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Ron Paul goes Cassandra Comments

Ron Paul weighed in on the fiscal cliff yesterday, issuing a grim prognosis saying the country has already gone over the cliff.  Continue Reading

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  1. Cade Foster
    2 years ago

    Ron Paul is America's modern-age oracle, as shown by his multi-decade consistent stances on economic issues, US bloated/hypocritical foreign policy, erosion of civil liberties ... to say the least.

    Obama/Romney represented the establishment's duo option, served to the citizenry to make them think they had a choice but the USA citizenry has not had a real choice at the ballot for quite a while; Re: real issues such as opaque Federal Reserve, foolish portions of foreign policy, fiat versus hard currency, Austrian versus Keynesian economics paradigms, etc.

    One problem is the "sheeple" like intellectual stance adopted by a broad cross section of the American citizenry when it comes to judgement of political candidates, leading to general acceptance of politicians that have a well known flip-flop character as well as having little conviction. Ron Paul, with his admirable supply of conviction during his multi-decade stances while being a congressman, may well have been America's last hope.

  2. Austrian Truth
    2 years ago

    For those who doubt the prophet status of Ron Paul, please watch those two videos. Joe Scarborough is absolutely stunned at Paul's specific and detailed explanation of what would happen with the Fed's housing bubble involving Fannie and Freddie - back on the House floor in 2003. He also made the same detailed prediction in 2001 on the House floor. Check out both of the videos to see his accurate predictions on other issues like how there was not actually WMDs in Iraq or how the two parties would unite to crush the people on civil liberties, too.

    Let's just say that if anyone has bet against Paul's predictions, then they have lost a lot of money.

  3. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    I just want to correct one thing, at this time. Ron Paul is NOT a T Party favorite and never was. His son Rand Paul is, but not his father. Ron Paul, while seeming to be good with the Constitution and Federal Reserve debachles, he is totally clueless regarding foreign affairs. I thank him for his service but I am glad he is retiring. He could have influenced his supporters to get out and vote, even tho he was no longer a candidate, but he didn't. Hence, we have 4 more years of a Marxist Muslim and his comrades and Ron Paul and his supporters are very much part of the reason. God bless.

  4. Sara DeVine
    2 years ago

    Ron Paul is, of course, right. That's precisely why no one voted for him. They don't want to deal with reality.

  5. Nick
    2 years ago

    Ron Paul was always the smartest and prescient man on the stage of the GOP primaries. Lobbies and foreign banking interests shut him down through the media. His son, Rand Paul, is the future of the GOP.

  6. Robert C
    2 years ago

    "While some foreign presence and international activity is necessary, along with a reasonable safety net, at some point our nation crossed from necessary to wasteful."

    Before we ask if something is "necessary" vis a vis the authority of the U.S. government, we need to ask whether the thing is "constitutional." We should next ask whether it is wise, and whether it respects Natural Law/Rights and the principles of subsidiarity. (In fact, there is an argument that an action with violates the constitution is ispso facto immoral as Catholics are obliged to respect civil laws which are consistent with the Natural Law; and I'd say the Constitution qualifies).

    The so-called (national) safety-net is almost entirely unconstitutional, it is economically unwise, it disrespects Natural Rights/Law, it fosters a society of corruption, apathy, dependence and sloth, it fosters a society which holds government above the Church and makes mandatory tax-funded welfare the enemy of voluntary charity, and it completely dispresects subsidiarity.

    The same can be said of most of our military adventures: unconstitutional, unwise, anti-Natural Law, and down right diabolical.

    The question of "necessisity" is practically Machievellian, and we should quit asking it all together. Perhaps an all powerful dictator could be deemed "necessary" too?

    Catholics should've ditched the vapid slogans of the Gingrichs and Santorums, and opened their ears to the deeper philosophical message Ron Paul was talking about.

    Alas, the emperor reigns for another four years.

  7. J_Lund
    2 years ago

    God bless this man... he has been speaking truth to power for his whole life. We should have listened to him. By 2020 the debt will likely exceed 30 trillion. The interest on the debt plus defense will account for the entire GDP of the nation. Forget about entitlements, forget about ANY safety net. America, you are so stupid. It's simple math! WE ARE BANKRUPT!!!

    I'm going to start learning Mandarin and intend to welcome our new Chinese overlords!

    huān yíng huí dào měi guó!!!!!

  8. Daniel
    2 years ago

    This great man has been right all these years, while our media made him out to be an ol looney. I personally want to see ausarity measures in place, I'm a father of two wife lost her job and I make 40k yet Obama thinks I make too much money. The government has done nothing but take from us.

  9. Heather
    2 years ago

    I'm sad that the RP got manipulated by the media to ignore this man. He would have been an outstanding president that many liberals would have voted for.

  10. scott
    2 years ago

    Dr. Paul has been a prophet on many issues.Its to bad he was marginalized by the G.O.P.
    and main stream media,because in my opinion he was by far the best canidate to get us out of this mess.His appeal was far and wide and his message of limited goverment and personal liberty was the prescription we needed.

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