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Guest Opinion: A New Campaign Low. Presidential Character and the Lena Dunham Advertisement Comments

A man's character is the sum of his actions over time, so you intrinsically know a person of good character when you encounter one. Who could have had any doubt about Bl. Mother Theresa's character? One can "smell" good character, or perhaps I should say, one can smell bad character. Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago

    Personally, I do find the ad offensive. But if there is any fruit from this election cycle is that I think this talk of women's dignity being tied to birth control or "reproductive rights" is starting to make women really question these premises. I think women are starting to wake up about what exactly this message is saying. Who knows, maybe in their zeal for votes, those spinning this message may see it backfire against them.

  2. Spiritus Gladius
    2 years ago

    Deacon Fournier, you are the man. God Bless your brave soul.

  3. DLL
    2 years ago

    I don't think that a lot of people concentrate so much on anything this girl is saying. It is the way she animates. She is baby faced and voting for her first time. She says all the politically correct stuff. She is kind of a loose goose type,first experience date type,for better or worse. She really does not act like the kind of girl anyone really takes seriously. Even though she strikes me as a goof,she has an appeal and if your hear her,you weren't interested really enough,to seriously consider the content or quality,of her message. You basically hear the name of President Obama,and some women issue stuff,not too bright really,but she spins it in an appealing sort of a way. If your inclined to like him enough to vote for him,all you really heard was that the brand name Democrat,was President Obama's name. Vote Obama. No Thanks!

  4. MarkM
    2 years ago

    Afew thoughts...
    1. Women are more than the sum of their reproductive organs. Stop treating them like objects, but intelligent people who have jobs, families and character. I prefer we change the workplace and the world to how our love not suppress their femininity and call it healthcare.

    2. The video isn't telling me much about Obama. He's a flip flopped. Pro marriage, now against it. Pro women, yet treats them as PP fodder. The video tells me about the cult of followers he has and their values. It's sad that he has convinced women to demand, yes demand, they be objectified and discarded. He is the war on women. I hope the GOP uses this mistake to improve their own knowledge and enhance workplace and our cultural treatment of women. It's an opportunity.

  5. Deacon Keith Fournier
    2 years ago

    To Bob: Catholic Online is NOT a "Tax Exempt" organization. It was organized as a for profit business. First and foremost to avoid the exact kind of back door censorship your comment reveals. To speak out on moral issues is not simply to be "political", it is to be a concerned human being and a good citizen. There are no restrictions on what is printed or published except the ones which are self imposed. Catholic Online will stand for what is true and good - and not cower in an age of political correctness.

  6. JK
    2 years ago

    This is my first time on this site and this is the first article I read. I am struck by the vehemence of the anti-Catholic rhetoric in many comments. One person even manages to attack Mother Teresa, apparently for actually being human and not being perfect. Emotions are obviously trumping reason and rationality with some people.
    Both Obama and Romney have their strengths and weaknesses. As a practicing Catholic, the issue of life takes precedence. The President has been extremely pro-abortion, including supporting partial-birth abortion as welll as refusing care to babies who survivie the abortion process and are born alive. As a physician who has been in practice for more than 20 yrs--and delivered many babies--I, and the vast majority of my colleagues, find this practice reprehensible.
    Regarding the ad, I thought it was tasteless and potentially offensive, not just to many Christians but also to followers of Islam and many of the Jewish faith as well.

  7. Cait
    2 years ago

    I am a 25 year old female and this ad offends me, but for different reasons the article discussed.. Many members of the Obama campaign think our votes can be bought with the promise of free birth control. Is that all we are worth? Be a strong independent woman and purchase it yourself if that's what you need. You say you don't want a man to take care of you...why do you want the goverment to have that responsibility? No thank you. In my opinion, the republican party is more supportive of women and children because they are sending the message that regardless of race or socioeconomic status, your unborn child is precious, important, and worth saving.

  8. Cels
    2 years ago

    Inscribed on the American Money, bills or coins is; "In God We Trust" . Why do you think this trust in God is inscribed in our money? It's because the founding fathers of America founded this nation under God and they wanted this to be remembered by the succeeding generations.. America was blessed by God because of the faith and trust of our founding fathers. It is the greatest nation on earth for several decade, but lately is joining the worst economies in the world. And you people who does not believe in God are trying to bring this nation down further by tearing apart the foundation of great faith in God of this great nation. If you are not for God, who are you for? Be careful because there are only two major forces in the world, that of God and that of the Devil.

  9. MikeKC
    2 years ago

    I see Google has lured in the pagans. I hope they read more articles on the website after they left their bile in the comments section. Their lack of intelligence and world experience is quite obvious.

  10. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    The only thing more disgusting than this commercial and the immorality it represents is the thought of Catholic democrats going to Mass on Sunday and voting for such evil on Tuesday. Presumably they commit this sin in order to save their precious pet social programs which are leading us to a Greek-like economic collapse.I am in the lower half of the economic spectrum and need for there to be lower taxes on the wealthy and on businesses. This will result in a buyer's market for workers-we will be able to choose from among a wide variety of job offers with upward pressure on wages. Catholic democrats justify voting for evil (like infanticide and equating sodomy with Holy Matrimony and legal attacks against Catholic and other religious institutions) because they have a kindergarten-level knowledge of economics. Coveting the wealthy violates the Ten Commandments, so does stealing from them through a confiscatory tax policy. The justice in all this is that Catholic democrats end up hurting themselves by creating a bad economy through soak-the-rich and spend-into-oblivion policies. The injustice in all this is that the Catholic democrats end up hurting innocent people like me by creating such a mess-of course I am not hurt as much as the innocent babies killed by the votes of Catholic democrats.

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