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Atheist insists on lose-lose scenario in nativity fight Comments

For nearly 60 years, the city of Santa Monica has showcased a series of dioramas featuring the Nativity of Christ, but thanks to atheist involvement, the nativities are going away. Rather than fight with the atheists, the city has decided to do away with the displays altogether. Continue Reading

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  1. DLL
    2 years ago

    The Atheist is the Herod of these times. They are bound and determined to kill the idea of the Christ Child wherever that image is adored. Why not also do away with the XMAS holiday altogether? Get rid of Santa Claus especially,because his real name is Saint Nicholas,a person made into some mythical Catholic legend. Get rid of holiday shopping and the giving of donations for any cause. After all it is a matter of getting your own way,never being tolerant or even generous to others. It is better to see that ones rights are not violated and that it is the way of the Atheist or the highway. Remember separation of church and state is the all and all issue everywhere and in every place. Remember force those athiest ideas on everyone be sure to shove those ideas down the throats of others,even if they find it a hard pill to swallow. Re-name California cities such as San Francisco,Santa Monica,cities like that named after Catholic saints. Make sure there isn't a trace of Christianity any where,pitch a tent over every Church so no one can see them. Scream myth,illusion,fantasy,whatever about God. Then go to your favourite movie theatre and watch some kind of fantasy laden,Hollywood movie and call it entertaining,inspirational,a must see for everyone. My ranting here is about tolerance. I don't like pornography and I do not think it should be promoted or sold or even viewed any where. Why can't I simply get a movement to put an end to that whole industry. I simply can't because like any religion it is tolerated and promoted as a right to be protected. No one minds when Christmas helps the economy prosper and grow this time of year. No one minds getting donations for good causes. Maybe Christmas will help some poor devastated NY city families this year. What is wrong with a major holiday,the king of all holidays,like Christmas that has so much power to inspire common goodness and charity? So what if the Christ Child is associated with it. In every child that is born there is hope. It is said Christmas is for children,if so leave it and all it's tradition alone. What harm is there in any of it? So be it! Amen! Merry Christmas!

  2. Joseph
    2 years ago

    To Mike:
    The issue goes to motivation. The Christian booths were set up without any aggressive or hostile intent towards anyone, offering everyone - believers and unbelievers - the chance to see and enjoy a series of charming nativity scenes. The motivation of the atheists, however, is entirely different, in keeping with a strategy adopted nationwide in recent years: tendentious talk about freedom masking a desire to insult and offend, reducing freedom of speech and expression to a zero desert where no one has a right to say anything. Such a strategy may seem very "smart" and "clever" but it reveals itself for what it is all too clearly: a mean, petty, spiteful, envious, kill-joy spirit that prefers social and cultural poverty to true freedom of expression and a healthy, vibrant, diverse democracy. The atheists then have the audacity to call it progress when in reality it is nothing but a contemptible display of bad faith. They fool no one but themselves. Cheers!!

  3. Brandon Near
    2 years ago

    Wow, my head hurts again....

    I'm a born again Christian and this does not at all dissuade me from my ultimate responsibility; to tell people about Christ. To let them know that Jesus came to earth to die for my sins and the sins of everybody that ever lived before him, during his life and all those that followed.

    Call it the celebrations of December 25 the Holidays and ban any mention or displays of Christ all you want, at some point some kid somewhere is going to ask a teacher or parent why we celebrate the holidays we celebrate and eventually we'll be faced with one of three choices; accept the holidays for what they are and tell the kids the truth about the historical significance of these holidays, keep lying or worse yet, have nothing to say other than "I'm not sure" or outright ban the celebrations all together.

    I don't care what you all decide on, while I still have breath - JESUS IS LORD!! He always has been and will continue to be regardless of man's hatred toward him. Jesus said that the world loves its own, if you love Jesus, they will hate you - John 15:19. This hatred can not and will not stop me from telling you that you need Jesus. Go ahead and take away all my apparent religious freedom, I still do not care. All this proves is that Jesus is right and righteous and I figure that's about enough to drive all the atheists crazy because these atheist are themselves proving there is a God and he has son named Jesus.

  4. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    Aren't there thousands of churches that can display nativity scenes? Why the need to place religious speech on what the first amendment calls neutral secular land? Is it because people aren't going to churches anymore? The atheists have shifted tactics. Rather than pursue court, they are asking for the same free speech rights the religious claim. It's interesting to me that faith-organizations strongly supported each others' "religious liberty" this past year though clearly thinking some of each others' members were destined to Hell and yet I don't see support for free speech here for atheists. Fascinating! ~Cheers! -Mike

  5. Greg
    2 years ago

    Oh people of little faith. Most of these people do not understand what creche is. For them they are figures with a talk about God and Jesus and all of that is a myth. I see an excellent opportunity. Let them put signs with their slogans, and let us put signs with Word of God. God through these atheists is calling us to bring back His message. The know creche, but they do not know how much God loves them. They know not message of Love and the message of the Cross. Blessed be God!

  6. Brian Westley
    2 years ago

    The atheists forced the government to follow the constitution and not give Christians a forum that no one else could use. That's always a "win" in my book.

  7. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    A few points:

    1. The atheists showed a great display of faith. Why? It takes more faith, it has often been said, to be an atheist than it does to be a theist. And we can go further back than Jesus by looking at Aristotle: out of nothing, nothing becomes. Existence exists. What kind of an imbecile fairy magician would imagine that all of existence suddenly got put into existence out of nothing?
    2. Next, if these atheists are intellectually rigorous and honest, throw them out of California. Certainly, throw them out of Santa Monica. Why? San Francisco. Santa Barbara. Santa Monica. San Diego. San Fernandez. Santa Clara. There seems to have been a lot of Catholic influence in California! If they don't like their state, let them move to North Korea! Then, they can obey a dictator!
    3. The separation of Church and state? On some levels it is good, possibly, on other levels if pushed to the extreme it becomes nonsense. It doesn't mean separation of Church and planet earth! Is it possible to separate your heart from your brain, then once again from your body, then again separate your thoughts, words, actions without becoming a completely dissipated nihilistic mashed salad of moral relativism filled smorg cult-ure with nothing but sophistry stuffed inside the turkey? I don't know. Someone tell me.
    4. Reread the last 2 paragraphs:
    I see the words "abandon", "killed", "empty", "devoid", "nothing"; these are all words describing a cult-ure of death are they not? And then? Then, humanity risks becoming more enslaved by even more stupid cult-ure.

    Let the atheists know that Christianity and Catholicism are also good for the economy. Why? In the words abandon, kill, empty, devoid, nothing; these also apply to economic prosperity on a longer timeline. Your economy is already in the toilet. Don't let it drop down into the sewer systems! It's already half way there as it is! Stop the drainage! Your economy isn't constipated, it is on diarrhea! And the cattle are headed for the cliff to boot! Stop the stampede. Put the salt blocks and hay on the other end of the pasture before they keep running towards empty illusions and standing in mid air like Willie the Coyote on Bugs Bunny! The politicians are the road runners. And old Willie the Coyote is who? Us! The citizenry. And if they have their way, they'll run us towards a cliff.

    Atheism is for the intellectually inferior. The best philosphers, even before Jesus physically walked on the earth, were theists. Aristotle believed in God. Is anyone going to dare calling him an idiot? If Aristotle was an idiot, then truly I am failing to see the great multiple geniuses around me in my daily life for there ought to be millions and billions of them by now and yet my eyes do not see this reality at present.

    Where's your American "can-do" spirit? For goodness sake, Americans, the older boys were filled with some gusto. You young guys are wimps! And by young, I mean those under about 75! Will you older boys show the youth (under 75) how it is done? They are practically wearing skirts and makeup, many have become so effeminate. Read some Plato and see what he writes on this subject matter. This stupid gender neutral indoctrination you have going on in many schools is producing a pile of identity twisting in boys and girls. Most people in most older cultures LAUGH at things like gay marriage and the likes. It is farcical! A tragic comedy! And Canada is NUTS too, which explains in part why I left! All this liberalism belongs in the trash can. And while I am at it, the CBC in Canada ought to be called the CBC-OCFLALALWLS-ATPCWP: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation-Of Cheerleaders For Liberals And Leftists And Left Wing Loon Sophists-And The Politically Correct With Pompons.

    Journalism? In many countries, it is sensationalism for ratings and propaganda. Journalism? Does it exist that much anymore? It is media and propaganda, manipulation for the most part. Plus, lots of marketing. I suppose the herd mentality still exists and the herd likes to be led like lemmings either to the trough or off a cliff. Usually, first the trough is promised to then have the cattle walking like lemmings off a cliff just a little after having bloated. And then? Then, the politicians play the blame game since it is always someone else's fault. I know where the fault line is. Practically all politicians and all parties. It's politics. And the citizens are to blame as well since they are often asleep.

    What did Abraham Maslow have to say? Research it. For sure, at any rate, the biggest cult of all is what? CULT-URE. If your cult-ure gets run over by a pile of agnostics and atheists, then it has gone to the dogs. Where is the America so many once knew? I suppose some fools are considering taking the 'San' out of Francisco or Diego? Can you imagine going to only Barbara or Monica instead of Santa Barbara or Santa Monica? At airports, some might risk saying in the future "I am making reservations to go to Barbara and then Monica". "And then, I will travel to Francisco and Diego". If these political loon cult-ure types had their way, they would ruin practically all that is good. All it takes for evil to prevail is for a few good men to do nothing. Rivet their sophistry and lazer them. Period. It is very EASY.

    Paul-Emile Leray

  8. Pacific Justice Institute
    2 years ago

    PJI Fights for Christmas Free Speech Rights

    Los Angeles – The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) filed a lawsuit against the City of Santa Monica after a nearly 60-year tradition was unconstitutionally terminated by city officials.

    Each Christmas season, for nearly 60 years, visitors of the Palisades Park in Santa Monica, California, were able to enjoy diverse displays—privately hosted—featuring different aspects of the Nativity scene. This annual tradition was bombarded in recent years with challenges from adamant atheists.

    The complaints led the City to opening up the display spaces to others interested in using them on a first-come first-serve lottery basis. In 2011 atheists collaborated together, and secured 18 of the 21 spaces. They left spaces empty, and filled others with anti-religious, secular statements.

    One of the atheists was quoted as saying, “the atheist groups had no real desire to set up displays, but wanted to counter the Nativity scenes in size and message.” In response to the increased competition for spaces, and the potential for greater controversy, the City Council of Santa Monica opted to do away with the annual tradition instead of welcoming free speech.

    The lawsuit, filed by Los Angeles area Becker Law Firm with PJI attorney Michael Peffer as co-counsel, aims to reinstate the long-held tradition, and restore the free-speech that has been banned.

    “Stopping this tradition is one of the worst things the City could have done. They have, in effect, given in to the atheists' demands,” said Brad Dacus, president of PJI. “Government officials throwing out traditional free speech opportunities due to fear of controversy is unwise, and unconstitutional, behavior,” Dacus noted.


    Pacific Justice Institute is a non-profit legal organization dedicated to defending religious, parental, and other constitutional rights.

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