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Alarming rise in Islamic intolerance seen in France Comments

French Muslims have suffered increasing incidents of violence and mistreatment in their adopted homeland. Called, "Islamophobia," the French people have grown ever more intolerant of immigrants to their nation. Incendiary statements by politicians over the last two years have led to an anti-racism observatory. Continue Reading

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  1. Ben
    2 years ago

    They are fearful to lose their nation to invasion. What happens in France will happen to Europe.

  2. Terri K
    2 years ago

    The commenters here who accuse the editors of being "one-sided" obviously haven't been reading Andew Greenwell's recent series on Muhammed.

    It's important to distinguish between the fallacy of Islam and the rights of its adherents to live in peace.

  3. Kyle
    2 years ago

    It's a shame that people think that they have the right to discriminate against an entire group of people based on the actions of a few of them. The same thing that is happening here happened in Germany not too long ago.

  4. art
    2 years ago

    I was told that i will or we will be praying to Allah in St. Peter square by the year 2050.

  5. Ann
    2 years ago

    Please learn what the truth is about Islam and what is really going on ... Islam is not a religion it is a government who believes in the murder of Christians and Jews ... Please look to the Islamic crimes against Christians and Jews... You seem to be very one sided...

  6. vance
    2 years ago

    I don't know why a rise in Islamic intolerance should be alarming? After all, the daily news for the last 20 years has been full of Islamic intolerance. We know from what the Taliban and Al Qaeda have been telling us that they have no tolerance for any other beliefs. Even being Muslim is not good enough. We see how muslims are being blown up Iranian backed muslim terrorists. If satan ever created a religion, it would be islam which is at war against Christ.

  7. Joe
    2 years ago

    Another Catholic publication totally ignorant of Sharia, and what it portends for Christians. Why don't you sit down for ten minutes and educate yourselves about the most intolerant, the most vicious, the most staggeringly prejudicial political system in the world - Sharia? Please! Do it! Don't wait!
    Don't please keep repeating the same nauseating PC Islamic propaganda, which is being propagated because the major media is supported by Petrodollar grants. You don't think the Media is bought by Islam? Here's something to chew on: even Fox news has an arab sitting on the Board of Directors - they bought part of the publication a year or so ago. And the NY Times, the NPR, ABC, NBC, and CNN, et. alia., and many major colleges, including supposedly Catholic universties like Georgetown, are the recipients of Islamic grants.

    Here's some Sharia for you - Forbidden to Muslims: Pork (oh, we know that, etc, etc), dogs, blood, urine, semen, feces...kafir. Hold it! Why that means, Muslims must treat you, the unbeliever, the Christian, (meaning YOU, as Kafir) as being of the same value as dog feces! That's you, Christian! You are just a pile of dog poop to a muslim....Think this isn't true? Google "najisat". You will find Islamic web sites which will put this in plain print for your education....Want more?

    How about this, from an Islamic Sunni website: "When you as a Muslim, meet a Christian, never greet him. The Christian has to acknowledge you, first. Also, push him to the narrow part of the road, so he knows he is subdued.." In plain English - Muslims should shove Christians into the gutter, where they belong. Want more Sharia?
    Under Sharia, all judges and attorneys must be Islamic. All jurors must be Islamic. All witnesses must be male Muslims. And, the testimony of a woman has only 1/4 the value of a man. Want more Sharia? In Islamic countries, it is illegal to build a new Church building. Also, if Muslims build a Mosque opposite a Church, or close to that Church, Islamic law, Sharia, decrees that the Church must be torn down...
    And how about this for the wonderful Islamic religion? If your daughter marries a Kafir, you should kill her....called an honor killing.
    Please! Do some work - educate yourselves! Stop being tools of Islamic propaganda!!

  8. Joseph
    2 years ago

    This article is a sham.the true agressors and intolerant ones, are the muslims themselves. I can't believe a catholic publication promotes lies that portray muslims as victims, when the exact opposite is true. Muhammad merah, the jihadist mass-murderer proved it, but I guess you want islamic nukes to explode in europe,to maybe consider that jihad is an ongoing process inside europe, thanks to the curruption of the politicians, company and bank owners who try to whitewash what's really going on using the media, that belongs to them also, obviously.the number of attacks, physical (robberiers, rapings, car burnings...)and verbal agressions , deliberately cummited against non-muslim french citizens, by muslim gangs is staggering.the backlass cummited against muslims is between minimal and insignificant and yet this fallacious article tries to present an unreal picture. worse it uses a fallacious word invented by a totalitarian supremacist, racist, genocidal terrorist organization called muslim brotherhood..that word is a LIE called "islamophobia". there is no irrational fear in what islam is concerned, but quite a legitimate and rational fear:300 million deaths and counting; entire cultures, civilizations wiped out(france , holland, belgium destruction by islamic infiltration, massive islamic immigration/invasion is ongoing...), sharia law that denies all human rights, the end of freedom and of democracy..just to name a few.

    if "All forms of racial and religious intolerance are contrary to the values of the French Republic and should be dealt with accordingly," in that case islam, allah, muhammad, the quran must be outrightly be BANNED not just in france, but all over the world, since they ask for the murder, abuse, killing, raping, stealing, enslaving, terrorising,maiming,torturing of any one who opposes its evil agenda; if islam is not the most intolerant, hatefilled poison the world as ever seen, I don't know what is...and it uses taqyya-art of deception as we can once again see here, lying with the sole purpose of advancing the islamification process, rendering westerners ignorant of the cancer islam is all about.

  9. Raoul machal
    2 years ago

    Your article fails to mention what has been happening for the past 20+ years in France. More than 800 "sensitive" urban zones where often not even the police dares to go, where postal services have stopped and where Islamists have established enclaves of sharia "law". Normal citizens harassed, beaten, robbed and driven from their homes by Islamic thugs. You need to tell the whole story. Your article omits the most important fact: The reason for the situation in many parts of France (and Europe) for that matter.

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