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SATURDAY HOMILY: We voted for mammon and rejected God. Comments

On Tuesday, November 6, we faced as a nation a "God or mammon" choice of mammoth proportions. In the most consequential election of our history, the majority of Americans voted for mammon and rejected God. Continue Reading

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  1. Ron Brunner
    2 years ago

    I find the situation that we are in today is of our own making.

    The church I attend has a very outspoken pastor (for which I am very thankful) with a very heavy Hispanic congregation.

    The one major fault I have with the Catholic Church in the US, is that the Bishops who are suppose to lead, "Do Not", do their job.

    Certainly, there were a few who spoke out about what is happening today but, the majority of the Bishops, did not and have not.

    I believe they have been silent because they are afraid to speak out for fear of being accused of not being politically correct.

    They have let the fear of man replace the fear of God!.

    I agree with what Fr. G. Peter Irving III has written but, once again, where are the leaders of our church?????

  2. PM
    2 years ago

    WE MUST STAY ON Course! We MUST NOT submit to their tyranny! Be Vigilant! God has allowed Obama and his followers to win for a reason, just as he allowed tyrants to rise in the past. DO NOT LOSE FAITH IN GOD AND COUNTRY! Christians be prepared to be mocked, ridiculed and persecuted even more now! We choose to walk the narrow path! Progressives think they have fortified their governance and beliefs since they won and all must comply now. We should remind them that any deal with the devil WILL NOT stand long and good ALWAYS prevails over evil. History has proven that time and time again ….. The gates of Hell shall not prevail! We have much work to do…. We must lock arms and march forward and stand for what we believe!

    1. To those of you who prayed, our payers will be answered at the time that is right by his will.
    2. Denounce Satan and his works!
    3. No matter how hard they try …DO NOT conform to the secular progressives and their wicked works! No matter how appealing it my be.
    4. BE VIGIANT! There are many wolves in sheep’s clothes who walk among us.
    5. Prepare, prepare, prepare!
    6. Help your brother & sister in need.
    7. Above all…. Keep the faith!

    God bless

  3. Rob White
    2 years ago

    While Hispanics are pro-life and pro-family, the issue of immigration outweighed these two issues easily. While most of the Latinos are here legally, most of those families have relatives that are here illegally who live here honorably who constantly fear about being deported. Romney did himself no honors when he said the illegals should 'self-deport.' Then you have those within our parishes that does outreach ministry to the Hispanic community and understand their plight. Should we tell them it's more important to vote for supporting pro-life and pro-family issues and ignor the plight of their relatives? I couldn't do it. It was easier to deal with our older generation Catholics who consider themselves FDR Catholics who look out for the poor and believe that Democrats look out for the poor while Republicans look out for the rich. I disagree that Catholics were voting for mammon and rejecting God. The Republicans have lost any voice in California. At least Hispanics have the RCC.

  4. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    Bless you, Father, for your courage in writing this. I pray for your strength to withstand any attacks from catholic democrats who might spew hatred at you. When the democrats booed God at their convention, I think it was divine intervention by God to show the world what this party thinks of Him. Their contempt for Holy Matrimony and innocent human life is evidence of what they think of His laws.

    Tragically, the Catholic democrats lack of knowledge of economics leads them to justify voting for evil because they think the evil people they vote for are promoting compassionate economic policies. But like Greece's socialism and Hoover's devastating soak-the-rich policies of the 1930's, these "compassionate" policies hurt the poor more than anyone else.

    I am on the lower half of the economic ladder and I need for there to be more wealthy people and more profitable businesses to exist than is the case now. This will help people like me have a buyer's market when we look for work. The Catholic democrat's "compassion" and "social justice" is clobbering us.

  5. Daniel Vaughan
    2 years ago

    The silence of our church leaders and bishops says it all. Welfare is clearly the only issue that is important to the American catholic church. We are no longer the church of Christ but the church of Judas. May God have mercy on our nation and especially our bishops and priests who didn't see fit to speak out against the pure evil that our nation now officially stands for; government funded murder of the unborn, the dismantling of the family via gay marriage and trumped up wars all around the world that sacrifice our brave and brightest for profit!

  6. melinda
    2 years ago

    God is removing America's lampstand not "Obama". I have had the distinct impression the graces we have enjoyed are being removed and given to China. Meanwhile their darkness is moving here like swarm of locusts.

    And as much as we believers absolutely detest the sin of abortion, God desires the hearts of a people to be changed much moreso than a law.

  7. abey
    2 years ago

    Their Faith can said to be "Spoken in the flesh, denied in the Spirit," reflecting that old.Paganism, which effectively can said to be voting for mammon in the name of god.

  8. Andrew
    2 years ago

    It's not that the minorities voted for Obama out of ignorance, evil or anything of the sort. It's the fact that it was one of the only two choices that they had. For most minorities, Obama's plans will economically help them while Romney was going to support business owners. That is a large part of why many minorities, I believe, voted for Obama. However, it doesn't mean that the voters will support abortion, homosexual marriage, or persecution. They were pushed into a corner, and they would rather have their children have an economically supported future than Romney's plan. All Catholics that I know, who supported Obama, are against the negative ideals of the Democratic system. Whether a Republican, Democrat, or other political party member, we must either stand up against abortion, homosexual marriage, and persecution as citizens ourselves, or perhaps make a third party that appeals to all Catholics. But, we should always remember that political parties mean nothing when we stand as a Church. As long as we stay close to God, he will guide us through this political and moral distress. As Robert Burford said, everything is in the hands of God.

  9. Bill
    2 years ago

    What is the teaching of the Church on the Bain Capital fiasco?

  10. Debbie
    2 years ago

    This is so sad, that the majority of Catholics voted for President Obama again. I'm having a hard time understanding those that are pro-life in my parish, but yet vote Democratic? The same holds true with those who are very generous donor's, and attend Mass on a regular basis, yet they support same sex marriage? I know for the over 60 crowd in my parish voting Democratic and the supporting the Democratic party is all they have ever known. I"m not sure if this is an automatic response, or if there thinking is truly in error?

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