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Editorial: We Do Not Need Conservativism We Need a Classical Christian Revival Comments

I am afraid we will be fooled again if, after this election, we buy the idea that conservatism is the solution to what is needed in this Nation - and in the West. The collapse of Western civilization will not be remedied by conservativism. Political movements alone are inadequate for the task. Continue Reading

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  1. Irl Gladfelter
    2 years ago

    You are "spot on!" Thanks, Deacon Fournier.

  2. Fr. Peter Calabrese
    2 years ago

    Nicely done Deacon! I also liked the Who reference and photo. I often thought it ironic that as secularism takes old the Who's anthem shouted at both the ancien regime and the advance of technology could somehow now be used to refer also to "established" ex-hippies going too far the other way. The "morals that they worshiped" ....

  3. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    We need a return to Traditionalism, as advocated and defended by Pope Pius X, scourge of the Modernists.

  4. therese
    2 years ago

    This was a very well written article and I agree wholeheartedly. I just had this conversation with a friend the other day. It is time to reorganize the church and get back to basics. the more old fashioned they say we are the more we need to show them how strong in our beliefs and our faith we will become
    thank you

  5. michael
    2 years ago

    Deacon Keith...the American experiment is a rejection of the whole notion of Christendom. Our country, from its very foundations, is a revolutionary enterprise and the most successful and peaceful of these efforts to cast Christ the King from His Throne. In our Constitution there is not one word regarding the true God, outside of the ending phrase "in the Year of Our Lord 1789." Every error condemned by the Holy See regarding liberalism is fully developed in our nation. Freedom to believe whatever you want to believe...freedom to worship in whatever way your conscience directs about Wicca. The insane notion of total freedom of conscience. Our country is unraveling not because of its abandonment of its roots, but because our foundation from the very beginning was built on sand...the sand of John Locke...the sand of Masonry...and the sand of liberalism. Our days are numbered...the writing is written on the wall. What we need is not some sort of Protestant Great Awakening, but the spiritual conquering of this nation for Christ and His One Catholic Church. We could have done this in past decades, but we embraced the great heresy of Americanism and took the pill of death shrinking in numbers and in influence.

  6. William Horan
    2 years ago

    "No HHS regulation will compel us to violate our deeply held religious beliefs. Neither can a Presidential administration compel us to stop caring for the poor, the sick and the needy."

    If we want to demonstrate our "carying for the poor", we should practice what we preach. Here is an example:
    When my grandparents immigrated from Ireland in the early 1900s, the Church here in New Hampshire already had in place a parochial school system designed primarily for immigrants. However, these schools are now too expensive for today’s immigrants. The following is a brief history of how we accommodated immigrants in my diocese and how we should accommodate the new immigrants today:
    The Parochial Schools of the diocese of Portland, Maine, which included the states of Maine and New Hampshire, began here in Manchester, N. H. during the 1850s. The site was St. Anne Church. The founders were Fr. William McDonald, pastor; Thomas Corcoran, teacher; and The Sisters of Mercy whose superior was Mother Frances Warde. The students were primarily Irish immigrants. Today, St. Anne Parish unified with St. Augustin Parish, serves the descendants of the Irish from St. Anne and the French Canadian from St. Augustin plus new immigrants including Hispanics, Vietnamese and Africans mostly from Sudan.
    However, the Parochial Schools, now called Regional Catholic Schools, can no longer give first place to immigrants: they are too expensive. Can anything be done for today’s immigrants? Here is my suggestion:
    A "preferential option for the poor" should be maintained in our Catholic Schools. If we find that we cannot afford to keep our schools open to the poor, the schools should be closed and the resources used for something else which can be kept open to the poor. We cannot allow our Church to become a church primarily for the middle-class and rich while throwing a bone to the poor. The priority should be given to the poor even if we have to let the middle-class and rich fend for themselves. Practically speaking, the Catholic Schools must close and the resources used for "Confraternity of Christian Doctrine" and other programs which can be kept open to the poor. Remember, the Church managed without Catholic Schools for centuries. We can get along without them today. The essential factor is to cultivate enough Faith to act in the Gospel Tradition, namely, THE POOR GET PRIORITY. The rich and middle-class are welcome too. But the poor come first. [ William Horan - Manchester, NH - ]

  7. Dliodoir
    2 years ago

    Thank You! I have been saying this for YEARS! To conflate politics with religion is a very dangerous game indeed. This is not to say we should not live wholesome Christian lives and to embody the virtues modeled by Christ. The point is, we don't need to live in a "Christian" country with "Christian" laws to be good Christians. The earliest Christians lived in profligate, wonton and decadent pagan societies. . .and yet they were still good Christians. If you need the civil law to affirm your Christian values, you need a lesson in both civics and theology. It is NOT the role of the civil goverment to make us good Christians. The role of the civil government is to maintain order in society and to ensure that fundamental freedoms are protected. Our road to salvation is a personal journey. The sins of my neighbors are not attributable to me and, therefore, I don't care if they're sinners. I DO care if they're good neighbors. I want my fellow citizens to pay taxes and keep their yards tidy and drive safely and to obey the other rules that govern civil societies. Too many people, including many Catholics, have insisted in recent years that the path to heaven for American Catholics lay ONLY through a particular political party. That is bad theology in the extreme. I am not apologizing or advocating for any party. What I am saying is that the solution to the problems we all recognize, abortion, the perversion of marriage, hunger, poverty, war, divorce, decadene etc. is NOT found in the ballot box! The solution is found in our hearts! It is found in prayer! It is found in seeking God's grace and modeling a virtuous Christian life. You will do more to end abortion and gay marriage by praying ONE rosary than by voting for ANY politician. Pray! Love! And be a faithful Christian and stop putting your hope in politics to anything other than promote and maintain a civil society.

  8. Adele M. Gill
    2 years ago

    This is a very well written article with an important message. Post-election, this nation really does need a Classic Christian Revival to help us remember what is most important in this life and to help us stay focused on The Cross! Polititians will come and go, but Jesus reigns!

  9. Harold Olsen
    2 years ago

    To a certain extent, I disagree. While being Christian is more important than being either liberal or conservative, it's clear that liberals and liberalism is anti-Christian. Liberals seem to embrace anything that is immoral. Conservatives -- and I mean TRUE conservatives -- embrace morality and Judeo-Christian values. The Republican party is no longer a conservative party. There is little difference between the two parties. They are two sides of the same coin and are interchangeable. It's why I'm no longer a Republican, but an Independent. I will not vote for any candidate who can not prove to me that he embraces, and has a history of embracing, Judeo-Christian values.

  10. DLL
    2 years ago

    Junk in junk out. That is the state of the morality of these days. Christianity is based on strong moral teaching. Conservatism is a Liberal label,as is the term,moderate or right wing. To be Liberal is to condone anything as politically correct. Liberal is relative thinking. Relative thinking reduces everything to its lowest common denominator. Any thinking that is not liberal is hurtful,hateful,divisive and mean. Liberal thinking reduces the highest form of morality to be nothing at all. Relative thinking says you are what I say you are.nothing more nothing less. That is how the Democrats beat the Republicans. Any Candidate worth his salt was reduced to the lowest common denominator,chewed up,spit out through a clever campaign of lies,designed to decimate all opposition. Evil combats what is good in just this fashion each and every time. Relative thinking is hateful. A relative thinker attaches only what they think of any one to be of any value at all. They do not look at another person with love and respect for the fact that they are complex and wonderful creations of a living God of love. Even God is reduced to the lowest common denominator and proclaimed to be some myth of illusion. Attitude is gratitude and I see little of it politically and none of it in a relative thinker. Hate is organized Spin these days some rap on someone to demean and humiliate,even intimidate any opposition to a liberal agenda. The Presidential election was based on hate,lies and misrepresentation of truth,especially regarding the issue of religious freedom. It is an out and out lie to say that because the Catholic Church is against free abortions and contraception at the expense of taxpayers,that they are against women's rights. The entertainment industry teaches people how to be mean to each other and how to be sexually abusive all in the name of free speech. Much is wrong. Junk in and junk out in so many ways destroys perspective,so nothing is right or wrong any more,it is only relative to what some or any individual considers is right or wrong. That is relative thinking at its worst. That is a truly hateful mindset. That is what is terribly wrong and needs to change. There is such a thing as Absolute Truth. Jesus Christ is the way,truth and the life,of coarse that is dismissed as opinion. As long as it is nothing changes,it remains same old,same old,----!

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