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'I dreamt of becoming a mother. Now I feel like a murderer' Comments

British mother Hilary Freeman was set to welcome her daughter Elodie into the world - until she learned her child would be disabled and might only live briefly if born. She made the decision to abort her child - and has found no solace ever since. Continue Reading

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  1. Dj
    1 year ago

    Yes Doctors most CERTAINLY DO SUGGEST (and will even make you feel forced into!!)LATE TERM ABORTIONS!! TO THE GUY BACK THERE THAT SAID THEY DONT, and until "You personally have walked that way, shut up the talk"!! cuz you dont have a clue in H E L L what going through such a thing does to the mother!! YOU CANT BEGIN TO COMPREHEND THE GRIEF & PAIN THAT YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOU WERE SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR BABY YOU HAD TO GIVE HIM BACK TO GOD!!! So unless youve been there yourself you dont know what the hell your ignorant minds would REALLY DO in such a horrific situation!!! Shame on all of you!!!

  2. Bill M.
    2 years ago

    This is one of the saddest things I've ever read.

  3. marie
    2 years ago

    we do not have the right to judge someone eleses life desisons! she made the choice that she thought was right, her baby was to be born severly damaged and her childs suffering could of been much longer. I don't think anyone can comment on her repenting for her sins as there called untill you are made to make that kind of dicision yourself!! and i do believe we should pray for this mother to have peace and joy and forgiveness for herself she had to make a very difficult discision, and grief of a child never ends.....

  4. Hilary
    2 years ago

    I have kept my counsel despite the many hurtful, nasty, judgemental and patronising comments on here. Believe me, I have had to bite my tongue and have deleted many responses I began to write because I didn't want to get personal and stoop to the level of some of the people who have said horrible things for no reason other than to have their say.
    Let's get something straight: I didn't post my article on this website - it was for a british newspaper, which is not an organ for the Catholic church - and I didn't ask for your opinions, but I appreciate that since my article is in the public domain, it will attract comments from people who don't agree with my choices.
    However, I would appreciate it if, before you comment, you read my whole article - not just the selected quotes that have been printed here to illustrate a particular point of view - which is not one I share.
    Here it is:
    You are all entitled to your values and beliefs, whether or not I share them. However, what I don't accept is those of you who are trying to tell me black is white. How dare you argue with what the doctors told me? Were you there? Do you have a doctorate in genetics or fetal medicine. Have you studied Trisomy 2 Mosaicism? You might not like the decision I made, or agree with it, but have the decency not to tell me that what I'm saying is not true when you don't know what you're talking about.
    And for the record, once again, I am not repentent. I feel and will always feel sad about what happened but I KNOW it was the right thing to do and yes, I would do it again if I were in the same position. I saved my daughter from pain and suffering. That was the only reason I did it.
    As for my marital status, that has nothing to do with anything.

  5. Paul
    2 years ago

    Alas. No doctor would recommend an abortion for this purpose. Please stop suggesting they would. Hilary is clearly repentant, and needs our prayers and support.

  6. isabel
    2 years ago

    we r in a sinful world. we all need repentance & obey God's Law/ We need a spiritual revival, marriage is sacred & sex is for a married couple of a man & a woman. Living a godly life could resolve social problems, abortion is to kill in God,s eyes. I pray that she and her partner repent, be forgiven and get married with a blessing from God first before sex. Amen

  7. Margo
    2 years ago

    Hilary Freeman was set to welcome her daughter Elodie into the world - until she learned her child would be disabled and might only live briefly if born. Is this an excuse? Are you the only one in the world who has/ or would have birthed a disabled child? I am not judging Hillary. This would not have been a choice for me.
    I hope that Hillary finds peace and forgiveness.
    I can't imagine this at all. 18 more weeks she could have enjoyed her baby Elodie, even if for a short time.


  8. Terry
    2 years ago

    I am amazed and saddened by many of the posted comments. I am 100% pro life but many of the comments were truly mean. Hillary's point that many women have felt the same way but are too afraid to speak about it (for fear of a reaction such as she received) was a good one. We must have compassion for the women who've made these choices and pray for their healing. Sharing her experience will hopefully help a woman who is in a similar position and might just have helped someone make a choice for life. Hillary, I hope that you come back to this forum - thank you for sharing.

  9. Carla
    2 years ago

    i FEEL SO BAD...i am sick...THIS STORY IS WORST EVER!! kill own child??? I cannt imagine that feeling... I feel very very sad...Dear child may Angels be with you...

  10. Harris
    2 years ago

    My heart is pounding

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