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Ron Paul goes Cassandra Comments

Ron Paul weighed in on the fiscal cliff yesterday, issuing a grim prognosis saying the country has already gone over the cliff.  Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rob: Why am I NOT surprised that you would react to my post as you did? I expected it. And I will probably get more of the same from people who have your political persuasions. The truth is not usually appreciated. I have said many times, I do not believe in political correctness. Jesus said "Let your no be no and your yes be yes." "The truth will set you free." There is nothing wrong in calling a Marxist a Marxist, a Socialist a Socialist, a Communist a Communist, etc. The problem is with the people that can't see it, won't see it, or worse yet, support it. If it turns people away from the GOP, then so be it. They were not true conservatives to begin with. And, for sure, it is not going to sway a Marxist, etc to turn away from that political persuasion anyway. It is quite apparent that we are two Americas now. We have the God fearing America and we have a self-worshiping America that doesn't want anything to do with God. The DNC convention proved it. Of course, God still loves everyone, no matter who they are and He always will. That's why He sent Jesus. He wants no one to perish. But some people WILL perish. Our Blessed Mother told the children at Fatima that souls fall into Hell like snowflakes. You are absolutely right. The only ones that can change things is ourselves and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Being a just and merciful God, He will deal with us appropriately. Prepare! God bless.

  2. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Carl: Thank you for your post. The best defense is to know who your enemy is and be ready AT ALL TIMES. I suggest the same thing to you. Educate yourself about the Islam world then get back to me. I am not talking about forcing our culture on the whole world, I am talking about being ready for those whose sole purpose in life is to destroy the US and Israel and build a world-wide caliphate. RP denies this fact. He blames all the trouble with Islam on America which cannot be further from the truth. You do not help a scorpion cross the river and expect him not to bite you in the process. God bless.

  3. Carl
    2 years ago

    Dr. Paul has spoken truth to power for decades now. He fully understands and advocates Natural Law, likewise Just War theory. JoAnn, it is perplexing you challenge his foreign policy when it was once America's stance to be non-intervening. It has NEVER been Dr. Paul's assertion that we blissfully ignore evil in the world - rather, that we follow our Constitution's principles, and recognize the sovereignty of other nations.

    War has become the business of the state - and the Republican party better come to grips with the notion that it cannot insist upon the willfull manipulation of other nations and simultaneously claim the mantle of morality.

    It is clear from his writings and interviews, voting record and debate performances, Dr. Paul correctly understands what St. Augustine identified as "libido dominandi". It is this hubris which is so wildly in control of U.S. government today, which may likely mean our undoing as a nation.

  4. Rob
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, believe it or not, but I think that type of verbage said about the president does more to turn people off than a poor GOP candidates. So much focus trying to tear Obama down that the GOP forgot they actually had to have a workable platform for everyone. Calling Obama a marxist really isn't an idea to move the country forward and I strongly believe it's the primary reason that he won.

    Whether we want to admit it or not, not all Americans want to be Christian. This is not the fault of the media, the government, or the parties. This is our fault. In the manner I have seen the president torn down over the past 4 years by people who are professed christians who are supposed to love their neighbor as themselves, I can see why people are not attracted to our message, not to mention, given the election results, running the other way. Christ's message was always one of invitation...leave all the sheep to save the one. Our's as of late seems to be just eject those bad sheep from the building. We don't want them. God loves all his children, even the ones we struggle with....even Obama, regardless of what he supports or doesn't.

    Seems the only people that Jesus was ever angry with were the religious folks, who like us as of late, seem more concerned with some sort of pure catholic then actually trying to save souls. No matter what laws Caesar passes, when we are totally Christ's, it really won't matter. Nothing will shut an abortion clinic down faster than no one walking through the doors. And we do not need the government to make that happen. That has always been within our power to do.

  5. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: Hi, my friend. Missed you too. It was not only the GOP. It was the RP supporters, Evangelicals with a bias against Mormonism, 51% of Catholics AND people that voted for a 3rd party or wrote a name in, have a lot to do with it. I also believe the Rino establishment lost the senate seat for Missouri. I hope all these people are happy with their choices. We "ain't seen nuttin' yet." What is going to come out of Obama and this administration now will take our breaths away. We, that know what is coming down the pike are probably already prepared or almost prepared. The others above are not going to know what hit them. My Bible study is going great. We just finished up with the 7 seals and starting on the 7 trumpets next. Of course, the Church's interpretation of Revelation has to do with the judgements on Jerusalem/Israel back then. But since Revelation and the whole Bible, for that matter, is timeless, it is also referring to the end times. I wish we were able to communicate by our e-mails. I did call CO and asked them to give you my e-mail address, but they refused. Maybe, if you call they would reconsider. I told them it was for you only, but they were still leery. Judy, are you reading Revelation along with me? If, so, what did you think of the 7 letters to the 7 churches? Couldn't you see what is happening today, in each and every one of the churches? Especially, Laodicea? God bless.

  6. judy claar
    2 years ago this article he might be, or is, probably right. Isn't it sad! And as for sagacity Pete Brady, yes, he does have Some wisdom. But not God's wisdom. JoAnn, I think it is a sin? so many Rep. stayed home and did not vote. (His sagacity was not at work not telling Rep. to vote).
    What a mess! JoAnn, Tell me about your Bible study...I've been praying for you and missing you. Sunday Blessings...

  7. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Austrian Truth: While I appreciate your passion for RP, I'm sorry, but I believe that you and other supporters of RP did this country a great injustice by not voting this anti-life, anti-God, anti-American, anti-Bible, anti-capitalist, Muslim communist out of office. By not exercising your greatest privilege in this country, you have betrayed your country and your fellow countrymen.. I was against the Iraq war and so was our late Holy Father JPII. I am an Independent voter, always have been. I am registered Republican because I want my voice heard in the Primary Elections also. I am in my 70's, have been through quite a few elections, a lot of history of our country and have been sick and tired of having to hold my nose and vote AGAINST someone instead of FOR someone. The last decent president we have had was Ronald Reagan. I am a history buff and I have to say (with love and respect) that you need a good history lesson, especially regarding the Arab world. RP has no idea what they are capable of. If he does, he does not convey that to the voting electorate. The Arab nation has been a thorn in the side of the whole world (especially the Jews) for millenniums. Read about the crusades, read about the Ottoman Empire, read about the trouble our founding fathers, especially, Thomas Jefferson had with them. Some excellent references would be "What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur'an" by William Federer. It is a history of Islam and the United States. Mr. Federer is a nationally known speaker and Islam historian. Also, another wonderful reference is "The Catholic Church's Resonse to Islam" by Msgr. Michael Witt. He is a well known speaker and the best (my opinion) regarding Church history. After you have checked these references out, you can get back to me regarding the rest of your post. That way, you will be more enlightened on what this country is up against regarding Islam and we can have a more intelligent conversation. Until then, happy research. God bless.

  8. solly gratia
    2 years ago

    Ron Paul is right on foreign policy issues as well. Do you believe the US government who want to continue building and using their military, while dragging the US ever deeper into international committments that only stir up more problems, and deeper into debt. They continually spread misinformation about what the rest of the world is up to, and most Americans are so insulated from RoW they have no idea it is not true. Cui Bono! Cui Bono!!

  9. Austrian Truth
    2 years ago


    Ron Paul is the clueless person on foreign policy, despite being one of the handful of Republicans to vote against the Iraq War? Why did he specifically say that Iraq did not have WMDs and vote against the war, unlike what the rest of the neo-con talk radio and foxnews types, not to mention virtually every Republican, had to say about it while joining with the Hillary Clintons of the world? How was he so right while people like you were so wrong?

    Also, Paul correctly predicted that eventually the muslim nations would overthrow the CIA backed puppet regimes because of blowback to our intervention, and we have already seen that taking place in Egypt and a number of other nations. He also said our intervention would lead to far bigger problems, and both Libya and Syria are currently receiving US taxpayer dollar backed aid despite strong links to Al Queda. The Obama foreign policy is no different from what neo-cons advocate! In fact, we are basically spreading feminism as our main mission in Afghanistan in complete agreement with Hillary, and all we accomplished in Iraq was to radicalize the region and make Iran far more powerful while forcing the Christians who had once been safe to flee because of persecution.

    The Wilsonian intervention that neo-cons have advocated has blown up in the face of the GOP politically directly leading to Obama winning, not to mention the civilians in the mid east. Obama is consistently attacking civilians with drone strikes, and continuing the policy of Clinton and W of sanctions against supposed enemies that strongly affect the civilians.

    It wasn't Ron Paul's fault that his supporters such as myself stayed home - it wouldn't have mattered what Ron said because we saw voter fraud, the GOP breaking their own rules repeatedly at state conventions, the GOP not allowing Paul delegates to be seated to the point that the active governor of Maine refused to attend the convention, hatred for him on talk radio and foxnews worse than what was given to Obama, the media and GOP censoring him to the point that Jon Stewart had to make it an issue, etc - and you dare to blame Paul instead of the GOP and neo-cons who trashed him and cheated his supporters?

    You should be blaming the GOP, talk radio, foxnews, etc for the horrible way they treated Ron Paul and his followers - I actually changed my registration to an independent over the whole issue and stayed home on election day. You also blame the idiotic party for trying to nominate a gun banner and abortion advocate from just a few years ago as a Republican who had the exact same views on foreign policy, economics, the role of government, the size of government, etc as Obama! Just like with the Wilsonian foreign policy that you favor, your party needs to learn that behavior has consequences.

    The above link is a source showing exactly how smart the people who disagreed with Paul over the years have been. Keep in mind that when it comes to economics, the same GOP laughing at Paul over foreign policy once did the exact same thing about the federal reserve and its role in the economy up until the last few years. They will be dragged kicking and screaming into the truth on foreign policy as well.

  10. Pete Brady
    2 years ago

    Is it now perhaps "too little, too late" to recognize the sagacity of Ron Paul?

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