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Death of the Republican Party. Republican autopsy and why the race was lost Comments

As Republicans autopsy the election, they are learning just where and how their campaign to elect Mitt Romney went wrong. So far, very few analysts seem to agree, but there are some eyebrow raising numbers. Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago

    Robert, I understand where you are coming from, but I think there is another spin on your comments. I am glad we are fighting the HHS mandate, but I would much rather know that Catholics reject the use of contraception and could care less what caesar wants in healthcare law....wouldn't matter because not one catholic would use them. I suspect that is not the case. Planned Parenthood seems to have done well under both Dem and Rep adminstrations, in fact look at the history of Title X and whose voted for it. Tells a different tale. The moral teachings of our church do not change or can be sold to anyone, they don't change and the church will never fail, I'm not sure if you believe that. I suspect that once christians by and large stopped helping the poor as they used to, the government steppped in the fill the void. We can easily turn that tide if we wish...we just have to do it. But there are many who can't as they seek to participate in the material world as much as their nonbelieving friends. As for any of the moral issues of the day, well until the church relfects all those teachings we wish ceasar to impose on the public at large, no dice. We'll never be taken seriously. I would prefer we start with all of those issues within our own ranks. Gay people getting "married" isn't destroying marriage. That ship sailed when our divorce rate approached 50%. Our failure to respect the institution opened the door to the nonsense.

  2. Robert
    2 years ago


    Republicans do not hate the poor. Republicans are not filled with hate. Republicans believe in the right to life for all of God's people. The Republcian party has many latinos serving in prominent positions across the country. The number of poor continue to grow under democratic majority. Check out the states with Democratic leaders. Some research and history lessons will alert you to the fact that the path this country is on is not sustainable. As far as coat hangers go, if you don't condone abortion then why are coat hangers an issue? If coat hangers is your answer to then the moral clarity has already been lost. How does making it safer to kill your child make it better? Please explain to me again how it is hateful to not wish to pay for the killing of unborn children? Is it possible that some self discipline might reduce the number of unborn that are aborted? Why is it hateful for true marriage to be the law of the land? How is it hateful for to wish Caesar to take my tax money to fund the activities of those who cross the border illegally. With open border the number of immigrants sold into the sex slave industry continues to skyrocket. Some of my good friends are Latinos. If they voted for Obama then I will need to reaccess however, I will reassess my relationship with any Caucasion that voted for Obama as well.

    I did not see the Republican party vote three times to have GOD taken out of their platform. One half of the Democratic delegates in North Carolina voted to have God removed from the platform. You can find the video on Youtube. Take a look and then examine the parallel " when the cock crows you will have denied me three times". If that is the party you wish to stand behind then so be it.

    If this country continues to go down the road it is on it my be owned by the Democrats and you will have exactly what you voted for, just another socialist country in the state of financial and moral despair.

    Just for your own information, my charitable donations go to the poor outside the United States so that they may improve their living conditions in the country that they call home.

  3. Alfonso Barragan
    2 years ago

    from a Latino Catholic...Jesus said give to God what belongs to God and give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar, We latinos feel just the opposite of what you are all saying,,,,, . We are filling the church and bringing spirutual renewal to the catholic church, We are gratefull for Obama and what he is bringing to the table, the republican party is made of older and young,,white wash, racist, and hypocrites ,,,, not all them,,,,, but most of them,,, you call your selfs, catholic or christian, but you are so far from it. republicans don't like blacks, latinos, or the poor, example arizona, and many other states. some of you might,,, but most of you don't,,,,,, especially in the midwest, and many other states, republicans wan't to deport our families.....with so much hate of the poor this is not christ like.. this country is taking a big U turn,,,with many diffrent ethnics groups here.... you can no longer ignore us,,, if you do, you will miss the train... lets hope you do the right thing and walk hand in hand with us,.... or rot in your pride...We are hoping the republicans work with the democrats to bring an immigration reform. for our families... most of us are anti abortion. work hard, are good catholics....and want to live the American Dream,,,, with out so much hate because of our color.....if you can't see what the republican party stands for... you are blind.. would you all prefer that women and teens. use metal hangers for abortions,,,,, you republicans would all be happier if you don't mix politics with religion... We hope next election you can reach out to our needs, black, lationo. asian. indian, we are all children of God, not just the rich ,, white people, that pretend to like us... sorry if offended any of you but this is what most of us latinos feel...

  4. Robert
    2 years ago

    Death of the republican party? Really? A more appropriate title would be..."Death of a Catholic Consciences" Try this one... " Death of Moral clarity from our Catholic leadership"
    and another... "Death of the USCCB's ability to successfully identify evil"

    Dear Catholic Obama supporters, Thank you for taking religious freedom from my daughter. Thank you for making me pay for your birth control even though using it is against the moral teaching of OUR faith. Thank you for supporting Planned Parenthood as they continue to wreak death and destruction to the innocent children and their families. Thank you for selling out the moral teachings of our faith for thirty pieces of silver. Thank you for making me work harder to pay for the Illegal aliens' healthcare and then have the Church turn around and ask me to fund every other want and need they may have. Thank you for helping to demolish Liberty and replace it will Tyranny. Thank you for replacing Christianity with Secularism. Thank you for making my friend choose between paying a large fine or supplying the morning after pill to his employees. Thank you for supporting the persecution of Catholics. Thank you for helping to destroy true marriage. Thank you for supporting fornification. Thank you for making more proud of our brother/sister protestants and their leadership than of fellow Catholics.

    I will pray for you and for what is left of the United States of America and the Catholic Church.

    A humble sinner

  5. SaraPalen
    2 years ago


    the American labor movement has left orthodox, practicing Catholics in the dust. They are fighting against marriage, the most basic and sound structure in which to stably raise a family. They favor government funded abortion-homicide. They have twisted the meaning to fit their ideology of social justice. I believe in the dignity of labor, solidarity and subsidiarity but they are forcing many to compromise their faith. The boots on the ground in the labor movement are pushing the destruction of our first amendment rights. They do not care a harm to one Catholic is a harm to all. They do not care this administration wants to redifine our religion, as they did in the 30s in Germany.To them social justice means many more babies die, and yeah, the Catholic Church should help pay for death and give away contraception free of charge like candy-the opium of the people. Take true orthodox Christian principles out of it and it is all the easier to control. They demand strength through joy. Heil Obama!

    Marcos, que viva! We need more men like you to educate our families, and don't give up. We are the domestic church. We have not only lost our identity of what real democracy and American freedom is, the law of nature and nature's God, we have lost the identity of our faith. There are priests and bishops in the Catholic church that truly believe this administration will relentlessy crack down on our religious freedoms. my nephews, whose mother is mexican, among other family, have been given a copy of the US Constitution bytheir Mexican mother. They are hungry for Christian learning. WE must tap in to that! Maybe she (mom) knows the history of her own country, how the Church was persecuted there. Viva Cristo Rey, as they are saying right now in Argentina, as the churches are stormed by violent feminists and pro-abortionists. La virgin de Guadalupe would not want to see the fruit of the womb being denied personhood in the image of her Son. Catholics, latino, white, black, native, men and women will have to answer to such a great national crime against humanity. A house divided will not stand, and this administration, has divided the first of all earthly casas. La madre y el bambino. What hope is there that any other of latinos, blacks, whites, practicing Catholics, Jews, most basic rights will be guarded by this government. JPII would say there is no hope.

    But here, have a free condom-for today we eat drink and be unmary.
    Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen

  6. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    Too many people have been lifelong Democrats and see the GOP as some sort of villain. They do not realize that party platforms change over time, and that they need to pay attention to those changes and vote accordingly.

  7. DLL
    2 years ago

    It is a horror in this day and age to be a conservative or moderate,especially Catholic,Mormon or any kind of Christian. To not embrace Planned Parenthood with its contraceptive,abortive mentality,gay marriage,legalized pot for a recreational drug,euthanasia,to support traditional marriage,and to want to protect life in the womb,makes a party to such thoughts,a public enemy. Religious rights are not even considered as they are masked by a media that spins it so that religious rights are against women's rights. America will die in its politically correct,new morality,that supports only a. Culture of death and sloppy lifestyles. This is why republicans lost because they are the less politically correct party. They insist on being a party of traditional values,for this reason,the democrats will bury them. The democrats are and will remain a party of sleaze. They simply stink. I say this because I love my country. I hate to vote though because as an Independent there are the same old battered choices for candidates,always the the pick between the lesser of two evils. It is time to delete both parties. They simply will not work together. I can't be alone in thinking that I am just plain sick of partisan politics and financially purchased agendas. Both patties are open to one kind of a stimulus in my opinion and that is The Bribe,as it is money that buys all of this insincerity in our government today. You want to give money to the poor don't spend it on political campaigns. The more you dole out to these politicians the the less quality we all get from those who govern us. In short both parties are losers and because of this we as the governed always lose no matter what.

  8. Augustine
    2 years ago

    I agree with all of what I have read so far and points made byJustin and Spiritus Gladius. I am very disgusted with the realization we now have to spend another 4 years riding on this train with the same train driver. Anyone who is truely "pro life" would never support someone who enables abortion and same sex marriage. If anything the scriptures point to the truth "Thou shalt not kill" and "God made man for woman and woman for man". What can we say now? Is it "uncharitable" to speak according to God's word and stand by the scriptures and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church? Can the poor be strong and trust in God to provide for them? Does God not provide water and food for even the flowers that grow? Are the sparrows not fed and sheltered? Contemplate Matthew 5: 3-12" Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

  9. Mary Peragine
    2 years ago

    We must show hispanics and youth and non-practicing the beauty of the Catholic church and it's values and the strength of the consitution. We also need to speak in Spanish and twitter!

  10. Letty Matias
    2 years ago

    As a Hispanic woman I can say your article was spot on. Jesus never meddled with the government nor did He ever tell us to. He did, however, say "whatsoever you do unto the least of my people you do unto me." I could never support a candidate who favors helping the rich, whose ideology is everyone pull yourselves up by your own boot straps, who favors deregulating polluters, who'll reward companies that send our jobs overseas, and views Hispanics as the enemy. I could never identify with a party that at best ignores me and at worst sees me as a threat. I am not pro-abortion, but neither can I turn my back on all the other issues. Other than abortion, I disagree with everything else Republicans stand for. Will God send me to Hell for that?

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