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Why it's a really bad time to be a rich, white male politician Comments

It's a bad time to be a rich white conservative leaning male with political aspirations. This is because the era of rich white male dominated politics is over. Yes, it is about race, it's also about a long-running historical narrative, a backlash spanning generations, and the changing demographics of American society. Mitt Romney's failed campaign is one for the textbooks, for this very reason. Continue Reading

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  1. Diana
    2 years ago

    Jesus required the his leader his church to lead his flock. To take care of his flock, to obey to laws of the state...not to get involve with every little nuance of what the STATE/COUNTRY are doing politically....separation of church and state. I am tired of what my religion has been doing for years politically. We are short of priest, churches, donations, schools, programs...WHY? Because the the church step beyond its boundaries. They have forgotten about us, their flock. They forgotten about their seminary, who enters, are they really true to our LORD and loyal to the church. Psychologically tested, for the entire time they are in seminary. Religion is religion...I and others depend on it, I have need to feed my spiritual soul, so do others. Look at our country...Hatred, crime, not knowing up or down.....Some of us do know who to talk to, our priest, our church our comfort zone are gone. The church has other things to do!

  2. Maru Peragine
    2 years ago

    Sorry but this article smacks of racism. No race is exempt from blame.
    American INdian Tribers were always fighting amongst themselves. The were violent and cruel to peace-loving tribes at times. Africans engaged in slavery way before Europeans and some actually helped Europeans in kidnapping other trbes people. Examples from History abound.

  3. eugene tighe
    2 years ago

    The reason why Romney lost is because this country is now an "entitlement society". More Americans would rather ride in the cart than push it. As Bill O'Reilly said, "Americans want 'stuff'". Romney wasn't going to give away the store, he was going to try and keep it in balance.

  4. Faith
    2 years ago

    I agree with the author's points about the inclusion of history etc. The author seriously left out the reasons: political, educational, cultural, economic and just plain ignorance of other cultures in the past. Imperialism, expansion, and nationalism promoted the corrupt push for territorial authority and exploration of the west. The impact of the countries and territories oppressed, defeated or "settled" was never a concern by monarchs and leaders that wanted to become a world leader.The article in general was racist in opinion and tone. Many different peoples have been enslaved, oppressed, and killed for being different. It is this constant "pointing it out" and divisive rhetoric that is ruining this country. Let the political analysts, historians, economists, and philosophers debate this and quit throwing it into the public arena. We all have to try to learn from the past, live together, celebrate our differences, and understand each other. We are "One Nation under God indivisible"
    It is the "harping" on our differences..."haves/have-nots" for 4 years...class warfare theme that downgraded and polluted the airwaves in our nation. I severely disagree with the assessment that it was a "grass-roots" political "ground swell" that solely won the latest election. Romney may be a "rich white man", but Obama raised and spent over 1 billion dollars on his campaign. That's an enormous sum whether matched and spent or not. Most Americans do not just vote "white" they vote issues. No matter how you cut it...."entitlement" won the day. 47% are on some form of government subsistence....most of them would clearly not vote for Romney...whether he mentioned that or not. In the case of the Latino vote, many of these immigrants come from exceedingly corrupt governmental systems. When they voted in the past in their native countries, they had so much oppression they had few choices but to vote for the candidate promising the most "goods/favors/handouts" to survive. One does not need to be a "rocket scientist" to come to a sane conclusion about that. I am concerned about our culture in general that "dumbs-down" the message of American culture to celebrate celebrity that is no longer attached to any major achievement to our society or the world in general. Our educational system needs to include and promote rational debate, critical thinking and reasoning instead of inciting anarchy. I applaud inclusive history that shows the contribution of all people of all faiths, cultures, races, and background, but if they are not promoting these differences to inspire unity it is defeating a great nation that is already suffering from distrust and dare I say it...hate.

  5. missmarie
    2 years ago

    In my opinion, sorting and separating people by religion, by race, by income level, by gender, by whatever designation is against my beliefs that we are all Gods children and should be loved and respected on that basis alone. It is heartbreaking that over half of the voting public choose to support a political platform that even held a vote to remove God, that advocates for loss of individual freedom and liberty, and one that, in my opinion, replaces God with big government. The quantity and scope of current regulations being placed on every aspect of our life is limiting our ability to function independent of the government, to function in accordance with Gods will. American voters want to stick it to the rich guy - because our society wants stuff, not morality and not spirituality and not a work ethic - their jealous. American voters want to stick it to the white guy - because they don't know history and don't recognize the increased standard of living worldwide can be directly attributed to the fundamental Christian principles on which this country was founded by a group of courageous men and women from every country on the globe. American voters want to stick it to the conservatives - because conservatives operate with a basic premise of ethical and moral and spiritual guidance. It wouldn't have mattered who was running against the progressive political machine - they are offering a society without a moral conscious and personal responsibility or accountability - who can compete with that.

  6. Harold Olsen
    2 years ago

    Being a rich white man was not the only reason why Mitt Romney lost the election. Many say there was voter fraud, and maybe there was. However, I think Romney's religion was a major factior. The left demonized Mormonism as a cult religion and claiming it was not a Christian religion (which I found sadly amusing since the left is pretty much anti-Christian). If it isn't a Christian religion, then why are they called the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints? One of the first people I heard say that Romney shouldn't be president because he is a Mormon was Harry Reid. About two weeks after I heard him make that comment, I was shocked to discover that he, too, was a Mormon. Conservatives had a problems with him because he is liberal, not the conservative he pretended to be. My personal opinion of his was that he was an Obama clone. There was little difference in the two. In the last debate, and I think this ended it for Romney, he agreed with just about everything Obama said. Many Republicans felt there was little difference between two and perhaps decided, "Why vote for the clone when we have the original?"

  7. Pauline
    2 years ago

    It is sad. Obama won for two reasons: Meny people voted for him, becuse he believes in the degregation of morality and injust. Also, people are more intereste in hand outs than in the dignity of earning one's dailty bread by actually working for it. A great deal of people are in food stamps and can buy lobster and many other delicasies with food stamps. Many other people that work hard in the day to day bases, can not aford to eat as well as the people on food stamps can. As the saying goes, " I work hard so you don't have to" That is the injustice of this president. He takes from the hard working man to give to the lazy man. Mostly I do not blame Obama, I blame the people that allow themselves to be deceived and lie to in exchange for a hand out and the aproval to be immoral and do evil. But fear not all you good people, God is just and Merciful and His justice will prevail. All you people who voted for the killing of the inocent unborn, what will you say to the Lord in the day He judges you?

  8. Philip
    2 years ago

    I found the article on "why it is a dangerous time to be a rich, white male" extremely offensive. It judges everything on the colour of a persons skin. I thought as Catholics we should some how overcome racial barriers through our faith and unity under the one Head.

    May I remind the writer that not all white males are rich, many are poor and not all Hispanics and Blacks are poor, many are multi-millionaires,

  9. Starzec
    2 years ago

    A great, albeit limited, synopsis of the election. When you think of it, 236 years is a pretty decent run for a group of men most of whom did not/ do not believe people of color are human and do not think they should be able to vote. Not a bad run for a group of men most of whom believed and still believe a woman's place is barefoot and pregnant without the right to vote.

    While it's true white males have ruled throughout most of history and specifically American History, there comes a time when that ceases. Throughout the European colonial period, white males dominated South America, South Asia and Africa. As that power evaporated, those nations rose to prominence under their own indigenous leadership. It is a natural progression and proof that certain models have finite results. So it is 2012 in America. The indigenous (latinos) and the descendents of former slaves have exercised their power along with women- who comprise 51 percent of the population. It was going to happen naturally.

  10. Marsh Connolly
    2 years ago

    Michael, yes, postmodernism is fundamentally flawed as a philosophy, but that's the philosophy that is shaping young minds in schools today and influencing the way they vote.

    Gene Van Son, Slavery was legal within the Union, even if most states outlawed it. Remember, the South was part of the Union until secession, and slavery was legal. Maryland was a slave state, but also remained in the Union. General Grant famously had a slave as a personal servant until the end of the war. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States on December 6, 1865. Until then, even in "free states" slaves were still regarded, and treated, as property.

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