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No communion for Joe Biden Comments

Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs says that Joe Biden ought to know not to take communion at Mass. Sheridan was asked by the Colorado Springs Gazette if he would refuse the Vice President communion if he attended Mass with the Bishop. Continue Reading

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  1. ANNE
    1 year ago

    Regarding Canon 915 - please see: "APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTION SACRAE DISCIPLINAE LEGES of the SUPREME PONTIFF POPE JOHN PAUL II for the PROMULGATION of the NEW CODE OF CANON LAW" on the Vatican web site. It contains the following sentence. - - - - "Finally, the canonical laws by their very nature must be observed."
    Note the word “MUST”.
    Any Cardinal, Bishop or Priest who KNOWINGLY gives Holy Communion to a public heretic or schismatic - is being disobedient to the Magisterium. In addition they are aiding and abetting in Scandal and Sacrilege.
    (In addition to Canon # 915, please see Code # 1399 re excommunication and scandal.)

  2. urbie green
    1 year ago

    Bishop Sheridan...Thank You & God Bless you for your Courage!
    DLL...shame on you, we no longer need relativism...yes we are accountable to our Lord; Yes
    Our Lord Eat with sinners; But, we the people do have our Shepards to direct and correct us.
    You don't get to supplant church Canon law with, don't judge others so that you wont be judged. That is not what is going on here...Mr Biden, Mrs Sibelius & Pelosi, et al...are all supporters of "Infanticide"..."Infant Abortion"...Gay marriage! And I am sorry to say, The state of Massachusetts is one of the most far left leaning states in the union. You are deluding your self into thinking you have a great, solemn that its parisheners do not partake of Holy Reconcilliation, where the majority vote for the party that adamantly endorses and supports Abortions, Partial Birth Abortion (how sick is that! Partially deliver a baby, and then shove a scissor into the base of its cranial cavity! Murdering a BABY!!! Oh yeay, I sure want to be a Democrat and fully endorse the depraved murdering of the most innocent... and of course, Gay marriage... do I pray for these people? Of course, but for now, they are on the side of SATAN.

  3. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Perhaps, there were soooo many Obama Catholics, because they think that they may follow there political Catholic leaders, with no repercussion? Blessings...

  4. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    Joe Biden believes that he and Obama have achieved a "mandate" to promote abortions, Planned Parenthood, and gay marriage! We, as Catholics, were unable to oppose him and Obamas promotion of abortions and gay marriages - and no bishop is going to refuse him communion!

  5. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr.: 3 Days ago...Are you sure? Because this article was quite the contrary to me. He followed strict Church teaching. Sounds like a good Shepard. Blessings...

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    It is no concern of mine if Mr Biden receives communion or not. If He goes to confession I won't be the one to give him absolution. I do not claim to be in the persona of Christ as Holy Orders apply to our Priests. I am obligated to Jesus Christ. When I receive communion I need Christ. I pray Christ will tolerate me and that I can be redeemed. Most everybody I see at any given Sunday Mass goes to receive Christ,body,blood,soul and Divinity through the most Holy Eucharist. If they are in a state of grave sin or disobedience to God they do not disintegrate. Jesus came to save sinners not the Righteous. I do not agree with Mr Biden about any of his political or moral perspectives. I am no more righteous,however,than he is. God loves unconditionally. God is very tolerant. Catholics are not in long lines to go to confession in my Church. There are very few that go to Eucharistic adoration at my Church either. My Parish is at the same time a fantastic Parish. The members are very reverent and loyal. The Masses are beautiful and very reverent. My Parish is in Massachusetts. The members of my Parish are guaranteed to vote Democrat this election. President Obama and Vice President Biden will be the choice of the people of my town and most likely the people of my Parish. Those 2 or not my choice as I cannot agree morally with either the President or His Vice. They do not get my vote. Mr Biden can receive communion if he wants to. Who am I or anyone to stop him. It is God that imparts His Holy Graces to all during Holy Communion. It is understood that God is able to give Grace to the degree that we as individuals are open to His Good Graces. If we are in mortal sin we can receive The Eucharist but we cannot be open to the Grace of God,because by our own free will we have rejected God's good graces,so we remain in our sins. I heard a woman on the radio this Halloween compare a necco wafer candy to the "communion wafer" and she gave a hearty laugh at this analogy of hers. It simply made me very sad. God offers all His Good Graces. When we do not take Him seriously Christ is sad,because Christ knows that Grace is received through obedience to God and that Grace is received through the Power of the Holy Spirit,body,blood,soul and Divinity though the Most Holy Eucharist. What is Holy cannot be profaned by any individual. Profanity is disobedience to God. What is profane can disguise itself as righteous but it still remains profane. Repent! The profane can be redeemed but only through repentance. The sacrament of reconciliation is the way to repent and then Grace can be received. Without Repentance the Eucharist is a ritualistic pagan practice for the out of touch and happy sinner. The joy of God's grace cannot be known. As I write all of this I am reminding myself of how important the sacrament of Reconciliation is and Eucharistic Adoration is. Forgive me Lord for I to am an unworthy sinner hardly in a position to judge Vice President Biden,but Dear Lord I cannot in good conscience vote for him or President Obama. I cannot agree abortion is woman's healthcare,I cannot believe in assisted suicide,I do not believe in gay marriage,I do not believe that it is state rights to rewrite fundamental moral laws and to redefine human rights. I do not agree that separation of church and state is to prevent public display of the 10 Commandments or the Cross in public places. Christmas is a Holy Day not a commercial huge profit enterprise. These things I must consider when I vote. Prayer is the hope of making wise choices. God's graces are for those who make wise choices,in obedience to God,as Christ did.

  7. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    Elsewhere here on CO: see
    Moral Coherence and Voting: Courageous Bishop Daniel Jenky Calls Catholic Citizens to Loyalty to the Lord First

    This is the kind of shepherding and leadership we need in the Church. Bishop Jenky is not afraid of stepping on the toes of political correctness and/or requiring his words be given to every soul under his care by his priests. May this be an example to the other Bishops to remove their slippers and put on their combat boots to fight the war on Religious Liberty.
    God Bless Bishop Jenky

  8. :) JMJ
    2 years ago

    Thank you Bishop Sheridan!
    We need to keep strong leaders like him in the Church to truly practice the laws of our Faith.

    But..why is this question coming up now?
    Is it only to this particular bishop?
    Or is it an overall question of giving Holy Communion to Biden?
    Because he has been a fake 'Catholic' for four years now...if he hasn't been attending Mass, than he is not fulfilling his 'Catholic' duties.
    I mean, I'm not suprised if he isn't being truly Catholic, he wouldn't know how.
    But you would think that this was a question before he became vice president.
    God Bless,

  9. jh
    2 years ago

    Bishop Sheridan's comments are clear and helpful. They instruct the faithful and offer correction to those who err. Look at the charity and responsibility demonstrated here: the bishop is saving souls. God bless Bishop Sheridan.

  10. Shamus Donaghue
    2 years ago

    : )

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