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Atheist insists on lose-lose scenario in nativity fight Comments

For nearly 60 years, the city of Santa Monica has showcased a series of dioramas featuring the Nativity of Christ, but thanks to atheist involvement, the nativities are going away. Rather than fight with the atheists, the city has decided to do away with the displays altogether. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    2 years ago

    Judy, I share the same sentiments. I see sadness and despair all around me. My sadness and despair started over the Death of Terri Schaivo. I knew our country was lost because this was a huge "Watershed" event in the history of our western civilization. An innocent severely handicapped woman was "Publicly" executed for the crime of being severely handicapped. Conservative Talk Show Hosts, Conservative Politicians, and the EWTN Clergy were there outside the hospital in protest. NOT ONE BISHOP WAS THERE. NONE. I realized then that we have a Corrupt USCCB. Our nation has no chance of converting unless the USCCB repents and converts. We all need to pray the rosary that God will expel all the charlatan Bishops and priests as Christ did when he threw out the Money Changers out of the Temple. Until then, expect a misled faithful to continue to vote anti-Christs into office.

  2. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Correction to Vance: A bit of clarity here. When I said: "I could not stand his lying voice anymore, or watch him strut" I was speaking of Obama, Not my son. I hope you understood that when you read it.

  3. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Vance, I agree. Whom One Votes for says it all. 40% of Whites Obama. 70% Hispanic Voted Obama. I have heard 95-98% of Blacks Voted Obama. It seems to me the crowds are crying Barabass. In that, they do not Care about their future. They do not even Know what they are doing! I mentioned voting, because they voted for The Culture of Death. This Disappoints me greatly! Besides that, trillion of dollars in debt and rising, deceit, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,etc. I can say so much more. But the most disheartening words were from a son. Sounding almost in despair, saying what I borrowed: "People just don't care anymore. They don't even know what's going on, or see anything in front of them". The discussion went on, and this mother indeed had a sorrowful heart. And at the end he said, that it will take a miracle to turn this country around. "This country that he grew up in", he said, "is fast disappearing". I felt the sorrow in his voice for his children. He no longer sees the USA as a future leading power. He gives it 40-50 years. He knows more than you or I Vance. This was the first time I talked to him since the election. He is in such a funk he does not listen to the news. Actually, I was just like him. It is so depressing. God forgive me, but I can't even stand to listen to his lying voice anymore. Or look at the way he struts. What is wrong with people that they voted for Death? Voted for our country's ruin? I just do not understand how Catholics voted against their Faith. "Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Have Mercy On Us"

    Rob, This is my son around your age.

    Jo Ann: Where are you?

  4. vance
    2 years ago

    The atheist got what he wanted. Another Nativity Scene was eliminated. The only reason he got what he wanted was that he had an ACLU judge do his bidding. Elections have consequences. Every time Catholics vote anti-Christ Democrats into office the anti-Christ Dems appoint anti-Christ judges. These anti-Christ judges remove God and Jesus Christ from the public square. So, hey Catholics, just keep voting for Democrats.

  5. Juan
    2 years ago

    I find it sad that Christians want free speech rights for themselves (prayer in schools, tablets in courthouses, teaching of creationism, displays on government property, cheerleader chants at public school sports events, and chaplains in the armed services) but NOT for groups that don´t believe in their version of religion.

    Their reaction to atheist displays is to be expected. After all, they are acting like Christians have always acted to suppress contrary opinions - which is not rational debate but to employ force whenever possible - from tearing down opponents display, burning books, burning at the stake, starting inquisitions, fighting crusades, going on witch-hunts, suppressing science.

    They really don´t believe in “Love your enemies” very much at all.

  6. mickey
    2 years ago

    Where is justice for all? Is it right that Chrisitans have to suck it up and accept all the ideals of everyone, but can't express themselves at this most sacred time of year? Okay, you don't beleive, no one is making you. No one is making you look at these nativity scenese. I enjoy them, and I'd like to see them displayed. Where are my rights?

    I appreciate learning about all religious believes. Just because I'm Catholic doesn't make me judge and jury about what someone else believes in or doesn't believe. I respect that we are different and live with each other's differences. It would be a boring world if we all wear cut of the same cloth. The issue boils down to mutual respect.

    There are more causes these people could be working for. Like peace, world hunger, disease, etc. Make better use of your time people. These are things I would like not to have to look at. Together we need to help make this a better world. Not a negative one.

    Shame to those who allow themselves to be bullied into making decisions for the few with such convictions. I wonder if these same atheists are already camped out waiting for the big "CHRISTmas" deals. All the other Christmas traditions work for these non-believers ?
    Think about it.

  7. nikorb
    2 years ago

    This seem to be an extremely touchy subject, huh?
    This is what I see from my perspective:
    Christmas is a Christian (particularly Catholic) holiday. Hence, Christians celebrate it by setting up nativity scenes and decorations and such. Obviously, this certain area had a great tradition of having a town display which attracted other people to come see it. It is understandable to see why atheists would take a stand against it: they hate Christians.

    They were totally fine with acquiring the spaces, so long as they played fair in the "lottery", and setting up their displays. But, the problem seems to be that they felt the need to ruin the holiday for the Christians at all.

    I understand a bunch of people promote the atheists move as "fair", "justified", and "a great display of faith."
    But, really, why the heck do the atheists feel the NEED to speak out?
    Nobody was forcing them to be Christian by having their nativity scenes. Nobody made them do anything more than see the scenes.

    Now a bunch of people are reading this and planning on replying: "you're so stupid/naive! They have every right to do what they did! blah blah blah!" But, seriously.
    If someone had a birthday party at public park and I came holding signs saying, "That guy is lame! We hate him!", then I would be attacked by a mob of people who thought I was being insensitive and rude and all.
    The overall point: The atheists had every right to do what they did. However, it just goes to show that they are not nice people and do not care for the feelings of others. aka: jerks.

    Disagree if you want, but this is what I see. And also, I think God may see it this way, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry CHRISTMAS!

  8. Linda Newman
    2 years ago

    Every Christian citizen in the city of Santa Monica should go buy a Nativity scene and put it in their yard. The bigger the better. ♥

  9. Frankfort Kentucky
    2 years ago

    The author of this article confuses Christian free speech with Christian privilege. The only scenario Christians would be happy with here is the display of only Christian symbols on public lands, with maybe a single Menorah thrown in for “diversity”. The city attempted to hold a lottery in an attempt to be equal and was surprised when non-religious groups won the majority of the slots (since religious groups far outnumber non-religious, it appears the religious groups were victims of their own privilege – they just assumed they’d be awarded most of the slots.) It’s the Christians that would rather not have any displays if their displays can’t be the only one. Since there’s a church on every street in America, and most Americans are religious, I’d say there are plenty of places to have a multitude of nativities. But if you allow displays in a public area for one group you have to allow displays from ALL groups. It’s not only fair, it’s the Constitution.

  10. Walter Beals
    2 years ago

    "...atheist involvement, the nativities are going away. Rather than fight with the atheists, the city has decided to do away with the displays altogether."

    First, this "atheist involvement" was simply atheists following procedure and applying for and winning a majority of the spaces and putting their own signs. Second the city had no reason to "fight with the atheists" because the atheists had done nothing wrong. In fact it was the theists who presumably vandalized the atheist displays and made the city decide not to let anyone have a display.

    You people brought this on yourselves.

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