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Time to Build a Tower: Obama Reelection Requires a Movement for Life, Family, Freedom and Solidarity Comments

What the results of this Presidential election require is a new movement dedicated to authentic social justice, rightly understood - and not some counterfeit.  We need a true human rights movement which is authentically ecumenical and unapologetically dedicated to life, family, freedom and solidarity. Continue Reading

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  1. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    Romney's Mormon faith is a big reason why he lost. Some people cannot vote for him because he's a Mormon. Very dangerous, especially considering Obama's campaign was $1 billion and he is anti-Christian in his views on the non-negotiables.

  2. David Delaney
    2 years ago

    This is a very important piece because it rightly establishes the mindset and strategy for faithful Catholics in response to the election results. I think that the hand of Providence is clear in these results. If the Republican ticket had won, at most we would have experienced simply a delay in the ongoing ratification of social decline by executive policy, legislative novelty and in some ways jurisprudence. This decline cannot be reversed by the government; it must begin with the Church. Recovering an authentic "Catholic vote" is part of it, but the current disappointment with that vote is really only an indicator of the problem. The Catholic faithful must be evangelized and catechized anew before the Church can help to renew society with any lasting consequence. I think that Dcn Fournier's identification of an authentic social teaching (read: based upon an adequate anthropology) is the key to this new evangelization. Too many Catholics (clergy, theologians and laity) now succumb to a deficient anthropology which distorts their reading of Catholic social doctrine. Moreover this distorted reading has been used as a major factor in justifying dissent from Church authority. All of this has contributed to confusion among the Church's faithful and undermined the ability of the Church to influence US society. It is clear that the election results will bring suffering, but it is the Cross which brings redemption. This electoral disappointment should be a clarion call for all faithful Catholics to learn how to proclaim the truth especially by means of Catholic social teaching illuminated by a sound anthropology...a particular interest area of mine.

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    So long as we are pointing fingers at our brothers and sisters there will be no solidarity and there will be no unification in purpose. Our vote will always be divided. These social problems are not going to be solved by Caesar....Caesar doesn't care. If those who do not believe see no love in us amongst ourselves, then where the heck is our credibility to those who do not believe? When they see us screaming to have this person or that person ejected from the church, guess what, they see nothing that draws them. We underestimate the degree that those who have chosen the ways of the world are suffereing. And when they only see anger from us, they turn the other way.

    Maybe if that saw less "us" and more of Christ, we might begin to turn this tide. Personally speaking, I'm done with all the anger and all the fighting. I guess we'll just buckle in for four years and wait to see what collection of candidates big money and the media will serve to us the next.

  4. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    The irony is that Catholic democrats believe their "compassionate programs" justify voting for an evil man who advocates killing children in the womb, outside of the womb (if they survive the attempt to kill them inside of the womb), calling God a liar as to what constitutes Holy Matrimony, and threatening Church institutions with fines, closures and Church clergy and bishops with prison (for refusing to abandon God's laws in the name of health care).

    Truth be told, people like me in the lower half of the economic ladder are hurt the most by Catholic democrat "compassion". We need for the government to do what JFK did-cut taxes across the board, and make sure federal government spending is mostly to do their Constitutionally-mandated duty (i.e. defend the country). JFK boasted about his spending increases in defense in one of the last speeches before his death. As a result of not following today's Catholic democrat ideas of "compassion", JFK's policies resulted in falling poverty rates and a booming economy. Hear me, Catholic democrats-we at the lower end of the economic ladder need JFK's polices. Your "compassion" is clobbering us.

  5. youkokun
    2 years ago

    (Sorry for posting again, but I love that this dialogue is continuing.)
    It seems like everyone agrees that Obama won half the Catholic votes because of undetermined clergy and stubborn laity. This IS supposed to be the Year of Faith. The most we're doing in my parish (St. Matthew parish in OR, an Obama state) is singing a little ditty after reciting the Nicene Creed. Now I'm fortunate that the bar's set low for me and that I've already got RCIA to deal with, but I'm also trying to pick up Gregorian chant and check out more books from the parish library. I've noticed that not many seem to have the same zeal, and I realize that this will always be the case, but shouldn't we do more while we're there on Sunday? I don't know, maybe there could be more classes for adults not just in it for their kids' baptisms and confirmations. There's been a request for attitional Reconciliation times during the week; hmm, you think any of them might have a pressing confession on their hearts?
    I fear more for the Catholics who feel they were justified in their decision, and I fear for the parish. It wasn't the people that drew me to the Catholic church this last summer, it was the truth, and now I'm finding that the truth isn't being lived by the whole Church. We can post all we like here, but I want to talk to someone in charge of ACTIVITIES. I want to find a GROUP. And can't the bishops instigate that kind of action?
    (Can I do that? I'm just a catechumen who still hasn't found a sponser.)

  6. marcella
    2 years ago

    I believe that if Ryan had run for president he would have won! I as a believer that Jesus is one with the lord and his only begotten son will not vote for a mormon. I don't see how a man of God can endorse one. Did Jesus not say you will know who they are if they confess Jesus as the son of God? He is not equal with Joseph Smith. The Trinity is not to be denied!
    In this times we catholics do read our bibles.

  7. andrew
    2 years ago

    Obama is fully aware that the Democratic Party is riding on his popularity, much like what the Gandhi family is doing with Dr Manmohan Singh. Obama is a tired horse as was evident at the first debate. How far his enthusiasm will go needs to be seen. The results have clearly divided the country, the Republicans land locked and the Democrats split and exposed on either coasts. Puppet masters in the Democratic Party will certainly expect this gifted orator capable of mesmerizing the socialist class come 2016. Come 2016, Rick Santorum will wrench it for the Republicans. India's worry should be that a weak United States of America by that time means a strong China, ready to encroach on the land of neighboring countries. Thankfully the Republicans will not allow that to happen.

  8. Elysha
    2 years ago

    Basco, please take your celebrations elsewhere. We are here to find peace and understanding; to pro-life Catholics, Obama's victory was a direct assault on uborn children. Your applause is only meant to throw salt in our wounds, and it is not appreciated.

  9. Deacon Keith Fournier
    2 years ago

    To Tom: I continue to publish your letters because I believe you are sincere. However, you are wrong about Paul Ryan. He is no follower of Ayn Rand. he read her in his own development. If people judged me now by the books I read along the way, well....He - just like you - seeks to take the timeless truths and principles offered in Catholic Social Doctrine and apply them to inform policy decisions and his public service. Remember, no-one can deny our obligation in solidarity to one another or the urgent call to give a love of preference to the poor. How that can best be fulfilled, that is where there is room for prudential disagreement and differing approaches to where governing best happens. I happen to think we would agree on much if we ever had a discussion Tom. I have spent YEARS trying to contend - as you do - that Catholic Social Doctrine is the solution - not "conservatism" or "liberalism" or "right" or "left" or "Democrat" or "Republican". Where we ABSOLUTELY disagree is over the foundational Right, without which no other rights can exist, the Right to Life. The Democratic Platform is clear. It absolutely rejects that Natural Law, Human Right to Life. I was forced to leave that Party long ago as a result and can never vote for any candidate who does not recognize the Right of our first neighbors in the womb- PERIOD. This President, for whom I pray, fails to hear the cry of the poorest of the poor. EVERY CLAIM TO CARE ABOUT THE POOR IS DROWNED OUT BY HIS REFUSAL TO HEAR THEIR CRY IN THE FIRST HOME OF THE WOMB AND STOP THEIR INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION BY PROCURED ABORTION.The last Democrat I supported was the heroic defender of Life, now deceased Governor Bob Casey. If you can find a copy, read his book "Fighting for Life". Google "A New American Compact: Caring About Women, Caring for the Unborn", which ran as a full page ad in the New York Times in 1992. Now, if the Democratic Party got its soul back and embraced his brand of politics, I might help them rebuild. However, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Do not be duped.You are to bright and have much to offer.

  10. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    I rejoice that the 'Objectivist Ethics' of Ayn Rand will not play as prominent a role in government as it would have had Romney-Ryan been elected. The radical individualism of that ethic provides the greatest threat to the overall goal of Catholic Social Doctrine. I wonder often why so many bishops and Catholic lay leaders identify so closely with a party that puts such great emphasis on individual rights. When it comes down to it, that approach ultimately says stay out of my bed room (birth control), I have a right to abort and marry whom I want. Ayn Rand holds that love is only possible between two people who have something to exchange; agape is impossible.

    Now is a time to discover authentic Catholic Social Doctrine, an constitutive element of Catholic belief, and dialogue with others in how to form solidarity in work for justice. Dialogue means a willingness to be transformed by the encounter with one who has a belief different than my own.

    The greatest witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ is ecclesial communion. How is the Holy Spirit moving the people of God to become a community about which others comment: "See how they love one another."

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