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Guest Opinion: America's Short History: Are We Nearing The End? Comments

Throughout history, nations have been constructed and nations have fallen.  America is still new.  Is the time coming for America? Continue Reading

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  1. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Darn Good Article! Now, what can we do about it? Blessings...

  2. Joseph
    2 years ago

    To Nikolai,
    I take your point and I understand and share your concern but I don't think talking about America 'coming to an earthly end' is either rational or sensible. America will not come to an end, it will change, evolve, develop, as part of the ongoing life process. Some of those changes will be positive, some negative, our task is to try to maximize the positive and minimize the negative. I believe this can be carried out more effectively by concerned but rational, focused analysis and debate, in line with the core principles of Catholicism - Faith and Reason.

  3. Wes Lisitza
    2 years ago

    @Nikolai: Don't take this the wrong way, but I have to say that you are very naive. A lot of people in this country are not lazy just because they are on welfare. Lazy is a term that is a very slippery slope; it's accusatory, as it suggests that people don't lack ambition, but they willfully refuse to act upon it.

    I've worked with a lot of people in my life, for money and for charity. I've also helped a lot of poor people throughout this nation who struggle with the misconception that they're lazy. They don't have video games to play all day, or television shows to watch. There are people who struggle with mental issues that affect their ability to maintain a job, let alone have a family. I've already had 2 friends who have committed suicide, not because they were lazy, but because they couldn't find viable work in this economy to keep food on the table for their children.

    1 year ago, I lost my job, and I've been looking since then, so understand that I don't particularly like being called "lazy" for beating that pavement, getting interviews, but getting no callbacks. Companies tend to post jobs repeatedly when their not looking to employ, just get a quota for their HR department. It's discourage to find that after a month or two, the same job you've applied to and interviewed for is still up and open. Likewise, I've been to a lot of job fairs where people on welfare are looking for work from places that are hiring, places that are too far from where they live when most don't even own a car anymore - those people wouldn't appreciate some homeschooled teenager calling them lazy.

    And I recognize that not everybody is as well-intentioned as some - I used to work as a fraud investigator. I learned from that job that there's a small percentage of people in this world who work the system to their advantage, while the majority gets stereotyped and discriminated against. Trust me, you'll find this out when you're old enough to sign legal contracts.

  4. Steve
    2 years ago

    We have fallen from the great country our forefathers envisioned. But we need to look at ourselves before we blame other. We are all jealous of others who have more and or work less. The entitlement programs are probably out of control, the regulations are probably unintentionally to restrictive, and the government attempts to regulate the economy are failing. What can we do? Very few can start a business and many of those who can start or expand a business won't because there are easier more profitable ways to make money. It is not just the people on welfare who are lazy. We All are contributing to this problem. If businesses would create jobs there would be more people to buy their products. Henry ford realized this and create a car that anyone who worked building one could afford. When we send jobs to others countries who is going to buy those products. Less people can afford them.

  5. nikorb
    2 years ago

    To Joseph, specifically, but not exclusively:
    Yes, we must believe in God's providence. However, Jesus did not found the United States of America as His church. He never said "I will not let America die." Throughout history, many nations have died. It doesn't matter what God they believed would save them, they declined because of their own fault. I do believe that if it is God's will, then we will be saved. But, I don't know God's will for our country. So, through my perspective, I believe America may be coming to an earthly end.
    Let us be honest. America is practically a divided nation. And "A house divided will fall against itself", no?

  6. Debbie
    2 years ago

    It would be wonderful of those currently unemployed took a skill or interest and started a small business. Maybe this would go nowhere for some, but for others who knows? With the economy in such terrible shape finding a job, especially full time employment is difficult. Wages are very low and benefits are few, I'm not picking on employers, it is just the truth.

    Americans need to start building/producing again! We do this by one small business at a time. I understand the lack of incentive to accept a job, work hard and when you get your pay check there is not enough to make ends meet. This is what drove me to venture out on my own and start a small business doing something I love to do. I am building something, producing and trying to make a better future for me and my children. Will I succeed, I don't know, there are no guarantees. I do know this however, as a country we have to stop sitting around and waiting for someone to fix the problem. We are the, "Someone."

  7. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    I think we need to do a welfare reform and make it so that no welfare is given to any household unless every adult at that address is either working, volunteering, or in school, or a combination of the three that adds up to full time work. No more sitting around at home playing video games all day. I know there are people out there who are honestly trying to find work, and all these taxes are making it more difficult for businesses to hire people. Reform welfare, lower taxes, and get America working again.

  8. Paul Ben
    2 years ago

    The problem with the American people as with all human beings when they have everything handy, fast and are living in a comfortable environment with all the conveniences available even for low income people, they tend to take things for granted which leads to having them rely on others to do things for them and the more convenient, the better, the more of unaffordable things is OK since the attraction of new "gadgets" is luring and abolish reasoning. America reached its "First World" status through generations of hard working people, now, for this generation, it's time to reap. A consuming society that produces nothing and where people want everything for free and doesn't rely on God, but on politicians who are lying to have more power and control, ends up in History's garbage. And America is heading that way.

  9. abey
    2 years ago

    The statue of Liberty the very symbol of America beaconing the weary, poor etc is but seen in her, the cup overflowing with the blood of millions aborted, so how can she who kills her own be trusted to care for outsiders which does call her lie, but then can an idol ever tell the truth other than its own, to Guage its future.

  10. Tom Holmes
    2 years ago

    Great article

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