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A Prophetic Action: US Bishops Unanimously Advance the Cause for the Canonization of Dorothy Day Comments

Dorothy Day saw the face of Jesus in the face of the poor. She heard the word of Jesus spoken through the poor. She points us to  the deeper meaning behind the sobering scene recounting the last judgment which is recorded by the Evangelist Matthew in the 25th Chapter of his Gospel Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Mary Magdalene had seven demons cast from her, and tradition suggests she MAY have had a life similar to Dorothy Day's before meeting Christ. (Though there is absolutely no biblical suggestion of it.) Paul made a life of hunting Christians for execuation prior to meeting Christ. Francis was a party animal, and the list goes on and on of some of our most beloved Saints who led lives that make Dorothy's look very, very tame by comparison
    St.Christopher--servant of the devil
    St.Pelagia--promiscous actress
    St.Moses the Ethiopian--gangleader
    St.Augustine--heretic and playboy
    St.Alipius--obsessed with blood sports
    St.Patrick--worshipper of false gods
    St.Mary of Egypt--seductress
    St.Olga--mass murderer
    St.Vladimir--fratricide, rapist, human sacrificer
    St.Thomas Becket--hedonist
    St.Francis of Assisi--wastrel
    Blessed Giles of Portugal--satanist
    St.Margaret of Cortona--rich man's mistress
    Blessed Angela of Foligno--gossip and hedonist
    St.Ignatius of Loyola--egotist
    St.John of God--gambler and drunkard
    St.Camillus de Lellis--cardsharp and conman
    St.Philip Howard--cynic and negligent husband
    St.Peter Claver--dithering novice
    Venerable Matt Talbot--chronic alcoholic .

    Now... the US Bishops- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM- have called for Sainthood for Dorothy Day. Sonce the vast majority of objections raised here have been nothing but American politics, I suggest we trust our Bishops and embrace what will probably be the next American Saint.
    Dorothy Day, Pray for us!

  2. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Vance,if I'm wrong, I'm wrong... but you've also accused ME of both supporting Obama and being a Marxist myself.Neither is even vaguely CLOSE to true. You continue to call me some sort of Democrat. Also completely untrue. And you've been told so many, many times. I may be somewhere left of YOU, but I'm not what you say I am. So, you've sort of got some credibility to earn back with me if we're to have real conversation. Forgive me if I take your invective about others with a great many grains of salt.

  3. timothy canezaro
    2 years ago

    I am struck by the negative feedback on this woman because the Catholic Bishops decided to consider a catholic woman for sainthood. The reasons are fairly clear as she was a woman almost ahead of her time early on in life as she was extremely independent, met and communicated with many different people from all sorts of avenues during early 20th century. She had an abortion. Well, she had a Conversion. This changed her thoroughly and she came to be what the Bishops deem through the power of the Holy Spirit at work during that gathering in Baltimore that she be studied for further advancement pertaining to possible Canonization. Nothing seems so wild her to me especially considering so many people can relate to the journey of her life as we too in the modern world are having to navigate ever more powerful and seculaized governments, in the united states alone we have committed over 50 million abortions on the unborn in just a few decades while in peru nearly a million women after giving birth in state run hospitals came out only to find they had all been sterilized, ceaseless wars that regular people often can’t make sense of, starving children, crime…I live in Chicago and we have an epidemic of murders by youth on youth with fatalities equaling the wars in iraq and afghanistan over the same time period. Yes we still have it all. It seems fairly obvious that Saul who become Paul set the precedent already for a great sinner, one of the greatest persecutors of early christians. Why did the Holy Spirit speak to him? Why was he of all people chosen for such an extreme and complete conversion? And to think he became our greatest new testament contibutor, his writings beings priceless to our Sacred Text. Dorothy Day…don’t think it is as crazy as some posters here are making it seem when considered from this catholic light rather than the shade of ego. Thinking of Dorothy as “lowering the bar” for your own possibilities for Sainthood is shortsighted and un-useful. Why not spend some time in prayer and try to understand why the Holy Spirit may be moving through the Church’s Bishops decision to consider her more carefully for Sainthood. Such wasted spiritual energy as determing for yourselves whether the life lead by a woman sure isn’t serving your spiritual needs and challenges or the greather Mission of the Church of Christ here on earth.

  4. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Vance, Thank you. I did read it. I also posted there. Yes, the Church needs a Wake Up and a Shake Up. And I think in it's slow way, it has been doing so. Blessed Pope John Paul was the first to really Shake things, but I have read that the two popes before him, were slowly laying the ground work for Vatican II. Now, with Pope Benedict, he is carrying on the load, taking the first "Bite" of Far Left priests who nearly start their own religion! Indeed, there needs to be more Bites! Our Catholic Colleges and especially government colleges are rife with them! I know from personal experience. I have family members voicing the same! People should be concerned with who writes the books their children read for education. The Liberal Left has storehouses of books ready and ripe for educating our young. How do I know? I've seen them!

    I do not give in to scare tactics. Yet, this much I know IS true. If I were a parent now, it would be Catholic school, or Home Teaching Catholic Education. It IS available, for much less the cost, and you know what your children are learning. Sorry. Just had to give a plug for Catholic Faith and Education.

  5. vance
    2 years ago

    Judy, the name of the excommunicated priest is Roy Bourgeois. There are plenty more where he came from.

  6. vance
    2 years ago

    Judy, the information about the Mary Knolls has been around for the last 35 years. The Mary Knolls were not shy or secretive about what they were doing or what they were about. Back in the 70's and 80's I read their own periodicals that were very forthright about their philosophy. Catholic Online just published an article about the excommunication of a Mary Knoll Priest. Read about this priest and you will have a good idea of what made up the body of that organization. God bless.

  7. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Vance, Thanks for the information. I did not even know that. What our Holy Fathers suffer, on account of their children, who think they know it all. Thank you again...Blessings

  8. vance
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH, Yes, the Mary knolls were promoting "Liberation Theology". I see you don't know anything about that. They were out right promoting communism in Central and South America as well as here in the United States starting in the late 1950's thru the early 1980's. It was Blessed Pope John Paul II who strongly urged them to change course and abandon their crusade. Blessed Pope Paul VI referred to these and other anti-Catholic Charlatans as his "Crown of Thorns". Pop Paul VI commissioned a crucifix sculptor to make him a crucifix of Christ with no crown of thorns because he said that he wore the crown of thorns.

  9. judy claar
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH: Instead of lol at Vance,... Why not ask him, with honest and truthful intent, where he got his information. Blessings...

  10. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Vance, you're a riot. Anyone to your political left- whch pretty muck includes anyone from Atilla the Hun over- is automatically some sort of communist conspirator, and not a person of faith. The Maryknolls are Marxists? That's just hilarious!

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