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Time to Build a Tower: Obama Reelection Requires a Movement for Life, Family, Freedom and Solidarity Comments

What the results of this Presidential election require is a new movement dedicated to authentic social justice, rightly understood - and not some counterfeit.  We need a true human rights movement which is authentically ecumenical and unapologetically dedicated to life, family, freedom and solidarity. Continue Reading

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  1. John
    2 years ago

    The Liberal Media elected our president, way before the election. Obama owe it to the Liberal Media. "Government by the Liberal Media , for the people......

  2. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    Often true Christians belong to the minority. During Christianity's early years in the Roman empire, Christians were the persecuted minority and it took almost 3 centuries before a Christian ruler (Constantine) emerged that saw the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire. As true Christians, we must continue to do and live what we believe is morally right regardless of the seeming triumph of people who promote morally objectionable positions. What sustains us, true Christians, is the supernatural divine virtue of HOPE that gives us the grace to continue to live out our moral principles regardless of what the apparent majority prefers. HOPE is an "act of the will that strengthens us and fills us with joyous courage to love [what is truly] good and to take delight in it, and to pursue the good with earnest activity and firm confidence to overcome any obstacle". Let's all continue to pray and remain firm in our resolve to seek truly morally upright leaders who will serve our counties, states, and nation with dedication. Voting and evangelizing are two sacred duties of true Christians.

  3. Janusz
    2 years ago

    DarthJ - my sentiments, exactly. Repubs and USCCB have been most ineffective in their pro-life efforts. Look up a definition of 'insanity". Time for a change. Also, I am quite shocked as to what happened to the Tea Party during yesterdays elections: did they vote "present"?! I was truly hoping that the Repubs would gain the control of the Senate........

  4. Rob
    2 years ago

    Deacon, I get where you are coming from. But I honestly think it still has an outward focus as if the root of these problems is outside the church somehow. I really believe that we are not going to change the culture if the only face the non-believing public sees is a fight. Honestly, I think all this does is cause folks to stop listening, immediately assume a defensive posture and then the fight, which continues to go nowhere, just keeps going.

    We have absolutely no hope of turning the tide if all of our effort is spent trying to convince Ceasar to adopt our way of thinking. Seems to me we would be well advised to remember our roots. A time when people were attracted to the "way" because of the manner in which the early disciples lived. But if the people in our own midst continue to live no differently than those who don't believe, our witness is reduced to words and lawsuits. The government could create a regime where abortions are free, but if no one ever get's one because their lives are dedicated to Christ, who cares? Caesar will do what he does, and we'll give to God what it his. These awful laws go away when the people no longer demand them. (I know it's not that simple)

    I'm not suggesting we drop the HHS lawsuits etc. We have the right to seek redress. But I think we'd gain a lot more working on bringing our own to Christ and then those around us. Trying to convince a nonbeliever of the concepts of the natural law etc aren't going to win the day. We have to live it, all of it.

  5. Skeptic
    2 years ago

    The people have voted and they will get the government that they deserve as that is the one that they want. There is obviously much division. A divisive government will continue to be a counterproductive one, that type of government is proved over the last 2 years to be a dysfunctional,agenda driven one. The choice for assisted suicide was very close in Massachusetts. Gay marriage and abortion on demand for free woman's healthcare,seems almost discriminatory to me,but this is the mandate of the people as evidenced by this election. Taxes? People like to be taxed to the maximum of of what they can afford,it seems,as the government wants more and more of our earned income,so that government can spend more to cure each and everyone of our problems. Businesses will offer 30 hour work weeks so that they won't have to pay a 2000 dollar tax per each employees that they are forced to have health insurance for. Employee group healthcare insurance will become a thing of the past. This will mean that insurance will cost each of us about 600 dollars a month and we must buy it or pay a penalty tax ourselves. The 40 hour employee benefit packaged employment situation,may be come a thing of the past as well. Many will have to hold multiple part time jobs and buy their own Healthcare Insurance as well,as affordable living will be the trial of everyday life. The middle class and poor will suffer most as usual. A government that passes a healthcare bill without reading it first is an incompetent government. I hope that those elected to our current government will read the legislation before they pass it to make it the law of the land. I pray for all of our elected officials as many are professional lawyers and public servants for the common good. I pray that they will help me to believe that we are all moving "Forward"so that what I am writing here is really just a bunch of negative junk that simply is not and never will be true. I need to "Hope" again that "Change"is always for a better day and a better time for each and everyone.

  6. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    I pray God withholds any chastisement-my parents went thru WW2 as children-please be careful what you ask for.

    I recall Abraham asking God to withhold punishing Sodom if he could find x-number of just men in the city. Please God, spare us of chastisement.

    I also pray that if God does chastisement, He will start with "Catholics" like the Vice President, Senators, Representatives, judges, etc.. who bring infanticide to our country. And, if God does chastisement, may He chastise the "Catholic" voters who make gods out of government social programs, a candidates skin color, etc

  7. youkokun
    2 years ago

    Thank you Deacon for laying out my exact feelings on the matter in words. RCIA last night was just finishing up when a classmate updated us solemnly: "It's over. Obama won." While I didn't look around to see if anyone seemed overjoyed (which would have merited a reaction, right?) I did hear several disappointed sighs. Maybe at that point we could have said another closing prayer, but 1. we still don't know one another too well and 2. for some reason even in the parish politics is taboo. I'm not saying I wished we could've prayed for a fatal slip on a banana peel for Obama, but I wish in the parish there could be more consistancy. I just came back from huffingtonpost's religion section and an article about a secular organization, Freedom From Religion, trying to get the IRS to pin the Catholic bishops down for endorsing Romney/Ryan. But they weren't! They were doing exactly what they should have done!
    In times of political stife it's important for all religious to know where they stand, and the bishops were educating the laity. That's their JOB, and I for one hope fervently that they continue to impress upon us the social teachings of the Church, because I already see so much internal consistency among those who claim to be cradle Catholics.
    Bishops, "be not afraid"! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and the Church! We need guidance!
    By the way, that same classmate made a hopeful comment about the Tea Party. I don't know about them, but if nothing else they're vocal.

  8. Phil
    2 years ago

    We need to start evangelizing to people instead of just the government. Telling people "The church believes this, so vote for this as well," doesn't cut it. What will transform this society is through love. If we can't speak to the government, then we need to speak to the people. Christ didn't spent time telling the government what to do, but he ministered to the people. We need to come outside of the church (bishops, people, everyone) and minister as Christ and his apostles did. We can't just minister at mass anymore, it's not working.

  9. chrly
    2 years ago

    Please note that Paul Ryan COMPROMISED by supporting the Romney Platform of no problem with contraception, and supported abortion for Rape, Incest and Life of the Mother. Paul Ryan had opposed these for his entire political life.
    You are incorrect when you say the Government prevents catholics from helping the poor. All citizens are free to use their money to help the poor and they even get a tax deduction for it. For example the Salvation Army hires people who meet their religious criteria and they help the poor and are a tax exempt organization. You could organize the same way

  10. vance
    2 years ago

    Deacon, I applaud your determination. Many of us who have been active in the Pro-Life Movement will continue our efforts to change hearts and minds to oppose abortion and euthanasia. Jesus said that he is the Vine and we are the branches. I hope and pray that he gives us a new USCCB that will stand tall in the face of Obama and Hollywood and oppose their Culture of Death. The USCCB is the foundation to the "Tower". Right now, the foundation is made of sand.

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