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SATURDAY HOMILY: We voted for mammon and rejected God. Comments

On Tuesday, November 6, we faced as a nation a "God or mammon" choice of mammoth proportions. In the most consequential election of our history, the majority of Americans voted for mammon and rejected God. Continue Reading

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  1. neo
    2 years ago

    "On Tuesday, November 6, we faced as a nation a "God or mammon" choice of mammoth proportions. In the most consequential election of our history, the majority of Americans voted for mammon and rejected God."

    mammon is wealth. The majority of Americans rejected wealth. The problem was that you cant vote for life. you can vote for no abortions, but at the cost of the poor, and now adoption credits. Or you can vote for retaining aid to the poor but we have the status quo. Most of us voted for the status quo. Which is not voting for mammon.

    for the record voting for the side that enabled the love of money was voting for mammon not God. 48% of Americans did this.

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    This election was a choice between mammon and God, or more aptly earthly values and Godly morals.

    One party was for abortion in all instances, the other was for life.
    One party was for sex with no restraint or limits, the other respected the sanctity of marriage and the importance of family.
    One party booed when it was suggested that God be put in the platform, the other knew that God is the foundation for the liberty and freedom that we enjoy as Americans.
    One party is more than willing to make the majority of America deopendent on the government, the other party supported economic freedom and opportunity, the true paths out of poverty.
    One party believes charity is when you take money from one man and give it to another by force, the other party realizes that true charity comes from the heart and is given freely. Charity and compassion can only come from self-sacrifice; the use of one's own time, talents and resources.
    The Republican Party is not perfect but its platform was far closer to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ than the Democrats.

    It has become apparent that more and more Christians have become ignorant of the Bible. The rampant misuse and/or selective choosing of verses to support an unsupportable stance is astounding and tragic. The Bible was given by God to alter man's life for the better, and is not to be used as justification for suspect and immoral behavior.


  3. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    There should be a name for these people who claim to be Catholic and consistently vote for candidates who espouse the abolition of every moral value and precept held by the Church as essential to our faith. I am told there are also Christians of other denominations who fall into the same category of misguided and misinformed subjects of big government.
    How long will it take for us to admit Christian values had to be dismantled and our sacred trust in gospel truth had to be distorted if evil could ever enter our ranks disguised somehow as promoting tolerance, fairness, or social justice? This is exactly how it always happens.
    In this case Progressive Liberalism posing as a benevolent arm of government took over the once proud party of the poor man turning the Democratic machine into the mouthpiece for the clever perversion of Christian charity. How else could we have ever come to the new normal where mothers are given the RIGHT to kill their babies?
    Virginity and chastity are now considered weird scruples of the past and the sanctity of marriage is irrelevant with most couples living together until they feel comfortable with the arrangement. Parents today send their children off to government schools where they are indoctrinated into accepting the notion that what they are being taught may be contrary to what their mothers and fathers think or believe but they should be thankful because this is a new and enlightened age they are becoming a part of which offers freedom from the constraints of outdated moral concepts.
    Christians who are either actually unaware of these facts or have chosen to ignore the obvious change in direction our nation are not followers of Christ, they are wanderers in the wilderness of worldly confusion and delusion purposely constructed for them by the prince of darkness and his legions of elitists who have bought into the humanistic myth of a godless Utopia.
    Maybe that is what we should call the lost or wandering Christians of today, Christians Looking for Utopia on Earth less Christ or…….. CLUEless.

  4. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    Thanks for this article. Although I am not American, I put many hours of effort and did sacrifice to try to influence this election. And now, on what is Sunday in this part of the world, I expect to be sneered at and somewhat ridiculed (by some Americans) due to the results of this DISASTROUS election. Thank you for this article, for in a few hours I will likely be bringing up some of these points (which I took down in note form) for what some ignorants were indeed voting for earlier this week. I spent time trying to educate someone this week (non American) as to how there was a logical contradiction between him being Catholic and yet claiming (in ignorance) that Obama was such a voice for the poor. "Many did not know what they were voting for" is very well put. They "voted against themselves". True. Thank you. It is so TIRING and discouraging trying to educate the hoards of ignorants out there. They are blinded by moral relativism, a culture of death, a personality cult-like worship culture (if he is famous and speaks well, he must be right; this seems to be the type of erroneous thinking that goes on within many), and also blinded by their own ignorance and subjectivity. Nov. 6th was a DISASTER! A disaster! Much worse than the hurricane because America could have used God given free will to have assisted towards degrees of potential greater alignment and instead what did they do? They voted for more potential disaster! Nobody can control hurricanes, but you could have done something about this election! And now, look. MORE chaos! (with the future generations picking up the pieces quite possibly long after the baby boomers are finished with their years of golfing and beaches)
    Paul-Emile Leray

  5. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    The sad truth is that a vote for Romney was ALSO a vote for Mammon, and a rejection of God. This is why we need to spend the next four years working for and demanding something better- real Catholic leadership in D.C. and a reflection of OUR real values, instead of just continuing to lie to ourselves and believe that either wing of the RepubliCrat party cares about us at all. It's a LIE. The GOP does NOT represent us any more than the DNC does, and it's time we either pushed them to do so, or pushed for our OWN representatives. The Republicans and Democrats? They don't care about us, and they do NOT represent us or our values. It's time for Catholics to really wake the heck up and stop playing into their game as if we had no right to something better; something REAL.

  6. Emma
    2 years ago

    Obama won over the Latino Populace by using the power of his office to manipulate Latinos immediately prior to the election by granting amnesty to undocumented young Latinos. At the same time, ignored pleas to protect minor citizen migrant farm laborers from exploitation of unfair labor practices.(See Harvest. org) . Unfortunately, the Republican Party also will not stand in defense of these children lest it offend lg. corporate agricultural donors! They did not speak to Hispanic Citizens, but relied on a few advisers, also not in tune with every day people. The nail in Romney's Campaign with Hispanic Voters ...Jan Brewer's Endorsement. He should have distanced himself from someone who sees white skin as a pass and brown skin as automatically "under suspicion ". Most voted for Obama out of fear of Romney. And, I have to say, Obama did an excellent job of nourishing those fears. But, until he does something to eliminate the corporate exploitation of minor farm laborers, he shows himself to be nothing but a liar. The Catholic Church may grow smaller in number, but may well need a purging. As long as so many who fill the pews continue to live contrary to Church Teaching, that teaching will continue to be distorted to those outside the church, leading even those trying to be faithful to at times wonder. Our first duty is not to our gov. Our first duty is to praise and worship God. If we do that, we have no reason to live in fear or "hide our light under a bushel "!

  7. Glenn J.
    2 years ago

    It is deeply misguided to equate voting for a president (regardless of which candidate) to serving a master.

    The Lord is my one and only master, voting for Romney or Obama, DOES NOT make either of them my master.

    "This is the choice that is ever before us in a myriad of ways both large and small. And there is no sitting on the fence. If we hate one, we will love the other." seems to suggest that I must hate Obama to love God. Is that what we're to believe? If it's not the intended message, please clarify.

  8. Rob
    2 years ago

    As far as I'm concerned, we've been voting against our interest for the last 12 years. Maybe the church will wake up and figure out that maybe they need to take formation much more seriously? Maybe they might want to act quickly when scandal hits instead of sweeping it under the rug so that when the world needs a witness, the leaders of the church have credibility. I'm sorry father, but the attack on marriage is not homosexuals but a 50% divorce rate amongst straight people. When marriage prep programs in most parishes become classes just to check boxes so you could get married, that is when the problem began. When the only funded education programs in most parishes are programs for children, that is when we got in trouble. I understand the implications of the HHS mandate, but maybe the time to get serious about the dangers of contraception was before they were available on just about every grocery store across the country. Maybe before their usage was so commonplace amongst catholics that even a majority of the faithful think you are out of touch.

    Our problem is not the truth. The church has always taught it. Our problem is the failure of our leadership to lead. The culture had to become a raging fire before they started speaking. Too little to late. Have to fix the folks in our own ranks before we are going to effect the greater culture.

  9. Stephen Volk
    2 years ago


    As times have grown darker - as technology has largely left morality far behind in the dust - it is dangerously naive to believe the voting process and system was "pure and honest." Had it been, Vice-Presidential candidate Ryan would already be elected and elected well! But this is not the case. The manipulated menagerie of illegals voting, bused voting, re-districting, dead people voting, dubious and off-color absentee ballots, population shifts to other states for electoral votes, and not to mention American voting-machines manufactured in foreign countries retaining ultimate control of how the votes are handled... All these and more reveal the election untenable and a blatant farce. But as long as We The People have lost the leadership, diligence and vigilance which self-governing in a Christian Republic demands, things will get no better (starting with the monitoring of tangible non-computerized voting). All Catholic elementary, high schools and colleges should resurrect the best Catholic civics and government courses published in the 1930s-1950s.

  10. Fran Gunning
    2 years ago

    What a wonderful article Father Peter Irving. You said everyting that needed to be said.
    This is a very sad time for the United States of America and the World. We Catholics, and
    there ae plenty of us, should bind together and speak out about what is so terrible wrong
    with the ideals of Obama. How dare he interfere with our Christian faith? Joe Biden who is
    presumably a Catholic, plus so many other who back him should be excommunicated from
    the Catholic Church, because they are not Christian or Catholic, since they all support
    abortion. I am horrified that the Church did not speak out at the Masses and tell the peopl
    like the lady in the article who is a Eucherist Minister and said if I vote for Oboma and go to
    hell, so be it! Stop her working in the Church and perhaps contaminating others. Get her
    out. I know we all need to pray and this is our only hope. My prayer, I never ask for
    anything but always say in advance of what I am looking for "Thank you God for converting
    Barack Obama" It has worked for me when I had cancer and got six months to love. I said
    "Thank you God for healing me' and He did, so lets all say that "Thank you God prayer" it works!

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