you proclaim the good news? Light has entered into the world but people prefer darkness, and the deeds of darkness. What are we to do? Give up? No. There is hope. God is merciful and ready to forgive and bestow blessings upon all who call upon Him. All we have to do is repent, turn from our sinful ways and seek His face. It is very simple. A child could do it. Indeed, unless you become like a little child you can never even enter into the kingdom of heaven. The solution is not with the government. It is with us and our renewed positive response to God's invitation and grace in our lives. We will not experience blessings in our life unless and until we return to Him.

  7. wilma
    2 years ago

    let us forgive these people for they know not what they do we as catholics know the truth which comes to us through the body and blood of jesus christ who is the only way to the father we pray to the mother of god for guidance and help to overcome the evil in the world we start with our own families and our example in the way we live come o come emanuel enter our hearts and minds with wisdom knowledge understanding counsel piety fortitude and fear of the lord jesus i trust in you .

  8. Rob
    2 years ago

    Christian, you are preaching to the choir. There has just been too many years of inaction on abortion that I think people just don't factor this issue in their votes anymore.

    I honestly do not believe that most Catholics who voted for Obama said, gee, need more abortion. Vote Obama! Many just compared the two men and decided Obama would do a better job governing. Personally i think four years of demonizing the man backfired. By and large i dont believe Christians were very Christian to the president. And we wonder why no one listens? Seems to me if we did a better job evangelizing, we would have this abortion problem nipped in the bid. All this finger pointing about "formal cooperation" is ridiculous. And if that is the best folks can do to get people to vote a certain way, then get used to these election results because we have arrived. This election is proof positive of that.

  9. Peter Li
    2 years ago

    Pls note that Obama is not a Christian...he is a Muslim. The very fact that more people applauded Obama than God is a reality in the American society today. I would say that most of Amercians had lost their Christian faith be it Catholic or Protestant Christianity. It's replaced by consumerism,individualism and all other multiple idols in this culture of death ! Even practising Christians are "supermarket" Christians, i.e. they choose and pick what are easy to practise, eg. premarital sex, etc...and what to's all about "I".The Church have a great task ahead to reevangelise their flock and bring them back to Christ....but it would be an uphill task and needed lots of sacrifice, humility, determination and graces from God are needed !!

  10. lyle
    2 years ago

    President Obama is and never be the Messiah in Catholic sense. He is the President of the United States which isn't too united right now . We need to support him and let him see the light . As for Jamie Foxx , well he will say anything to get some free media. He's last name has fox in it don't he. May God lead in all things with his commandments and forgiveness in Jesus Christ Amen!

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