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The Sad End of the Priestly Ministry of Mr. Roy Bourgeois Comments

Disobedience and preaching against the teaching of the Catholic Church about women's ordination led to his excommunication, dismissal and laicization. Then Fr. Bourgeois engaged in an obstinate crusade which involved public and direct defiance of the Holy See and a repudiation of the unbroken teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church concerning sacred ordination.  Continue Reading

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  1. Joe
    2 years ago

    Thank you Daniel for pointing this out. Attackers come in many forms.

  2. Cathy S
    2 years ago

    It's too bad the man made it necessary, but consider this, as well: he was not properly catechized, either. This has been allowed to go on for decades, and this is the result, generations growing up with no knowledge of the faith - why we believe what we believe. It is good that the Church is finally acting on dissident priests in a more public manner. I believe it has given many the opportunity to reeducate themselves concerning the faith, if only they will take it.

  3. Daniel
    2 years ago

    Once again Catholic Online has been infiltrated by the enemy. Nikki, Sue, Donna, and etc. are obviously the same person. May wise Catholic-Christians be able to see the lies and deceit of the enemy.

  4. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago

    The church is right in its teaching. If Father had been right he would have articulated himself better but he did not. The church has been articulate. We are in the world not of it. The Priesthood is not open to the world in regard to so called "rights" that we seem to demand. The Lords church is set apart in this regard. If the Lord wanted females to be of the Priesthood He would have chosen them. He didnt. When He comes back we will truly understand. The Church cannot extend what it has not been given---The right to ordain females to the Priesthood. Therefor this tells me something. I feel that I am an equal in the church. I do not feel slighted in the least because humbly I try to read the times as they are. The Priesthood is not from the Bill of Rights and it was not forged by a mere mortal man---it was forged by Jesus Christ simply put a male. The Lord has never made me feel slighted in this manner and I feel ok with this. I hope more of you will humbly understand it as I do.

  5. Faith E. Sharkey
    2 years ago

    I am personally proud of the Maryknoll Society who waited in it's decision to sever it's relationship to former Fr. Roy. Jesus Christ is compassionate and the society and church were patient with their dealings with him. As Americans we seek to impose our election and opinion proclivity on our church. Jesus Christ and His church are not a democracy. Christ is our sovereign and our King. We do not really understand that fact. We do not vote on principals, dogmas and doctrines. They are lovingly bestowed on us by a loving and just God. We may not always understand them when we first encounter is about trust. Roy was no longer trusting that and made his decision. I am all for robust discussion, but as a convert to the Roman Catholic faith I have been studying my faith for over 34 years and do not think I am prepared to argue that I know better than almost 2.000 years of discernment.....and my personal favorite teaching topics happen to be apologetics and theology. Mr. Bourgeois knew the possible consequences of his actions and made his decision. All decisions made on the matter were made with his full knowledge and consent. I am grieved that a few of you chose to ignore that fact. I am not angry at him as some are for his stance, but I am saddened at his choice. I will applaud the fact that he chose to differ from some dishonest lay people and yes, dare I say it, clergy that stay in the Catholic church to "change it from within". I have actually heard people and clergy stating this when I ask them why they would stay in a church with whom that they so vehemently and passionately disagree. I wish him well and pray for him as we all should.

  6. Bob Hugelmeyer
    2 years ago

    This excommunicated priest believed he had the truth on his side and that's true of the entire leaders of the reformation. His vow of obedience, as an ordained priest was violated. His conscience was well informed but he chose to go his way. Like the reformers of the 16th century, Mr. Bourgeois once being advised of his error and the likeihood of excommunication, should have obeyed the teaching of the Magisterium if he valued the Church, The Body Of Christ. He chose to leave the church since he disobeyed. He left the Church and her bishops no other option. Pray he sees the light and returns to the fold. There will be great joy in heaven and on earth if he does.

  7. diocisalvi
    2 years ago

    it's about time the CATHOLICS FINALLY START TO TAKE OUT THESE priest who are going against G-D AND HIS TEACHINGS...IT'S TIME TO SAVE OUR FAITH...

  8. Lorraine
    2 years ago

    Blessing to a true hero of conscience, FR. Roy Bougeois. May we all seek true and justice for all of humanity.

  9. Debra
    2 years ago

    Truth is not decided by popular vote or trend. It's a shame he was led away from the truth; albeit with compassion but, unfortunately, misplaced compassion.

    I pray he did not lead any "little ones" astray... as in: "Woa is to him who leads little ones astray." - Luke 17:1-6. He's obviously confused.

  10. DLL
    2 years ago

    The priest is In Christ Persona,not Christina persona. The Priest represents Christ presiding over the Mass. Christ was male gender,Holy Mary's Son,the Son of God. A minister in a Protestant church is a theologically educated person,they can be either male or female. The minister does not claim a Christ persona,they do not do confessions. The Minister educates the congregation about Christian values and how to live a Christian lifestyle. The Priest is a subject to God through Holy orders becomes as Christ in Persona. Communion in the Catholic Church is with the real Presence of Christ,body,blood,soul and divinity. For the Protestant Minister Communion is very serious business but it is a symbol. One is supposed to be sincerely sorry for their sins when receiving this symbolic form of communion,they do not have to confess sins. Mary is the most Holy Woman of the Catholic Church,she is not Christ,she is the Holy Mother of the Church. The Protestant Church only thinks a little about Mary and Joseph at Christmastime and not much beyond that. Big differences! Any Catholic Priest should know it to,as well as any female member of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church! I have been Protestant. I am a Catholic Convert,I am telling you these are very major and very significant differences. There is nothing on Earth to compare to the Holy Catholic Mass either. The Catholic Church is right to have only male Priests. If you want to get really silly,Why Aren't Their any Male Nuns?

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