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SATURDAY HOMILY: We voted for mammon and rejected God. Comments

On Tuesday, November 6, we faced as a nation a "God or mammon" choice of mammoth proportions. In the most consequential election of our history, the majority of Americans voted for mammon and rejected God. Continue Reading

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  1. Angela Wadsworth
    2 years ago

    Hello My Dear Catholic Brothers and Sisters:

    I so enjoyed your articles and following comments. I too as a Christ follower am so sad. My wonderful Catholic friends all voted for Life and the Protection of Marriage. Many many of my evangelical Christian friends did not vote at all as they felt that Romney's Mormonism is a cult. I am so sad that many Christians are so uninformed. My recent friend told me that the Democratic party is for abortion but Obama is not. I tried to explain to her his voting for the death of a baby that is born alive after an abortion and twice he argued in the Senate to make sue the baby dies and is not given any life support to live.

    I am thankful for you all taking a stand in your churches and without. I just wish the Evangelical pastors took a stand and openly explained to their congregations about the sins that they all voted to put into place.

    I know that God has a plan and He is still in control. I am praying for God to use me to bring others to Christ and to spread the Love of God and Christ and His previous blood.

    Please don't give up the fight. We will fight along side of you in the world and on our knees. We love you all.

    Angela, Your Christian Sister in St Louis

  2. Fr. G. Peter Irving III
    2 years ago

    To Father Ballecer:

    First, I did not say America has to be "won back" from anyone or anything. Second, I am convinced that God will bring good out of the tragedy of November 6, 2012 because He is the Lord of history. Third, no one can deny that President Obama is an abortion extremist, a supporter of militant homosexualism and an enemy of religious liberty as defined by our Constitution. To say this is not a political statement. It has nothing to do with the political categories of "liberal" or "conservative." It has everything to do with good and evil, right and wrong. How any informed Catholic could find these words divisive and offensive confounds reason.

    St. Ignatius of Loyola, who along with the first members of the Company of Jesus vowed to fight against falsehood and vice under the emblem of Christ, wrote in a foundational document of the Society to which you belong, "We must put aside all judgment of our own, and keep the mind ever ready and prompt to obey in all things the true Spouse of Christ our Lord, our holy Mother, the hierarchical Church."

    Now these are words which every Catholic, Jesuit or not, should be very happy to live by.

    Oremus pro invicem!

    Fr. G. Peter Irving III

  3. Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ
    2 years ago

    As a Catholic Priest in good standing with the Church and a life-long Catholic, I am saddened by your words.

    YOU, dear brother, represent the spirit of divisiveness in this country. YOU represent the growing antagonism between conservatives and liberals, BOTH of which voted their conscious.

    May you find the good in this election. May you see that American doesn't need to be "won back" from anybody. May you listen to the movement of the Spirit and learn to build bridges instead of fences.

    Fr. Robert

  4. DLL
    2 years ago

    Catholics are faced with two perspectives,a political one,or a religious one. Only one who takes their faith seriously would be able to make a good politically based decision. Unfortunately politics has become a source of pollution rather than a solution,when the only choice is the lesser of two evils. I am convinced that the wrong choice was made as far as the presidential election was concerned because religious freedom is endangered. The number of lies spun in this campaign by the winner of the election alarms me. Rhetoric without much if any truth,was the hallmark of the campaign,by the winning party. Romney/Ryan were gentlemen who handled themselves with dignity. Times have changed. The nation is one that wants to believe what ever is more likely to serve its own sets of special interests. The one spending the most on their political choices is the winner. The Church must see to it that it is separate from state influences that would force it to do what is the Abomination,immoral marriages. The Church must serve God just like the early Apostles did even if persecution means,death is the end result. The Church is perceived to be big business,it is not,it is and must be the source of the new evangelization. To quote St.Francis," preach the gospel and if necessary use words". The Church is known by the way the members of it act. The person of Faith must live it. The politically inclined people are just trying to get what it is that they want. The Church is Sanctuary for the preservation of God's most Holy Laws that must never be compromised. The Church must always act rightly and justly. Christ is the same yesterday,today and forever. Politics just try at best to satisfy the various storms of discontent. It was politics that condemned Christ to death on the cross. For this reason all must want a separation of Church and state. If the Church must not dictate to the State,the State must not dictate to the Church either. We cannot serve both God and Mammon,that is what separation of Church and state really means. That to me is the real sense of religious freedom. That is why our country was formed in the first place. The state is tyrannical and abusive especially in the instances that concern religious freedom. Deliberately in this past election,the political spin was successful in confusing and masking religious freedom,confusing it so that it seemed that religion was against women's rights. It was a pathetic campaign to witness,the expense of it socially and financially is an abomination.

  5. Fr. G. Peter Irving III
    2 years ago

    Glenn J: From your post in which you quote me: "This is the choice that is ever before us in a myriad of ways both large and small. And there is no sitting on the fence. If we hate one, we will love the other." seems to suggest that I must hate Obama to love God. Is that what we're to believe? If it's not the intended message, please clarify.

    No. You are reading way too much into what I said. Perhaps your eyes skipped over the part where I said we must pray for the President that he be converted. We must not hate him or anyone. But, if we have any conscience at all, we must hate the abortion holocaust which Obama glibly champions and all the other evil policies he has been pursuing and will continue to pursue with even greater determination.

  6. Fr. G. Peter Irving III
    2 years ago

    Neo: I don't follow your logic. I read your post several times but I had difficulty understanding your argument.

    One thing is true. Mammon in the Bible does mean, strictly speaking, money or wealth. Although in the Gospel passage it is mentioned in the context of this statement of Jesus: "No servant can serve two masters." The key here is servitude. Whom will you serve? God or something other than God? One cannot serve both.

    On November 6, 2012, 52% of the electorate (many did not vote) voted, wittingly or unwittingly for the President and an agenda which aggressively promotes the killing of the unborn (that's a whole lot of mammon right there for Big Abortion), the perversion of same sex 'marriage' (sic) (a whole lot of mammon bought Obama's supposed evolution on that issue) and the unconstitutional suppression of religious liberty (the HHS mandate will fine the Church a whole lot of mammon if it fails to comply with this unjust law). It is for this reason I said they voted for mammon, i.e., they voted for servitude (enslavement) to a corrupt leader who is literally hell bent on opposing God and all that is decent, good and just.

  7. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Paul-Emile Leray: God Bless You in your endeavors! Your letter hit my soul with "goose bumps". Your thoughts were my thoughts exactly, resounding through my body. It was indeed A Spirit filled experience!

    Rob, and Bill Sr., and others of like thought: How True, How True. You spoke my sentiments exactly! It is not enough for us to say our world has changed of the WWii era, or our own era, but it even has changed within the last ten years! And to watch it, is pain and suffering to me, as I, a Member of Christ's Body, endure a breath of the Passion. I am alone in Silent thoughts...yet not alone. Blessings

    Father: This article was Astounding! I enjoyed it to the max. You articulated words that were my thoughts, and said that them Much Much better than I. Thank you Father.

  8. alexandra
    2 years ago

    Andrew. I disagree. these people do NOT KNOW what Obama stands for and that he really is a horrible murderous human being.

  9. JVelarde
    2 years ago

    Thank you, father, for your wonderful homily. I know I heard the message on catholic radio and from our wonderful priest. Would that this message could have been preached from every pulpit in this Christian Nation before the election. Sadly, our government has put a strangle hold on free speech and nobody seems to care.

    Mammon is money, but the sin is not money or wealth. It is greed. And like all other sins, it is a selfish disobedience of God's moral laws.

    Yes, greed can be said to be a problem of the rich, but it is also a problem of the poor. Anyone looking for the "free" stuff from the government is being selfish. Yes, I said it. It is not for the government to redistribute funds. It is not for the government to decide who can succeed or to limit that success.

    More importantly, it is the responsibility of a government to defend the lives and freedoms of it's citizens. ALL OF THEM. It is wrong to take the precious gift of life of one, for the selfish desires of another.

    I pray that my fellow Catholics and Hispanics will wake up and start to pay attention to what the political parties promote. None is perfect, but some are worse than others for sure.

  10. Fox Lonestar
    2 years ago

    Beautiful article, Father. When I heard the election results, I felt hurt (not as much as when I heard the results in 2008), but I figured that this country would go down this path once again. To me, God has a plan, and the reason this man is our president is part of it. When Pilate presented Jesus Christ before the Jews (violently scourged, a crown of thorns upon his head with a purple cloak and reed in his hand, spit upon and bruised from buffets by his captors), Pilate said, "Here is your King, the King of the Jews." And the majority of the Jews cried back, "We have no king but Caesar!" And to remember that they preferred to release a violent murder back into society over the savior of the world...well, I really don't have to reiterate the voting record and constant constituents of the man elected to make that parallel. This country chose mammon over Christ, added by a political "Sanhedrin" and a zealotous media (scribes).

    However, I have to note especially that the Catholic Church in America isn't without blame here somewhere. The Church has put itself in bed with radical leftists many times - one such organization was ACORN; collecting money for these organizations is counter to our teachings. Likewise, many urban renewal organizations that the Church works with, such as the Industrial Areas Foundation, are given money from the Church to train "community leaders/organizers", from teachings from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." For those who don't know, Saul Alinsky dedicated this book to Lucifer, specifically because "he challenged the system, and in the end, he won himself a kingdom." Alinsky's close friend was a Jesuit priest back in the 30s, and despite their intended good work in helping the disadvantaged, it's discouraging that the Catholic Church gives money to groups like this, especially when such groups give that money to fund abortions and such overseas, like in China.

    My sources? Check out the websites of Dallas Area Interfaith or the Allied Communities of Tarrant (the organization's main location is the Catholic Charities of the Fort Worth Diocese) and see who funds them. IAF is short for Industrial Areas Foundation. Then search wikipedia for info on who IAF is. Saul Alinsky is recognized as the founder. You can then read up on his bio if you wish. I've already given you the relevant portion.

    It's not that I want to throw cold water on all of this, but something needs to change in the Catholic Church: more oversight, more involvement from the clergy with the laity, a greater level of shame to be in line with the teachings when partaking of sacraments, etc. When I read that an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist doesn't care about going to hell, it doesn't tell me that Obama told her to feel that way; it tells me that her priest or bishop isn't doing enough to emphasize that our faith is more than a feel-good, help-people culture. There has to be more emphasis on confession and the Eucharist, the real presence of Christ in this world and in our lives. Otherwise, the sacred ground of our churches merely become a building on a plot of land, and the Eucharist becomes a wafer of bread that someone tells us is Christ's body. If our clergy struggle to emphasize this, then the laity will struggle to realize it.

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