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Archbishop Josť H. Gomez Sounds the Bugle On Immigration Reform with Clarity, Compassion and Common Sense Comments

The Archbishop of Los Angeles calls us to approach immigration reform with a Catholic mind and a Catholic heart - and to take our place in building a new and true Culture of Life and Civilization of love. He is correct in his assessment and we need to listen to his bugle call and line up.  Continue Reading

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  1. KATHY
    2 years ago

    I am really torn on this issue. I understand the Catholic Church's position, but yet, I understand coming from California, how bad its been. A lot of the illegals are criminals, and a lot of them have several children out of marriage. I understand that we have to take care of these children. I feel it is the church's job to teach them to be good Catholics too. They vote Democratic, because they want to get stuff from the government, and are told that the Republicans will not give them stuff. My husband and I are only second generational americans, our ancestry is European. I know that not all hispanics are criminals, and they work very hard, and they want the same things that we want. But bad behavior causes issues that break down the relationship of americans and hispanics. Sadly I feel that the mind set is irreversable, that they feel they have come to a country, where the government will take care of them. It all goes back to the 10 commandments..and maybe the church has not done a good job in teaching this. Being a Christian is hard work, we go against the tide, and we must teach these people to marry and have kids within marriage, and work to take care of them. Just like many Catholic families I knew growing up...where there were 10 plus kids...all of whom where clean and fed and well behaved. We cannot continue to keep putting a bandaid on all of the social problems. There has to come a time to stop, and make people be responsible for their actions.

  2. susan
    2 years ago

    70% of HISPANIC CATHOLICS voted AGAINST the agenda for religious liberty, voted AGAINST life of the unborn, voted AGAINST marriage. Why? because they are looking for a better life for their families??? at what expense!!!!.

  3. michael
    2 years ago

    Archbishop Chaput seems to fall into the seamless garment argument a bit saying that those on the right are pro-life on abortion and those on the left are pro-immigration. There is no conservative who is against immigration, rather conservative are against illegal immigration where those waiting in lines for years to come to this country legally are kept out while those who didn't bother to go through the legal channels get rewarded with lots of free stuff....welfare, SS numbers, licenses, free schooling, even future amnesty. Rewarded in short for breaking the law. It should also be noted that many illegals, for some strange reason, vote in elections. Just ask Bob Dornan, the great Catholic legislator, how he lost his seat due to the illegal vote to a pro-abort Hispanic. If these immigrants voted Republican, the Demoncrats would be the first to order their removal. Note, that with the economy going down in this country, illegal immigration has slowed. Most of these illegals are not coming for the American Dream, but are looking for more money which they inevitably send back home which the Mexican government loves. More U.S. dollars to prop up that Masonic government to our south.. Mexico is not a Third World country. It has great natural resources, especially oil. It is a tourist haven. It has many universities. And it guards its borders on its south from the invasion of central Americans. If we followed Mexico's policies, all illegals would be turned back quick.

  4. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    Bishop Gomez is a pastor; his approach to social justice is pastoral which means he works to build ecclesial communion rather than support a political party. May we all learn from him.

  5. Emma
    2 years ago

    So many defensive comments re. this post! I wonder how many know that in our country's past Catholics were not allowed to vote or that the Irish were not recognized as caucasian? Next they'll be saying that we should be checking the documents of our fellow Catholics sitting beside us in the pews!! Shameful. I wonder why the Hispanic vote went to the other side ......

  6. Dave Rusch
    2 years ago

    People come here due to the conditions in their home country - This is as least partly a true statement. However, when have we seen the Bishops or other Catholic institutions fighting to improve the conditions in, say, Mexico? Is this not an urgent issue?

  7. Fr Bill
    2 years ago

    This important article needs a rewrite. The answer to the question posed in the headline is in the middle of the 2nd page.

  8. Dliodoir
    2 years ago

    It is so sad that people, good Catholic people, can't see past the cynical political posturing on this issue. Immigration reform may not be the "conservative" thing to do or the "Republican" thing to do. . .but it's the RIGHT thing to do and most assuredly the CHRISTIAN thing to do. It is ironic that the same people hurling political snark at the mere suggestion of immigration reform are most likely the same ones that label Cathoics who support abortion rights as cafeteria Catholics. If they can't pick and choose, then neither can we. The Vatican and the USCCB have been clear, it is our Christian duty to affirm the humanity of ALL our neighbors regardless of their "legal" status. Just as with abortion, immigration is not a legal issue, it is a civil rights issue and a moral issue. Abortion denies the unborn their fundamental right to life. Denying immigrants the means to feed and cloth and educate themselves and their families denies them their fundamental right to dignity. You are free to oppose laws that would affirm the dignity of all our neighbors. But that is NOT the Catholic position.

  9. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    As Pat Buchanan, Traditional Catholic and political sage notes, amnesty for illegal immigrants would do little besides pile up more voters for the liberals (Romney won a mere 27% of the Hispanic vote).

  10. Tom
    2 years ago

    Our current open border policy is not working. We seem to attract more drug cartel members than good Catholic folks. As the election shows, we are outnumbered and out voted. The pro partial birth abortion president and his band of left wing liberals have won 4 more years to destroy our country. Do you really think anything this president does will be good for us Catholics? He passed laws to make Catholics provide abortions and still you are blind. Yes some Catholics even voted for him. He even destroyed NASA. Our great country is in decline. Soon we will be like Mexico. Hows their space program going? Once all the money and jobs are gone the violence will start and civil war will begin again.

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