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Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah on the Presidential Election: Election, What Election? Comments

Therefore, I ask, "election, what election?" Not meaning that I do not pay attention to who is the President of America. Rather, meaning that it is not the results of an election that determine whether I have hope in the mercy of Christ. Continue Reading

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  1. Matt
    2 years ago

    AMEN!!! My prayer is that I will have the COURAGE OF FAITH to stand up for Christ the King. VIVO CRISTO REY!!!!

  2. Debbie
    2 years ago

    Father addresses an interesting or troublesome point, depending on your understanding, that the Church will strengthen, as well as shrink in times of trouble. Just for the sake of argument if the Presidential elections speak to the conscience of Catholics in the US, then the majority support the Democratic platform on: Abortion, and same sex marriage, etc. Based on such, it could be projected then that two outcomes are possible: The Catholic church in the US will continue to lose members that support the Democrat platform. I'm not so sure that will happen because that would include too many of our Bishops and Priests. The second, as our religious liberties continue to erode and limits increase on how Freedom of Religion will be exercised, it just could be those that do not support abortion, same sex marriage, etc., leave the church?

    It is sad because our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is so strong and clear in his messages and teaching on our faith across the board, but particularly on two topics : Marriage is between one man and one woman, and abortion is an intrinsic evil. I do believe Father is correct especially in the US that our church will strengthen and shrink, but in which direction?

  3. Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah
    2 years ago


    You seem to imply that we disagree; I don't think that is the case. I certainly am not suggesting that we pray and just sit around and do nothing else. My encouragement is that this is not a time of hopelessness--rather, we should realize that God can be merciful to us in ways we do not expect. That is why we should continue to pray for and expect mercy.

    Fr. Seraiah

  4. DLL
    2 years ago

    The World and all of its governments are displeasing to God. They are the same now as in the time of Jesus. These are the same extensions of the kinds of governments that condemned Jesus to death. Nothing has changed. Elections are power plays often to trick people into believing that government is a big huge sugar daddy,sitting atop of the rock candy mountain of illusive hope and dreams. The Incarnation is and always has been a source of hope for the faithful. Jesus is that Incarnation and only through Him is there salvation. Jesus is the one and only one pleasing to God,as He and the Father are one. Through Baptism and the most Holy Eucharist,the Liturgy of the word,all are saved for something greater than what any eye can see. Faith gives us all Spiritual insight into the greater good,life eternal,but all must be purified or salvation is no reality,because we are all dead in are sins,including our earthly and impure,willful governments. All must repent and do penance for their sins. All must learn to love as Christ loves. Faith is Love and without Love no one has any credibility. Even those who refuse to believe in God condemn any Christian that they think is severely lacking in the Love department. Any Christian that really loves is envied and adored. They become the Saints of the Church. We must as Christians be shining examples of generous ,loving and caring people or we will lose our religious freedoms,than only persecution forces,will define the Christian as a right wing to moderate sort of a nutcase,to be ignored by a self justifying itself constantly,version of government,that is todays "CULTURE OF DEATH".

  5. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    You can google a very nice song I found in the web "Heal our Land". It's a consoling song when Catholics seemed to be pressed against the wall by an intolerant majority. It gives hope that God will have mercy on us and give us relief.

  6. Spiritus Gladius
    2 years ago

    The end is nigh. It as, at the very least, 4 years closer than it was 3 days ago.

  7. abey
    2 years ago

    Democracy the so called best form of Governance which man has brought about with its core " Of appeasings & Indulgences" is seen unto the Corruptions, clearly reflecting that old Pagan & his Paganism, not in any way to the salvation to the purpose of this life. No wonder did Jesus say "My kingdom is not of this world".

  8. Eddie
    2 years ago

    My pastor explained that he can't endorse a candidate, but asked us to understand that we are accountable for which we permit... and to understand that as we vote... hopefully in accord with our values. I then note that the simplest statistics point to a sad reality; that many of faith compromised to support Obama with selective morality. I believe that this is a product of continuing failure in church leadership. The evils the church permits are as accountable as father said it is to the individual. I am ashamed of my church for not speaking up... yet again. This was a sad day on so many levels and the Catholic Church and other denominations of the Christian faith should pray for more proactive (not political... But at least proactive) leaders to play an active role. God gave us tools, talents, and we are expected to use them... not just sit and pray that all of this is part of a plan as you suggest. This was a total failure and the continued inaction by the church, as well as by Americans of faith, is as good as acceptance of the injustices that await to the born and unborn. My faith is strong in God. My faith in the church however is no longer there. Is the church scared to lose half its population by pointing out what's wrong? Aren't we supposed to act and pray for strength? Its as if you suggest to pray and hope it all gets better... without effort on your own part.

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