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Guest Opinion: A New Campaign Low. Presidential Character and the Lena Dunham Advertisement Comments

A man's character is the sum of his actions over time, so you intrinsically know a person of good character when you encounter one. Who could have had any doubt about Bl. Mother Theresa's character? One can "smell" good character, or perhaps I should say, one can smell bad character. Continue Reading

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  1. David
    2 years ago

    With all due respect, you can't judge the character of a presidential candidate based on one, or even any, of the political advertisements. Plus, speaking of character, one has to question the character of a man who uses other people's money to buy companies (many of which were weak but could have been turned around) and then bankrupts the companies, leaving tens of thousands of people jobless. So, what then?

  2. Bob Conner
    2 years ago

    Get out of the Dark Ages! The video was NOT obscene in any manner! Character and religious beliefs are NOT synonymous terms.

  3. Larry diewold
    2 years ago

    You see, this is why we're losing young people. Opinions like this are rampant, wrong, and divisive. I know that you think that people need to come to the church, but it is clearer than ever that the church needs to come to the people as well.
    Make an honest connection at the human level. I don't understand how the church brass can so clearly miss the mark on that but they, by and large, do.
    To save people we must understand people, and people use and enjoy humor. Embrace it.

    And now for my opinion:
    There is only one Presidental candidate that honestly cares about people on a human level, who can be counted on to be charitable towards those in need at home and abroad, and who will act in a manner consistent with what he has told us of himself.
    I'm going to Vote for the better human being. I am voting for Barack Obama, and I hope that you see through the insincerity of Mitt Romney to do the same.
    Rush was right, character does matter. Mr. Romney's character is not that of someone who cares for anything more than the earthy desire to go down in history as a name on the list of US President's. That's not worthy of my vote as a Catholic, let alone as an American.

  4. BubaEinstein
    2 years ago

    In my opinion and the opinion of our country's founding fathers, Separation of church and state are being violated with the Catholic voting video. If the church is going to participate in the election then the church should lose it's tax exempt status.

  5. Jay
    2 years ago

    And what does the catholic encyclopedia say about passing judgement? Clearly you are a biased conservative who probably also believes in abstinence as the only form of birth control. Get with the times! The women this ad targets are not offended, and most of them are not virgins either.

  6. kevin
    2 years ago

    What a horrible and biased opinion hit piece.

    The mock horror at a g-rated and humorous campaign commercial undermines what real character is about.

    Mr. Obama has proven that he is a moderate and wise leader.

    You have failed to address the rank opportunism of Mr. Romney, the daily switches in position, the posting of commercials with racial bias, the obvious premeditated lies.

    Not all people are Catholics. Not all people want Catholic Law to govern America. Nobody will force an abortion on a Catholic. No Catholic should force his religious beliefs on others.

    I miss the days when the Catholic Church was a beacon shining on all that was good in America.

  7. Catherine
    2 years ago

    Character? Lets talk about character shall we? Romney has lied, to our faces with every opportunity he gets. I would hazard to guess he he has blatantly and obviously lied more to the America public than any candidate before him. I didnt know that commandment didnt exsist anymore. Shame on you. Lyin Ryan laughed at an elderly man who dared tell him what he thinks, then was tackled to the ground and the comment from Mr Catholic was " I hope he brought his blood pressure medicine". How is that showing character? Dont get on your religious high horse and judge anyone as the bible clearly states judge not lest you be judged. Only God has that right and last I heard you werent God. You doctor, are just plain wrong and thankfully only about 18 people will see this article and pay it any attention at all.

  8. Brian Green
    2 years ago

    If you want to get into campaign lows and presidential character, you can't do any worse than Williard Romney and Paul Ryan. Romney has changed his positions on every issue in the campaign, sometimes changing his positions more than once in a week. Ryan did a unauthorized photo-op in a soup kitchen where he pretended to wash clean dishes, then ignored the consequences when the soup kitchen lost donations because of the incident he caused.

    These men are of extremely poor character. A voting ad by a young woman that a lot of overly prudish religious people feel is too sexy has absolutely nothing to do with the character of President Obama at all, and to insinuate otherwise is just ridiculous.

  9. Rev. James
    2 years ago

    "Who could have had any doubt about Bl. Mother Theresa's character?"
    I do, and others do as well. It's off topic, but please consider taking a second look at the person many people believe was a servant to the poor, and what she actually did (things like hob-nob with celebrities, and take money from brutal dictators and use it to found many 'hospices' where instead of giving medical care and easing the suffering of the dying, they were isolated from there families, and told to lay there and suffer "... to know the pain of Christ."). How about her war on contraception in India? Perhaps some Catholics think fighting widespread use of contraception is saintly business, but many other people certainly do not. How about the fact that she lied openly about the depths of her faith? Don't take my word for it, read her own letters. Teresa of Calcutta was undoubtably a celebrity, but her character is not without question.

  10. John Livingson
    2 years ago

    I agree that character counts, but the Lena Dunham add was paid for by the "Obama for America" Super Pac and not endorsed by the president. The real lack of character is not the candidates themselves, but the heavily funded Super Pac adds on both sides.

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