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Alarming rise in Islamic intolerance seen in France Comments

French Muslims have suffered increasing incidents of violence and mistreatment in their adopted homeland. Called, "Islamophobia," the French people have grown ever more intolerant of immigrants to their nation. Incendiary statements by politicians over the last two years have led to an anti-racism observatory. Continue Reading

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  1. Actarus chamser
    2 years ago

    Islam is a disgusting Faith. I am taught in my schools that the religion is of peace and love... You frankly cannot think we believe that! Some of my peers do, but the rest are put into some sort of mindset that we can coexist with a religion that permits you to kill and rape people of other faiths. The youth of our country is being brainwashed that we can live with these people. My native land is France, and I will die to protect it, my culture, and the ones with ancestry there. I currently live in the overly politically correct America, but I wish to return home soon. Down with Islam, that way our countries can have peace.

  2. Celia
    2 years ago

    Europe should have never let these people in. You give them an inch they take a yard. They hate the oppression they face in their home countries yet bring their crap to their host countries either you adapt or move back to where you came from. You can't have it both ways.

  3. Joe
    2 years ago

    Terri, Jay, and Kyle, are typical of much Christian thought now...They have this romantic glow about Muslims, that they are "poor, helpless, innocent victims of prejudice at the hands of Christians". No, No! Muslims have money - the Petrodollar. They have influence - they control much of the media, and many US universities, because of grants. Muslims have the force of numbers. They have power. There are about 50 Islamic countries, or the 149 countries in the world. Muslims are starting to control the UN. They wish to make it a criminal offense to criticize Islamic violence, and to end freedom of speech and religion.
    Every day we are reading about Islamic violence - Christian churches being bombed by Boko Haram in Africa, Jihadists killing Buddhists in Thailand, Jihadists in the Phillipines...everywhere Islam is, there is violence. Did you know Terri, that there have been more than 500 Church bombings in Indonesia? Indonesia is largely Muslim, and they want to eradicate the Christian population. So, why, Terri, Jay, and Kyle, and Catholic Online, why this sobbing about "The poor Muslims, victims of prejudice at the hands of Christians", when the exact opposite is the truth? When are you going to wake up? Don't you realize that this Islamic violence is coming to Europe and the US? Do you want to be like some Indonesian friends of mine, who are fearful of Muslim bombs when they go to Mass?
    Of course, we have to extend Christian courtesy to Muslims. It is a necessity for Christians to be polite. But let's be realistic. We can't allow Islamic violence to continue. Jihad has to end, and Catholic Online has to be part of this struggle, as do all Catholics.

  4. john
    2 years ago

    The influx of Muslims into Europe is intended as an invasion through the womb.It is by design that they is part of the Islamic revolution concieved in Iran.They know they can not defeat the West in a military they move in large amounts into Western nations with the purpose of gaining the majority in population.Once they have the majority,they call for Sharia law to be recognized and seek to impose their faith forcefully upon is part of their faith.The French and all of Europe have every right to worry.Perhaps it may already be too late.The rejection of their own Christian roots and heritage has led them to this..the emergence of homosexual rights..abortion and the use of contraception..all three which have brought about zero population growth helps to contribute and inspire the Muslims to continue.As European families continue to shrink in they continue to abort or use contraceptions..they will soon find themselves outnumbered by the Muslims who have large families.When you turn away from God..He will hand you over to your enemies.I say good for the French..if Christianity is to survive in Europe..a stance needs to be taken.Like it or not it seems that a war between Christians and Muslims is inevitable.

  5. Casey
    2 years ago

    Islamophobia, really? As a faithful Catholic, I sympathize with Generation Identitaire. But you would call me an "extreme right-winger," just as the left does, I'm sure. Muslims do not belong in Europe. The mass influx of immigrants is ruining the European homelands. When I write "homelands," I mean of those who have roots and ancestry in such lands!

  6. Mrs. Rene O'Riordan
    2 years ago

    "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers..."Qur'an 3:151 It's more islamic confusion they cry victim that people are islamophobic but at the same time they are instructed to make us afraid!!! - Rene

  7. JayKayej
    2 years ago

    On one hand, maybe the influx of Muslims comes from the turmoil they are trying to excape, found in virtually every Muslim nation, and they are the ones that just want to live and let live. On the other hand, how can people not be alarmed at the practice of a faith that breaks literally every commandment in the Book?
    Who are we to judge? Yet, if we do not prepare for the extremists, we become vulnerable to extreme tactics. These are the reasons it can be understood why the French are raising the red flag to their immigration into France. I would hope and think we can count on them to not "stoop to the level" of Islam extremists in their protests, but there always will be a few that do.

  8. Terri K
    2 years ago

    Jorge, I think you just demonstrated my point.

    Even Muslims have human dignity and deserve to live in peace. The violence inherent in Islam does not, in any way, justify persecution of Muslims in France or any place else. Perpetuating the cycle of mindless violence is counter-productive.

    That said, Islam is menacing threat in the West, one that to which Westerners have acquiesced by our rampant use of contraception (we're being outnumbered) and our continued loss of Christian principles.

  9. judy claar
    2 years ago

    interesting article...Interesting Posts. I agree with Terri K. Andrew Greenwell has written several articles and has a book out, proving that Muhammed was a mere man of clay. This is in accordance with and proved by Natural Law. Let Us Pray for Peace.

  10. Jorge
    2 years ago

    Terry K..that is all very nice but you should go tell that to thge so called "moderate, peaceful" muslims themselves, sicne they are the ones who are destroying our society. they are doing this by emulating muhammad, who is the perfect example of islamic conduct.muhammad killed, raped, stole, abused, murdered in cold-blood, deceived, maimed, tortured, lies..and you are deffending the very same people who mare doing this against the french people.Muslim like to cry foul claiming to be "victims┬║" of imaginary, but mostly fabricated acts of "discrimination". Terry you sjhould go to the mu┬┤slim no go-areas in belgium, france, hollnad, whree non-muslims are indeed brutally assaulted, beaten, raped, stolen n huge numbers, daily..and no one cares about that or reports it out of fear of "offending" muslims.we have come to a point in whihc cowardice, twisting of reality is politically correct, and confronting evil is considered "evil"! that's why islam prosperates at the expense of european and american fools like us, right? the muslim have no right to abuse and destroy nonj-muslims either in france or elsewhere, and should have never be given citizenship for obvious reasons as we can see in egypt, lybia, france...islam is radical, oprpessive, inhumna and evil to its core.lying is unfortunately what his article is all about because it fabricates a reality that doesn't exist, except in the other way around, as the muslims as oppressors and non-muslim french citizens as victims.

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