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Death of the Republican Party. Republican autopsy and why the race was lost Comments

As Republicans autopsy the election, they are learning just where and how their campaign to elect Mitt Romney went wrong. So far, very few analysts seem to agree, but there are some eyebrow raising numbers. Continue Reading

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  1. Jerry Johnson
    2 years ago

    Anyone who voted for Obama is not a real Catholic. They might go to a Catholic church. They might attend mass. They might receive the Eucharist. They might go to confession. But if they voted for Obama, they are just a Catholic in name only.

  2. shawn
    2 years ago

    Folks, sadly without social change and reaching out to minorities, and specifically the understanding of the modern world, the RCC along with the GOP as it is will be left in the dust..I'm not trying to be hurtful, but the fact is abortion will ALWAYS be here,,,GAY MARRIAGE is here and coming more and more.. old, white, angry white people are a dying breed.... the GOP will NEVER win again if they do not change socially, sorry..truth is truth..your own people (catholics) are increasing leaning left and majority believe in pro-choice..

  3. Bill
    2 years ago

    Your article is off-target. Romney openly stated that he ""be delighted" to sign a bill banning abortion and that marriage is between a man and a women. The President's campaign took "Pro-Choice" and non-traditional marriage stances as a core positions in its message.

    The problem in winning the Catholic vote is not as much as with Republican messaging as it is with the Catholic electorate not responding to the message. "Cafeteria Catholicism" has only grown since my youth. When the Bishop's letter was read in my parish there were people that were visibly irritated by his message which supported Life and traditional marriage.

  4. Rob White
    2 years ago

    Republicans appeal to the white, church-going Christian, and family-oriented groups. The demographics of our country has moved to the center-left. The tea-partiers want a more conservative Republican than the two 'moderate' Republicans that ran in the last two elections. Suggestions from the Democrats is that the Republican party needs to throw out the social issue members of their party.

    In other words the party is screwed. Welcome to our secular world.....unfortunately.

  5. Mike
    2 years ago

    Abortion, gay marriage, how about the vote to remove God from any and all parts of the Democratic platform at the Democratic national convention? Is violating our constitutional rights as Catholics regarding forcing Catholic institutions to provide artificial birth control not enough!!?

    The Republican party platform is IS NOT pro-abortion is not pro- gay marriage is not anti-God. By far the Republican party reflects Christian Values The Democratic party has moved away from Christian values towards a radical liberal agenda. The Democratic party of today is not the Democratic party of John Kennedy. If John Kennedy was around today he would be a Republican.

    What is it that Catholics need to hear from a Republican campaign so we would vote for them!!?
    Any one of these issues should have had 100% of Catholics voting for Romney.

    You older people, you were fooled again by the Democrats fear tactics that say Republicans would take away your Medicare (and Social Security and whatever, they say it every four years during an election, it's a lie!)

    Obama TOOK 700 Billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. They DID what could hurt Medicare. I know you're old I know you may be on fixed income and if you are losing your health to old age you feel more vulnerable and more threatened when people say someone's going to take your money away. If you voted for Obama you were WRONG! You put FEAR in front of you faith. Since Obama and the Democrats are spending more than it receives in taxes at this moment, what will happen to Social Security and Medicare if we run out of money?

    To the many other Catholics who voted for Obama, maybe you were misinformed? Maybe you were ignorant of the issues? Or maybe your just BAD Catholics.

  6. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Ryan: I beg to differ with you. It was the Democratic/Socialists that pushed the social issues because Obama didn't have a good economic record to run on. They declared that the GOP had a war on women which was absolutely absurd. You must not have been listening to Romney and Ryan. All they talked about was the economy and how they could save it. Obama talked about women's rights, "Big Bird" right to abortion and contracetives. They actually degraded women by making them nothing but "body parts" minus a brain. How did you miss all that? God bless.

  7. Martin Roules
    2 years ago

    My apologies for re-posting ... but I found important information that sweeps aside the shallow analysis of the article. What I should have suspected is true. Regular Catholic attenders were 57% for Romney.

    The issue here is how you measure "Catholic." Just putting on the label does not make you a Corvette . . . same goes for Catholics who adhere. Catholics who report attending church weekly voted for Romney over Obama 57% to 42%. But — those believers who do not attend weekly yielded an inverse pattern, choosing the president over the Republican contender (56% to 42%). As for Protestants, 70% of those who attend church weekly chose Romney (and 55%of those who don’t attend weekly still selected the GOP candidate).

    So the premise of the reconstruction of the Republican message to "win" the Catholic vote is completely invalidated by smart exit polling analysis. NOW how do you spin the outcome, hmmmm?

  8. Martin Roules
    2 years ago

    So Catholics authorized war on the very social institutions that define its existence -- and you blame Republicans for not being in tune with Catholics? Catholics voted for a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-religious freedom President because Romeny did not pivot to the middle enough on social services?? Can you hear yourself in that silliness?

    Fact is, Catholics are far more socially liberal than the leadership wants to admit. So liberal that they chose a President who will eviscerate their church ... I believe the church is far more to blame than the Republicans. Were they able to win the values argument in Biblical terms, especially about pro-life decisions, the vote should have been different. Now Obama will fund abortions all over the owrld WITH Catholic assistance.

    Is THAT what a Catholic wants? Really?

  9. Karen
    2 years ago

    Mr. Romney and the other so-called "real" republicans (who are pro-life) were cowards. If he/they had argued as passionately for the rights of ALL persons (including the yet unborn and the aged) as passionately as Mr. Obama celebrated his stances on gay marriage and women's right to choose, they may have still lost, but would have done so with dignity. People can applaud all they want that "whites, blacks, hispanics, gay, straight" etc., etc. have equal rights but the fact is NOBODY has rights when fundamental rights to be alive are compromised. The whole campaign was an exercise of the relativism that Pope Benedict warned about and had the courage to speak out about, and interestingly, nobody thought HE would get elected.

  10. kathleen
    2 years ago

    ....also, I just read this great comment from "Abolish Human Abortion" and felt this is worth repeating: "You cannot change a cultures view of the world by supporting it's current view of the world"

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