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Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah on the Presidential Election: Election, What Election? Comments

Therefore, I ask, "election, what election?" Not meaning that I do not pay attention to who is the President of America. Rather, meaning that it is not the results of an election that determine whether I have hope in the mercy of Christ. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    2 years ago

    Joe, I say ditto to your post. At the end of the day, Leadership of the church comes down on the shoulders of the Bishops and priests. I say the same thing. If their are Bishops and priests who will not come out and defend the unborn, they need to step down and go do something else. I am confident that Christ will replace them with good and holy people who will do the job. I pray that God will give them a "Pink Slip".

  2. believeroftheway
    2 years ago

    No it was easy to make a choice. President Obama will ensure that millions of more babies will be slaughtered in the USA and that homosexuality will become the new normal in our country.

  3. Linda Armijo
    2 years ago

    I agree with Fr. Seraiah that God will do what he will, in his Mercy, and just because we may not wish for the results we get, or understand His motives, doesn't mean we should not embrace them. It is possible that those who deny their faith and morality by supporting the most anti-LIFE president in history will re-think their evaluation once the consequences of their "choice" hits them fully. Maybe they will be converted. Maybe they will just become more selfish. Either way, all we can do is show an personally excellent example in ourselves. We must raise our children to be virtuous, and make sure we do not allow others to educate them for us in amoral universities. We must spread the word of those who have a personal history based on their own errors in judgement: those who were either aborted but lived, or those who regret having an abortion, and are willing to testify. If this means there are less true Catholics in church, so be it. Most importantly, we must empower our family, friends, and neighbors to be able to speak freely about faith and morality. We must end the fear of not being "PC". Be proud in faith! Here's why: If we cannot name our enemy, we cannot hope to defeat it. The false prophet M and his radical believers in Islam, in taking control of the world as they wish under the new Caliphate, will be worse than our country becoming a poor and third-rate nation. We as Americans must become one with our Christian neighbors around the world to fight this evil, and if we are ourselves morally bankrupt, God will not be with us.

  4. Simon
    2 years ago

    What is happening around the world today, is the fruit of the tree that we planted from the nurseries of liberals who made discipline a bad word, encouraged 'free thought' and 'do as thou wilst' in our children. Now those children are the government of the day, with the same irrational dogma for their people and their children. The sins of the fathers have come home to roost. Do not be deceived: The Father only anointed His flock with the Holy Spirit and therefore with the vision to recognize true evil. There are many who have not been so blessed and we see the effect of their loveless and greedy works more and more. Look at the irrational cost of a so-called free democratic election. Free? Those that are born in the Spirit are not troubled by what the deceivers do or say, for our Lord has made us a pledge that He will call everyone to account. As far as me and my house is concerned, we will continue to serve only the All mighty Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to the exclusion of all and everything else. We can only thank the Lord for our Vision and pray for those without it.

  5. Joe
    2 years ago

    All bishops and priets who will not stand up for our faith should resign. If they can not defend the unborn, how can we expect them to defend us from the dark one?

  6. I Larsen
    2 years ago

    My daughter goes to a Catholic high school here in LA. She was mercilessly bullied both at school and on social media for expressing support for Mitt Romney. A parent was even joining in a Facebook taunt against her! When I brought this to the attention of the principal he didn't seem all that concerned. Then found out that he is a liberal democrat as are many on staff! In religion class students discuss why they don't believe in God or organized religion. For this we pay $1300./mo in this miserable economy. She has been in Catholic school since 4th grade. I thought we were sending her to be taught about God and scripture. I have witnessed students making a mockery of the mass. Students are ridiculed if they don't support gay marriage and abortion. To be popular they have to hang with the kids who drink, use drugs and have sex. There are conservative kids but they stay in the shadows. My point is that perhaps we need to look within to find the problem.

  7. Rob
    2 years ago

    I believe we have two questions to ask: 1) Who's job is it primarily to affect the moral order of our society? (Is the government pushing the immoral or are they merely reflecting what a "free" people want?). 2) The scandal of not following up words with actions.

    In my humble opinion, it's the Church's job to affect the moral order in our country. And our credibility to do so was harmed greatly by the priest abuse scandals. I know as catholics we want to move past that, but the scandal that was created is going to take time. The nonbelieving public just isn't listening to us anymore. This tide will only be turned when people look at the church and its members and they see her teachings lived in the faithful. But today, sadly, they only see a mirror of the greater difference and as Chaput put it, an almost functional atheism.

    The GOP's biggest problem today is that actions do not follow their words. What we define as pro-life or fiscally conservative is very different from what actually is done in practice. We are told that the primary consideration for our vote is the issue of life. But somehow those running for office do not have the same priorities. The life issue is relegated to the back seat of policy because we need jobs right? Or we have to fight that war etc. So here we are 40 years after Roe v. Wade and while some strides have been made, no one with any honesty can say the GOP has taken this issue as their primary policy objective.

    So when we see exceptions being made on abortion, when a good catholic politician on national TV says that these exceptions are the policy of the administration he is agreeing to be a part of, and when adds begin running in stattes to soften the tone on abortion, message to voters....don't worry about this issue. We aren't going to do anything. So if a Catholic voters believes that no matter who wins the status quo remains, I fail to see how people can point fingers at them and say they are bad catholics. They voted their conscience, evaluated the facts, not as they wish them to be but as they are, and voted for president of our secular government....not the pope.

    As Christians we have the opportunity everyday to do something tangible to change the culture of death everyday. We can zealously ensure our families know their faith, not just the words but they see the love of our faith lived out. We can evangelize those around us by our life example and by loving them. We seem to be stuck on this approach that the only way to change the culture of death is from the top down.....why not the bottom up. I suspect that a changed culture who values life and loves their neighbor is going to have a much greater effect on the culture of death than a law. Planned Parenthood will shut down when no one uses their services.

    Or we can keep doing what we are doing and wonder what another 40 years of abortion will look like.

  8. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah does not seem to have a good definition of socialism. We are not on a road to socialism. There is plenty of good old capitalism still around. His understanding of communism seems to lack a sense of reality. Even China is not a communist country, although the one party that rules China is called communist.

    I found it interesting that when the Pope talked about his appointing new cardinals (none of the new cardinals are from the United States or Europe), he said the appointments were for the good of the whole Church. We are members of a world Church, although not yet aware of the reality of what this will mean for the future. Our future as a people is more dependent on what happens globally than it is to what happens in any one particular nation. So let us begin to pray not just for our country and local Church, but for the world and the whole Church.

  9. jason
    2 years ago

    60% of catholics voted for obama, and i bet 100% of you idiots will be receiving Holy Communion Sunday. SHAMEFUL, and you know who you are.

  10. Clinton
    2 years ago

    Dear Eddie,

    Please keep your faith in the Church -- it is Christ's after all. While the human institution of the "Church" will go through its ups and downs, the Church that is the divine Body of Christ cannot be defeated. It's just that, sometimes the victories come at the price of suffering, persecution, and martyrdom. Many of our brethren throughout the world are experiencing this today, and we are not immune. The worst thing we could do would be to despair of the Church, or think that there is some better alternative to Her. The Church and Christ are one. So let's work, pray, and endure, my brother, even when the world around us seems to be going insane. If we don't keep the faith, who will?

    - Clinton

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