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Death of the Republican Party. Republican autopsy and why the race was lost Comments

As Republicans autopsy the election, they are learning just where and how their campaign to elect Mitt Romney went wrong. So far, very few analysts seem to agree, but there are some eyebrow raising numbers. Continue Reading

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  1. kathleen
    2 years ago

    Dan is so right! How could anyone vote for Obama? It seems that the election reflects in part the deterioration of society. Also, what is all of this talk about the white vote, the black vote,etc.? I would never vote for someone based on their race. This article seems to admit that many people in this nation do that, but if so, it's wrong. In what way does Obama;and other politicians like him, appeal to a God-fearing person? It's like people have blinders on or something.... I have so much more to say about this, but Dan already made very good points. This article said the party needs to move towards the center-but no-we all need to turn to God. ( I do agree we need to abolish the death penalty; including the one imposed on the unborn). We all need to keep praying and turning our eyes to our Heavenly Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit-first for salvation, and also for guidance all through this life on earth, and then in to Heaven.

  2. John
    2 years ago

    As an American Latino I see our country through clear eye glasses and without blinders. I embrace diversity, I respect others difference without prejudice. I believe if you work hard play by the rules you will be successful in whatever you want to do. I teach my children these same values. Lately what I see is disturbing. I see comments that if you’re poor, minority, democrat that you are lazy. You or your parents made bad decisions and this is why you are poor. That these same people suck the country dry drawing food stamps, pay no taxes and are entitled. That your a cafeteria Catholic, That these same groups of people don’t know the meaning of work or don’t want to work. We want a free phone, and we are in line waiting on the next handout. To me this is ignorant and shameful period. This Organaztion is Fox news for Catholics. The most misinformed viewers in the nation. These same examples are the reason the Latinos voted for the President: We think you hate us, they think we are lazy; we think that when you look at us, all you see is an undocumented or entitlement tick. Keep talking; we hear what you’re saying. I am American first and foremost third generation and I love my culture too. If you mobilize the Latino vote. It is the largest minority group, 52 million people (2011 census) which make up 16% of the total population. Latinos will reach 30% 132 Million by 2050. The Republican party is made up of old, white hating anyone differn't then them. Change your base or contine ue to lose the race. Neither side is Pro-life so dont fool yourself.

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    I do agree with the author's premise regarding the GOP's failure to appeal to minorities. A simple look at the shots from the two conventions tells that tale. But I think the author has missed something. I think they completely underestimate the number of people who have stopped taking the GOP seriously in regards to social issues. These guys couldn't even get out of the election before they started waffling. Message to voters: these issues are props. And if the only economic message they have is tax cuts, tax cuts and tax cuts, that appears to be a losing proposition as well.

    Personally, I think if the GOP would have allowed Romney to be himself, he would have won that election. And I think Church leaders would be well advised to do some serious soul searching about the condition of faith formation in their flocks. Sometimes I wish they put half as much energy into adult faith formation as they have into politics. We all might be better off for it.

  4. Marianna
    2 years ago

    From “In the Voting Booth, A Catholic Perspective” (Our Sunday Visitor, at, applying principles of USCCB:

    “If no single party or candidate in a given election conforms to our key Catholic principles, what are we to do? It is clear that one absolutely may not vote for a ‘candidate who takes a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, such as abortion or racism, if the voter’s intent is to support that position’ (Faithful Citizenship USCCB 34). But neither can one use a candidate’s opposition to such evils ‘to justify indifference or inattentiveness to other important moral issues involving human life or dignity’ (FC 34). There may be times when a voter selects a candidate who holds an unacceptable position, but this can be done only for ‘truly grave moral reasons,’ not just for partisan or personal interests. It may involve the prudential judgment that one candidate seems likely to do less harm or is more likely to pursue other positive priorities. If, for a grave reason, we do vote for a candidate who holds positions contrary to fundamental moral goods, we have a duty to make our opposition to those positions heard. Writing letters, speaking up at forums, and participating in local party political activities are ways to steadfastly assert our Catholic values.”


  5. Spiritus Gladius
    2 years ago

    This is stupid. If the Republicans drop their anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality positions and adopt a more feminist friendly one, it will be the last election I ever vote in. Romney would have won if the Catholic Church would get off of it's rear and start preaching with the audacity that it did in centuries past, you know, when people flocked to the Church instead of away from it. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, this liberal friendly position of the Church since the 1950s has done nothing but decimate Her numbers. She NEEDS to start excommunicating people who publicly defame Her glory by preaching such heresies as abortion, homosexual marriage, and moral relativism. If Women and Latino's actually had even the faintest clue as to what the Catholic Church taught, they wouldn't have voted for Obama. This is an issue of communication, not position. People are right, the Catholic Church is out of touch with the times. Not because She refuses to budge on abortion and marriage within Her walls, but because she remains ignorant to what goes on outside of Her walls. She has no idea what it's like for me, a 22 year old college student to wake up each morning and walk ALL BY MYSELF through this campus and see nothing but darkness in such a God forsaken place. I cannot make it from one side to another without some sort of spiritual torment. It is awful. It is sheer awful. And in a year I'll be fighting for this awful country. I try my best to reach up to Her for security and reassurance, but all She does is offer a congratulatory remark to the President. That sends a great message to the small number of Catholics here, most of whom voted for this guy. It says "It's ok to cooperate with evil." Grow some courage. I know You are referred to as "She," but it's about time, Catholic Church, that you act like Men, not girls. Archbishop Dolan would not survive in my shoes. He would have caved in a long time ago. The Church needs warriors, not school girls.

  6. michael
    2 years ago

    The numbers are already in and are being talked about by various radio personalities. Romney received 3 million less votes than McCain in 2008. How can this possibly be in a supposedly enthusiastic Republican party? Also, in Virginia, Romney received 7% less votes amongst Evangelicals than did McCain. The answer has proven to be simple, Romney did not appeal to the base of the Republican party. The Tea Party did not want him and conservative Evangelicals never wanted him either. He is and was a New England Republican who could never convince anyone of his conservative credentials. As a result, millions of conservative republicans stayed home on Tuesday. When tens of thousands stood in line to support Chik-fil-a and traditional marriage, Romney stayed far away and said it was not part of his campaign. Whether it was Dole, McCain, or Romney, moderate GOPers are losers. Obama appealed to his base...he begged his base to come out and yet he still received 10 million less votes in his totals compared to 2008. If the GOP had put forward a true conservative who had appealed to the base, things might have been very different on Nov. 6. If the GOP had come out for Romney, he would have won. But they stayed home not willing to compromise.

  7. Christina
    2 years ago

    I think that there are many topics that we need to address when it comes to deciding how American Catholics should vote in elections. I believe that the Church has given me values that guide me in making the correct decisions throughout my life. I have learned that the Church has always taught that all people need to respect each other and that we need to be compassionate with every person.

    I think that many American Catholics (or maybe all American Catholics) constantly have to compromise some parts of their belief no matter which candidate or proposition they vote for. I, for example, consider myself as a Catholic who struggles with voting. I believe that the Democratic Party has most of the views that reflect the Catholic Church in regards to social justice, however, that party does not reflect the Church in important specific areas such as pro-life belief, "gay" marriage, and contraception. Then I look at the Republican Party's beliefs, I think that the Republican Party does not reflect at all the Church's views of social justice, however, they happen to agree with the Church on really important matters such as being pro-life, marriage, and contraception.

    So I think that it is sad for me to have to always always compromise my beliefs in every single election. And ever since I was old enough to vote, I've been really scared to see how that the most vocal fellow-Catholics I know and love think that political matters in the United States have a pretty simple solution: a good Catholic is a Republican.

    I say that we need to say: I am not a Republican! and I am not a Democrat! I am a Catholic.
    That should be the most important point.

    Being a good Catholic does not mean that you have to vote Republican. Being a good Catholic does mean, however, that you have to vote to protect the life and the rights of every person in our country as best as you can.

    So may the Lord prevent us American Catholics from alienating each other, because we have different political views. Let's look to the Church as our true leader.

  8. Angel
    2 years ago

    Ryan you are wrong. Most Latino Catholics and even more Latino Protestants (nearly 1 out of 4 Latinos in the U.S today) care about the family & social issues and, as a group, much more so than whites in general. But they're not going to vote for a candidate who stuplidly alienates them again and again. Thus, Romney got a paltry 27% of the Latino votes while Bush--who proposed an enlightened immigration policy but was turned away by modern day Know Nothings in his own party--secured 44% of their vote the last time out. Latino political watchers themselves say that 40% would have been more than enough to have won this election for the Republicans. White Catholics have to decide whether they want a Christian (i.e., Christianity-friendly) America or a pure white one (clue: Read what the Bible says about what the Lord expects when it comes to the treatment of widows, orphans, and foreigners). Even the National Association of Evangelicals sees that and have strongly embraced immigration reform that meets both the needs of law & order AND compassion with mercy.

    Fair-minded Catholics must work with evangelical and black pastors to either reclaim the Democratic party from the secular left and/or put the Tea Party in the back seat of the GOP. Time and again, the GOP lost US Senate races they should have won in 2012 because they put forward strident Tea Party purists instead of electable conservative Republicans with mainstream awareness (it was sheer madness that a respectable incumbent likeLugar was set aside for a loser and that even Orrin Hatch was threatened by a flaky insurgent in the primaries). If you are Catholic and Republican, let your candidates be NRA-sympathetic or even be members but not unthinking slaves to unreasonable, dangerous free for all stances; make sure your candidates don't major on minors when it comes to science related issues--in other words., pick your fights intelligently (e.g., Fight against embryonic stem cell research & euthanasia rather than siding with anti-evolution activists & climate change disbelievers. Candidates: just shut up no matter what you actually think; the latter have no where else to go but to you as long as you're conservative enough on the other issues). Do a better job of humanizing abortion & reproductive health issues than the other side; for heaven's sake don't let your party's face be that of DISLIKEABLE, bombastic loud-mouths like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck (e.g., The Democratic Party Convention might have been ridiculed for giving Sandra Fluke a mic but for Limbaugh's criticism that made her a hero to feeling types all because he made his own nastiness the issue instead letting his valid underlying points take center stage).

    There's a winning formula out there for the Republicans and it isn't being more "hard-assed". Principled and conservative, but not stupid or mean.

  9. james in colorado
    2 years ago

    Of all groups, I am most saddened by the 40% of catholics who voted for Obama. It may sound like a fanatics rhetoric, but Pres Obmas administration is anti-Christ! What else can you say about people who promote restricting relious freeedom, freedom of conscience, allow unlimited abortion (murder) of the unborn and sodomy (to level of trying to santify the sin through false marriage) ? I will pray for these people, my enemies, whom Christ died for as well, but we must fight against their evil dictates with all that is within us . My God help us at this current time, especially.

  10. susan
    2 years ago

    Problems with catholics is they want it ALL. They want to be catholic but take their birth control pills every morning. They are afraid to put all their trust in GOD. The Hispanic catholic does not have a clue!!! they are first ones in mass on sunday but do not practice their faith after they leave the pews. They are to afraid they will loose their FREE STUFF.They are intimidated at the health clinics they go to , the welfare they recieve as many have told me We do not stand a chance so will take it anyway we can the RICH are evil I can not succeed on my own Always victims!!! I know I am hispanic , but not a victim. Until we put our trust in GOD we will always be free to be used by evil. Being Catholic means being tuff being accountable Fight for what really matters in our lives GOD AND OUR VALUES FIRST

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