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Editorial: We Do Not Need Conservativism We Need a Classical Christian Revival Comments

I am afraid we will be fooled again if, after this election, we buy the idea that conservatism is the solution to what is needed in this Nation - and in the West. The collapse of Western civilization will not be remedied by conservativism. Political movements alone are inadequate for the task. Continue Reading

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  1. Augustine
    2 years ago

    Dear Deacon Keith. Very well written article plus interesting additional insight to your age which I cannot resist responding to. I am only 3 years older and I have read your articles for years now but got too busy addressing legal issues myself and seeking justice on behalf of another, I am thankful to finally be back and read your articles. I still appreciate your keen insight and ability to present your thoughts, and make a very good case in a very specific statements. I fully agree with you. Thank you and God Bless You for always knowing the truth and fierlessly stating it.

  2. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Indeed my description was simplistic. It was meant to be. And indeed your lawyer friend is a typical liberal, spouting classic enlightened reformist views with actions and rhetoric to match. What he does lack, and here comes the Obama vote, is the continuation of our first neighbors in the the womb! the defenseless unborn! who Mother Teresa calls, "the poorest of the poor". Mother Teresa is so Saintly! She can call it like it is, and have people listen without resulting to the True Ugly words that they are. I can not.

    You and I both know Rob, that in spite of All the good your friend does, and my many atheists friends do as well,(and believe me, they are never quiet about what they do!) that it does not eliminate the fact, that in their mind they are Smart enough to know that an Obama vote was a vote for Murder. With all the good your friend does, he still voted for Murder.

    I do not believe, that he was so passionate about some political agenda, that it weighed on his conscience more than Murder. How does one get to that place??? It use to be,that jokes were laughingly made about the car salesman, lawyer, or politician, being the lowest of the low...though this is not necessarily true. Now it is about whoever is unfortunate enough to fall through the cracks of government school, (public school is not what it use to be) government College, or friends, etc., that sadly lure one away through their thinking. *Note: I did not say free thinking. I think our Catholic Faith is Free Thinking. I know also most people go to State Funded Colleges and a lot of public schools because their cost is lower and they can not afford it. And I think that that is something parents themselves need to address. What is most important? The Catholic Education or doing w/o ???. Just my thought. It saddens a grandma as it does many a grandma's and grandpa's, to see what is going on in the world today. And it is, and has been starting in Our Own Backyard. Open your eyes my friends....Blessings to all...

  3. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    Though I am not a person of faith now, this article's proposition seems to be completely consistent with my former understanding of Catholicism and I probably would have supported it had I remained Catholic. It's very interesting for me to read articles like these and I appreciate the opportunity to express my opinions when the editors know full well that I am an atheist. -Cheers! -Mike

  4. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, I think you description is way too simplistic and assumes that someone who votes in a manner that conservative catholics don't deem correct has done wrong. I have a good friend who I guess given your description regarding liberal catholics would be one. This is despite the fact that even though he voted for Obama he puts his money where his mouth is in regards to life. He's fostered about 10 kids that I know of. He currently has a young girl he met at a crisis pregnancy center living in his home with he and his wife. While I don't think I've ever seen him in the planned parenthood picket line, I have seen him, in his work as an attorney, helping young women find ways to support themselves so they don't have to terminate their pregnancies.

    His bottomline is that the current GOP's policies will only increase abortion. Cut medicaid? That will only serve to drive the poor to the abortionist as they run out of options? Get rid of all social support...same effect. He always tell's me that until he believes that the GOP is ready to step up to the plate and actually do something about all these children who they fight to "save," he won't vote for them. He says their talk is not backed up by their action. You can't fight to end abortion and at the same time make it harder for a women to raise the children she has. He says when the government get's serious and the church gets serious about really teaching about life and rebuilding the moral order, then perhaps we'll stem the tide, but until them just gimmicks to get votes...from both sides.

    Honestly, based on conversations I had with him this cycle, I'm not sure he even voted.

  5. Mary Howard
    2 years ago

    You are so wrong- it is only in CONSERVATISM that you find freedom. And Conservatism leads to Free Markets that allow people to fail or successed. Charity, in the name of "leveling the playing field" has become so enabling that no one wants to take responsiblity for their sins. And the Catholic Church goes right along with this thinking. And you wonder now why this socialist in the Wihite House will dictate what we can or cannot do as Christians? Progressives are the anthisis of Freedom. Far from PROGRESS, Liberal idealogy is Marxism...pure and simple. AND it is OUR fault that the statists have won in America! People like you, in the Catholic Church, that wanted "social justice" and going along with the nanny state...we now have the government regulating our beliefs- Thanks to Liberal progressive elitists in our church, religious leaders who have been indoctrinated in secularism and are guiding the flock with this brainwashing theology... In "Catholic" colleges and seminaries run by liberals, teaching ( indoctrinating) our young people under the guise of COMPASSION, in our hospitals with liberal nuns, who reject the Bishops authority. Without Conservatism there is NO religious freedom. Giod have Mercy on us, for we have sinned!

  6. judy claar
    2 years ago

    techwrech: Yes, it is quite true that God imprinted us to be individually ourselves and that there is no one to match the other...Thank God! I think where all this Liberal Catholic or Conservative Catholic comes from is in the "individually of the herd". Each are individuals in their own way, yet have certain beliefs or traits which may pull them toward another herd. The "Main Herd" being the Catholic Church.

    Some Catholics define this then, as Catholics who stay within the belief of the "Main Herd" or as Conservative Catholics. They have the same belief as the Church when it comes to: Life; (no abortion or Euthanasia). True marriage and the Family. Natural Stem Cell Research; (we do not need abortions for this). In other wards, Natural Law.

    Catholics who depart from the "Main Herd", going against Church dogma, these persons are called Liberal Catholics. That is, those persons, who call themselves Catholic, are indeed seen as Liberal Catholics, and in name only. Why? Because they vote against Life and Truth and Love itself. Would Christ vote Abortion? Euthanasia? Against True marriage and True Family? Would He want abortions for Embryonic Stem Cell Research? My conscience tells me that He would not.

    This is the difference between a "Liberal Catholic" and a "Conservative Catholic". I can be a Conservative Catholic and still have different degrees of secular belief. But I must not stray from Basic Catholic Teaching or I am really no longer a True Practicing Catholic. I hoped I helped you, and not hindered your moment. Blessings...

  7. Dave Brodeur
    2 years ago

    We need politicians who are just. We need them to be compassionate on the poor and conservative with respect to our values. They need to be there for serving the people for the common good and not self-serving.

    We need politicians who want a just system of economics where the playing field is fair and level to everyone. We need price controls on necessities as energy, gas, insurances, public transportation systems and medical costs. It would be very beneficial to have access to universities, colleges and training centers for free or low costs as they do in Canada. (Educated people end up giving more back to a country by being employed, thus more taxes payed and bettering things in general.) We need people who will work towards livable and just wages.

    If a mother has a minimum wage job (or part time jobs) they often can't afford auto insurance, auto maintenance, food, housing, clothing and day care as it cost so much that working becomes less desirable than to use public supported programs where it is more cost effective to stay at home. If she can't afford child care services, then some children become latch key children who are left on their own without good supervision and guidelines. This allows more of them to become delinquents and later criminals who cost everyone much more later than if the mothers had a livable wage so that these things can be reduced.

    As I understand my Catholic teaching, there is a difference between being fair and being just. Fairness is to give the same to everyone and being just is to give those in need the help for living so that they will be able to make it on their own. The world is not fair.

  8. David Carlon
    2 years ago

    Amen. Our homeland is not of this world. Allegiance to God is foremost! May my hand wither before I betray you my Lord and King of my heart! Viva Cristo Rey! Viva nuestra Virgin de Guadalupe!

  9. techwreck
    2 years ago

    Where did all of this "Liberal Catholic" and "Conservative Catholics" talk come from? We are either followers of Christ and his truth or we are not! Granted that Church doctrine tells us that we are to use Christian principles and the intelligence that God gave us in our secular dealings. We can either be liberals or conservatives in our secular dealings because God did not make us all alike ... for good reason. But, if we allow our politics to affect our spirituality, we do so at the risk of our immortal souls!

  10. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    There is no doubt the day has arrived and we are in for the full blown attack on Christianity..
    Also the media mounted pressure to remove all values of faith which have held civil society together for centuries is coming from powerful politically controlled sources. So how do we defend those values and fight to retain and/or reestablish sanity? If it is simply the election of public officials who share our values there is little hope.
    Why? They have little chance of being elected in today's political environment. Why? Because the media will literally crucify any candidate who tries to run on a platform that is associated with and/or professes Christian religious values.
    The devil is in the dictates and since we have willingly supported him taking control of public education and even invited him into our universities over a period of decades ignoring his progressive invasion and manipulation of Hollywood, television, the media and now with a majority of the population empty of most true Christian character, he can and does have the power to identify, define, and dictate for and to the general public what is of value and who is to be trusted with their lives and future.
    We have lost our perception of individual souls as Gods children along with embracing our union with the one body of Christ. We have sacrificed our unique individuality now convinced it has little value if not part of the contrived and coveted commonality espoused by those controlling what we see, hear, read, and imagine which in turn connects us with the collective power of the majority community.
    Consequently our hope and need is to be humble enough to get on our knees and call upon our heavenly father to come to our aid. He alone is able to stem the tide of evil which is sweeping our nation and indeed the world today. We have too long relied upon our own good intentions which are no match for the evil one when not combined with sincere efforts to openly acknowledge the glory and majesty of our God and his divine son our Lord and salvation in our daily lives. It is time for each of us to pray as if we were the tipping point of the battle for our country for if America is brought down there will never again be a nation capable of combating the tyrants of the world who seek to suppress and enslave people with godless government.

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