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Time to Build a Tower: Obama Reelection Requires a Movement for Life, Family, Freedom and Solidarity Comments

What the results of this Presidential election require is a new movement dedicated to authentic social justice, rightly understood - and not some counterfeit.  We need a true human rights movement which is authentically ecumenical and unapologetically dedicated to life, family, freedom and solidarity. Continue Reading

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  1. umutwana
    2 years ago

    This sounds very pleasant, but boy! don't be deceived. Only for those who chose to close their eyes, but for us we know this battle is about worship. You might not see the link now, yes! they have to take you that way so that they can deceive you better. Know that we are going back to the time of the dark ages. You should never forget that the war in heaven between Christ and the then Lucifer, now Satan, was about worship and it is still about worship. This has got nothing to do with human rights and what ever you've got, boy! this is about worship. Open your eyes and see before it is too late. You might say that you are not deceived, but the problem with deceived people is that is exactly how they think. Just pray hard that God should show the way.This is about the New World Order, this about worship. Remember the Master's words in Mathew 24;4 - Take heed that no one deceives you.

  2. Daniel
    2 years ago

    Okay, I'm in so now where do we go???

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, O'Riely's comment that folks just want free stuff is part of the reason that I believe Mitt lost. So long as one party views the people they are supposed to be serving in that manner, they will never win again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting entitlements, especially those you are taxed to pay for. There is nothing wrong with supporting a safety net for the poor without being labeled as a marxist. But so long as that remains the tone of the GOP, well they have done as good as they are going to do.

  4. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Deacon Keith: Wonderful article! Wonderful analogies! I Totally agree. And even though I disagree with Rob, I agree with him to a point. My take is: Yes, we Must lay the foundation for the Tower. Then begin to build. And as this happens, we also educate, and/or (Rob's evangelizing).

    In the news, it was stated that women, blacks, Hispanics and Catholics have now risen to a state to be recognized with in voting. About 70% of Hispanics voted Obama. Why? Are not Most Hispanics Catholic? What happened? They do not know their Faith? They certainly did not vote their Faith first. This is an area that needs evangelized from within as well as without. And blacks, are not a large majority Christian? Do they not believe in Life? Women. I think that there is a big difference between married women and single women, especially the young, as to how they vote. The single women today are quite different, than my era. I see Good and Bad. Obama Catholics. They appear to be "Stuck Old Democrats" that can't find their way out of the cave. Although, they think no such thing. I also think they lack education of Faith, or "are too educated' as Mom says. Though, I think that is their Ego's excuse. I am educated. I know some that are and some not. It is sometimes harder for the educated in my experience. They will be, and are, a tough nut to crack. Then, I entertain the thought that O'Riely stated the night of the election. "That demographics have changed, and people just want "Free Stuff". That's, 50% of America! It blows the mind!

    Taking ALL of the Above into consideration, my conclusion is: We have a lot of Work to do!
    Especially on our own! Prayerful Blessings...

  5. Paula
    2 years ago

    Yes all Catholics who voted for Obama voted for abortion on demand and gay marriage. The reason the Church does not have the influence to accomplish a vote against church policy goes very deep.
    Just a recent article which was linked on this site, too many Catholics are schooled in the Catechism but not the Bible. For too many Catholics their religion is just something that is there not a purpose of life. The Church needs to have less rigid rote religion and more passion. Who among us is prepared to die rather than have your Bible taken from you? Who among us is prepared to suffer torture for Christ? That is reality for many Christians in todays world.
    When our pope is calling for a UN with more power you can be sure he is not reading Revelations.
    Study your Bibles, learn from God's Word.

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    Guys, we are leaving a big part of the equation out. We are right to be angry when a catholic politician distorts catholic teachings. We get angry because these people confuse poor catechized catholics (I sure with the bishops would spend some serious time on that issue). But make no mistake that the failure of the "party of life" to do anything tangible on this issue for so long has created a scandal all it own.

    I know many of you differ with me on this point, but you cannot tell voters that life has to be their top priority and then not have that EQUALLY matched by the pursuit of policy. When those two are not equal, that by it's very action will result in what we have today, abortion. I am not convinced that the attacks on planned parenthood has anything to do with life. I think it has more to do with just be opposed to what the other team spends money on, in other words, just power.

    Besides, when Ryan waffled on this issue accepting Romney's position, that pretty much summed up what they were going to do....nothing. How can they? If you support any excpeptions for abortion, then someone has to do them when the "exceptions" arise.

    I think we have an opportunity to shake all this political non-sense off and get to work evangelizing to our own. When we witness life to the world...when we witness Christ, we will turn this tide. But until we do we will stay divided and basically cancel out our vote. A house divided will fall. Church can't fall, but we can reap the whirlwind for our failure to respond accordingly.

  7. Vin
    2 years ago

    For those who want answers to what is going on today, listen to a 1965 video on line of Paul Harvey's "if I were the devil". A perfect picture of what we have become 47 years later. If it doesn't make you stop and think, you aren't really in touch with what is going on. It will only get worse, not better. People who think they can ignore the past are bound to relive it and we are certainly doing that.

  8. Spudnik
    2 years ago

    Deacon Keith, when I saw the title and hadn't yet read the article, my first thought was that of Irish round towers, because I had the same thought myself:

    "Pray for the President, that he may undergo a genuine conversion on the matters which we know are vital to our future as a truly free people. It can happen!"

    To my shame this had not truly occurred to me, but you are right. We all should!

  9. Will ButtarazziAmybuttarazzi
    2 years ago

    Thank you Keith for you thoughtful article. Sign me up! My great uncle, Fr. John Nacca, who was a wonderful and faith filled priest, used to share that a homily always has two parts: what we believe and what we do. You just shared such. Our faith is what we believe. Our politics is what we do. Catholics should be encouraged and emboldened in our faith and have a distinctly positive and life giving influence on our communities. Win or lose we will have been faithful to our selfless Savior. Any other path is a decent into the moral abyss. If The Obama Campaign teaches us anything is that there are three parts to winning: organization, organization, organization. Let's get started. Let's take those steps to organize our voice consistently, not just the weeks before the election....

  10. rafaelmarie
    2 years ago





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