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Fr. Chori Jonathin Seraiah on the Presidential Election: Election, What Election? Comments

Therefore, I ask, "election, what election?" Not meaning that I do not pay attention to who is the President of America. Rather, meaning that it is not the results of an election that determine whether I have hope in the mercy of Christ. Continue Reading

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  1. Therese Ann Lawton
    2 years ago

    Dear Father:
    Thank you for your encouraging words in a difficult time. Yes let's not forget the innocent victims of abortion. Yes let's pray for those who do not see the evil of their ways. Let's not forget other vulnerable groups targeted by their policies, the elderly, the sick elderly. Many of them are affraid they will be abandoned and denied medical care. The selfish generation that elected a president who will pay for their health care casts aside the elderly. They send them to nursing homes instead of taking them into their homes and caring for them as they were once provided for. These are the real tragedies of our society. The selfishness and sense of entitlement, the lack of responsibility and lack of love. Yes let's pray. We christians must protect the elderly. It is our duty.

  2. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Politics was a lot more dirtier more than > 40 years ago! Check history. Check the first Catholic that ran for office. Check the Prohibition years. Just speaking of small civil authorities in the '60s and before, wife and child beating was permissible...mostly. By that I mean, there were no laws on the books addressing that issue, and most people just turned their heads and looked the other way. A lot of good has been done. Equality is another one. I knew it where I was growing up in Ca., but others in different parts of the country did not. So, if we investigated the laws on the books since the '60s, some things have indeed changed for the better. God has always been with us. Blessings...

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, I strongly believe that only when the work in the Church is done, do we have any hope of changing the culture. 40 years of politics has virtually accomplished nothing.

  4. Celia
    2 years ago

    Well said Father God does work in mysterious ways & I hope & prayer for the best for all.

  5. Joe
    2 years ago

    Vance, Thank you for your comment. I wish there were a way that we could do something about it. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe this web site could offer ideas?

  6. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Father Seriah sounds like my mom. Naturally your words Father are True. One just has to review Church history, or read the Bible and words of the Holy Saints. In saying this, I mean to show in what way you lead us in Faith, Trust, Truth and Humility. You put our situation into a holy perspective for us. A humbling one.

    However, there are also those of us who can understand and relate with your words of wisdom,
    while at the same time feel the Spirit wanting to act; to do something within the Church, that leaves a person hot and not lukewarm in their Faith. In their Values. In living their Catholic lives as True Examples. Truly we feel the Call to prayer. Now we wait for what Our Lord has in store. Blessings...

    Taking your views of prayer and mercy, and God's Will, then joining those thoughts with an active and Guided Catholic Spirit, would seem good to me. Blessings Everyone...

  7. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Tom McGuire: Good for our Holy Father for Not choosing someone from EU who is mostly dead to the Faith. The U.S. follows not far behind, except for a few...and we need them! Liberalism changing to Socialism, with Communism perhaps not far behind. Pope Benedict needs to choose Real Shepherds.We do have some as I said, but we need them! Blessings...

  8. Carl
    2 years ago

    Eddie, I understand the tone of your frustration. And I do not totally disagree - the Church has a marketing opportunity. We saw this in response to the sexual abuse scandals which rocked the Church. And yet again, with this most-recent election. The Church must readily point to and acknowledge evil, even when that evil is contained within.

    One of the most-enlightenting homilies I have heard in our current parish dealt with the Church and its opposition to abortion. Our leadership on pro-life advocacy must be rooted in our love for one another; we will never defeat this evil with our own hatred for it. No, it is our love of life, rooted in our Father, which will ultimately win over evil. We likewise cannot defeat statism and its co-opting of social justice with hatred for the state. Instead, our own good works and love for our neighbor will defeat this belief in secular solutions.

    Lastly, we must all look to the USCCB for their leadership. Being one with the Body, we must also hold our bishops to account. I have been hopeful this election season that the USCCB will see the secular progressives for what they are, and reject their platform in toto.

  9. Walter Welborn
    2 years ago

    My friends in Central America told me in 07 we have it easy, only to vote for the lesser of two evils. Killing babies, same sex marriage, not wanting to have children all against God. Pro life, male and female marriage, wanting children, for God. The other thing is either keeping God in our Country are not. My decision was made on wanting God and what He wants ! JMJ

  10. Esther M Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    Beautifully written article Fr. C. I just take issue point. And that was the statement where you pointed out NEITHER man was qualified. I think I can safely say? At least w.Mr. Romney, we would have HAD our religious freedoms unattacked. There would be lesser abortions as to the withdrawl of support to PPH and the overseas monies for abortions. There is more..... He would NOT HAVE allowed this man marrying man and woman marrying woman business to now be possibly be determined as a law for the entire nation.

    I am deeply disturbed as to the number of Catholics who are just Catholic in name. And they have chosen to side via their vote w.a NON GOD BELIEVING MAN in Obama.YES, there s sufficient evidence to believe this is so....... As Jesus so stated. Chpt/Verse not sure. BUT He said when 'the I return will there be any who are for me left? One of YOU?' I know I parapharsed this but its the general meaning. I am so ashamed of AMERICANS, that they would act as Judus, for a few dollars of cash, they slapped Christ, and his Church in the face...............................As to 'Jesus Mercy?'/. That has been the rallying cry at all Liturgys of my Cathoic Byzantine Faith since I can recall as a small child..... On my parents headstone my mother selected the words 'My Jesus Mercy'. w.the Byzantine cross under the words....she did this in 1965 when her father died, and she and dad selected their stone ahead of time.....This 'My Jesus Mercy' also rests on my grandparents stone , which lays next to my parents. SO NOW more than ever when I sit in the pew at Litgury and 'My Jesus Mercy' along w. crys for it never to cease, and the incense raising up to heaven carrying this cry for mercy. I shall see America, as she was, not as she is NOW. Socialist. leading to Communisim. FOR SURE. "My Jesus Mercy'. Let the persecution start at full throttle, for it shall.

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