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Time to Build a Tower: Obama Reelection Requires a Movement for Life, Family, Freedom and Solidarity Comments

What the results of this Presidential election require is a new movement dedicated to authentic social justice, rightly understood - and not some counterfeit.  We need a true human rights movement which is authentically ecumenical and unapologetically dedicated to life, family, freedom and solidarity. Continue Reading

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  1. neo
    2 years ago

    The problem is you can't be against abortion and be pro-life the way our political process is. The republicans care not about a baby after its born, nor do they care about the poor. If we side with this lot we have to abdicate our authority on everything else.

    If we side with the democrats then we have to accept that someone might do an abortion, but we wouldn't have to make as many other concessions. This is is why the church is divided and why half voted for Romney and the other half voted for Obama.

    Which was a true catholic? The answer is both or neither not one or the other. Its as if we forget what the USCCB said about Paul Ryan and those that voted for his budget.

    What is the way forward we need to stop wasting money on getting politicians to do our work for us. Imaging how many that could have been helped had the money in the last election been spent on social justice instead. Those in poverty would have been better helped. Women wanting an abortion might have changed their mind if we promised help them with that baby after words.

    The sad part about all of this is everyone is trying to make everyone conform, but its at the expense of the unborn, the poor, the uninsured, and those in need.

    I doubt this will get posted on this site, but prove me wrong.

  2. Basco
    2 years ago

    congratulations on your re election mr president. it was a hard fight and you've earned it.

  3. Ann
    2 years ago

    Post-election, I wondered where to go to get some encouragement, so I have been visiting here and just saw this post. Thanks for this post encouraging us to keep being faithful to God ; that is the most important thing, "cause we could be gone today and stand before the judgement seat. I did a lot of campaigning, but yes, I need to study up and do more beginning today for the next elections.
    **@Posters: it seems a "Solidarity" group is designing Catholic insurance if you need to search-engine it. And, we must do more promoting natural family planning 'cause contraception is the ROOT of the evils of sexual immorality. John and Sheila Kippley have a marvelous website w/their question/answer format on the moral teachings on marriage that all Catholics ought to be familiar with. I hope their group, NFPInternational, will join the Catholic Online team.

  4. Harold Olsen
    2 years ago

    More than a year before the GOP anointed Romney as their candidate, I posted comments on various websites, including Twitter, that he would be the nominee (for which I was called crazy and stupid) and it would ensure Obama being reelected. I also referred to him as an Obama clone. For saying these things, Romney supporters posted death threats against me. I was not really surprised by it. It's what I have come to expect from liberals. Romney's a liberal and his supporters, prior to his nomination were liberals. Voters do not pick their parties candidates. The parties pick them and the party sheep obey their masters. It's as though they are saying, "Yes, please tell us who to support. We are too stupid to decide for ourselves." The GOP keeps giving us candidates that no one, especially true conservatives, really like, and yet, they expect us to vote for them. I'm an Independent and I will not vote for someone just because some political party tells me to. I've come to the conclusion that the GOP gives us these loser candidates because they do not really want to win back the White House. I've also come to the conclusion that the GOP, who, at best, are left-leaning moderates, dislike this country as much as the Democrats do and are perfectly willing helps Obama and his ilk flush it down the toilet.

  5. abey
    2 years ago

    Life- to the Family, Freedom & Solidarity etc in the truth to its fulness is prayed for everyday, by our own lips to our Heavenly Father through the Lords Prayer "Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven", before which must come the fulfillment of the Prophecy as the testimony, for the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy & to this is Obama & his democrats reelection, for the much work that has to be done, even unto the "Abomination of desolation" as spoken by Prophet Daniel & reiterated by Jesus & by the words of Apostle Paul we begin to understand "but first must come the "Falling away" by the Apostasy & this as a sign is very much evident today through the moving away from the Apostolic Faith through the Apostates of whom is biblically stated "They went out from among us but are not of us" from the only True Faith that was once delivered unto the Saints. Again to the saying "Let not peace bring the truth but let the Truth bring the peace>

  6. ccs
    2 years ago

    If the Republican party had presented even a minimally acceptable candidate - and not one who was taking all sides of every issue depending on which audience he was addressing - then Obama would have been voted out of office. It's as simple as that.

    The mainstream media did not elect Obama. The Republican party elected Obama when it nominated Mitt Romney. And yes, I DID finally bite the bullet and vote for Romney... after kicking and screaming until the very last moment about it.

    Obama was never on the table. Virgil Goode was. But in the end, as a swing state voter, I did my "duty," violated my Catholic conscience, and voted for the utterly appalling Romney. And I was furious about it. Compromising my principles does not leave me amused.

    Romney lied about Santorum and each of his other opponents in the Republican primaries, threw conservatism under the bus (much to conservatism's glee) during the first debate, and corrupted his Catholic running mate by getting Ryan to support the intrinsic evil of abortion in instances of rape and incest "for the sake of the ticket."

    Romney was an empty, morally incoherent candidate running a morally incoherent campaign. There was nothing Christian that could have been built on a Romney presidency as a foundation. I did not vote FOR Romney. I voted against Obama. That's all. Let's hope the Republicans nominate a decent candidate next time around.

  7. Jerry N
    2 years ago

    There is now no escape for Catholics from the tyrannical Obamacare law. The HHS mandate forces Church institutions to choose between civil disobedience, ceasing business or violating Church moral teachings. It does even worse to self-employed Catholics like me.

    As a self-employed individual, I must now choose between violating the moral teachings of my Church or leaving my family uninsured. The Church at least has a choice to cease business or disobey the law. If I choose either of those options, I endanger my family's health and wreck our financial stability.

    The Obama government knows this and knowingly permits no escape. This government is intrinsically evil, and will become ever more transparent in its evil, now that it is unconstrained by facing future election. Americans should not be surprised if our representative republic is morphed into something entirely unthinkable and unspeakable in the next few years.

  8. Robert
    2 years ago

    A majority of Catholics voted for Obama again! How sad they should be at the USCCB. They have a responsibility to help form the consciences of the flock. THEY HAVE FAILED.

    The majority of Catholics voted to support Planned Parenthood(Abortionists), Gay Marriage, Loss of Religious Freedom, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia. A majorityof Catholics failed to support the five non-negotiables of Catholic teachings.

    Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported Obama. A majority of Hispanics are Catholics.
    Where was the voice of Cardinal DiNardo? Why does Cardinal Dolan host Obama and share photo opts with him? Jesus did not laugh with evil!

    Who failed? Who are the leaders? Where are the leaders? Where were the voices of clarity?

    The Bishops of Green Bay and Peoria stood up! They lead! Their states lost but, they stood up! They are leaders!

    Do our leaders not believe the tenants of the faith? If they do, why aren't more of them willing to speak out? Do they lack courage? Do they need our support to speak out?

    If they don't truly believe the tenants of the faith why are they in the positions they are in?

    If you are disappointed in your parish priest tell him and tell him why. If your bishop said nothing more than to review the USCCB document on faithful citizenship, tell him he has failed the congregation in his most sacred duty.

    The constant message of social justice has brought about a nation on the very brink of socialism and secularism. Congratulations Saul Alinsky.

    I applaud my evangelical brothers and sisters. I do and will always believe that Catholicism is the one true religion however, you had clarity of thought, you had clarity of action. You deserve a better president. Sadly my fellow Catholics were not strong enough, our leaders were not clear enough, our leaders did not help us form our consciences well enough.

    This Sunday I will be asked to hold hands with my fellow Catholic while reciting the Lord's prayers during the mass. I can only wonder, " was he/she one of the majority of Catholics who voted to strip my fellow citizen of their religious freedom; did he/she vote to redefine marriage; did he/she vote to sentenced my unborn brother/sister to death? Is that voter and myself of the same FAITH? Who let us down? Oh yeah, last Sunday the homily was about SOCIAL JUSTICE again.

    Now it all makes sense.


    A humble sinner who loves his church and his country.

  9. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    As I've been sayoing... what we need to do now is start pushing- HARD- for real representation in our government, and for a candidate who genuinely represents US... instead of just accepting whatever loser the GOP tries to pawn off on us. We deserve better, we need to demand it, and if they won't come to heel, find our own.

  10. Lyn
    2 years ago

    Practicing Catholics should be prepared to defend the faith at all times but first they must really know and believe the faith they are defending. We have too many sideline and poorly educated Catholics who do not really know our Lord and Savior. How can we expect them to love His church if they do not understand the body of Christ?

    American Catholics must become sober like the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the underground church in China - firm in their faith and actions and ready to lay down their fortunes and lives for the good of creation and the glory of our living God. Our Lord is always close to those who suffer in His name and we should take comfort in this.

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