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Who is Golden Dawn and what is their problem? Comments

In 1941, the Nazis invaded Greece, aided by Italy and Bulgaria. The next four years were filled with hardship. Hundreds of thousands died from starvation and tens of thousands were murdered in Nazi reprisals. Hyperinflation destroyed the economy and when the war ended, a civil war erupted. Continue Reading

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  1. Nik Karchaw
    2 years ago

    As others have pointed out, you shouldn't refer to Golden Dawn as a Nazi organization. They are ultra-nationalist, like the ruling party of Serbia. There is a big difference.

  2. Flashman
    2 years ago

    Regardless of what you think of it, at heart the Golden Dawn is a chauvanistic nationalist party nearer to the authoritarianism of Ioannis Metaxas than Adolf Hitler. In fact, to label Nikolaos Michaloliakos a Nazi is clearly just a childish slur.

    Have you never heard of the sin of detraction?

    So should I be surprised or disappointed to see such an article on a site that claims to be authentically catholic?

  3. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Wow! After reading the article and posts I am speechless. Blessings to All...

  4. Trehas Girodopoulos
    2 years ago

    First of all, the article has some things that need correction. For starters, Golden Dawn has never claimed to be a neo nazi organization and continues to deny that allegation put forth by the mainstream media. I prefer to think of them as ultra-nationalists. Secondly, you mentioned that these so called immigrants( I prefer to call them inavders), built Greece which is a total lie. These invaders, found Greece as a modern western nation, with free medical and welfare benefits and so 1.8 million immigrated illegally to reap the benefits of living there about 15 years ago. Imagine in another 15 years, Greeks will become the minority in their own country. Tell me, with the majority of the immigrants being muslim, how do you think they will treat the native Greek population once they become the majority in a country which is only 10 million. Just look at the countries where the majority are muslim, how christians and other religious minorities are treated. My advice to the Catholic church is begin by fighting for the rights of Chritistians being killed, beaten, raped on a regular basis in these sewers where immigrants come from.

  5. Isabelle
    2 years ago

    Do you think EU countries should voice their support for the anti-fascism movement in Greece? 86% say YES, make your voice heard on

  6. Ronald
    2 years ago

    This is why I have renounced the Catholic faith. It is a belief system that is not natural. These "new arrivals" are, in fact, INVADERS. They are unwelcome, unwanted and un-needed. They need to stay in their own countries and make them better, as the Golden Dawn are trying to do in Greece.

    You Catholics are ridiculous. You threatened to throw me out of your schools when my parents were having financial difficulties and have written people off in your efforts at appealing to the "global masses."

    Greece is for the Greeks. The bankers don't belong there, the foreign invaders don't belong there.

    The "new arrivals," term you so nonchalantly throw about are foreign invaders. Illegally entering, and in many cases committing acts that are also illegal whilst IN Greece. You forgot to mention that Golden Dawn, when patrolling the market in Athens, asked all vendors for their licenses to operate...the ones that provided these documents--"new arrivals" included--were LEFT ALONE. The ones who were flagrantly breaking the law were punished, as should be the case when one breaks the LAW.

    Greeks need jobs, Greeks need security from "new arrivals," like that young Pakistani lad who raped and bludgeoned the Greek girl into a coma, and Golden Dawn provides this protection. Your Catholic Church does NOTHING for the Greek people, just like you did for me. I turn my back on you.

  7. Zele Avradopoulos
    2 years ago

    There are two very important points not mentioned in the article. Before 2004,Greece, Italy and Spain were the gateway countries for immigrants and refugees wanting a better life and trying to reside in the EU. Greece, Italy and Spain were only entry points. The main goal for the immigrants were to make their way to the UK, France and Germany where there were jobs, better benefits and opportunities. After 2004, the UK, France and Germany being overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants, passed a law stating immigrants seeking EU residency had to stay in the country they entered from until they had the necessary EU paperwork. Another EU law was passed in 2008 whereby immigrants without the necessary paperwork had to be returned to the EU country they entered from. Greece has been put in the difficult position of not being able to turn away immigrants and not being able to take care of its own people. The result is, Golden Dawn. I do not condone Golden Dawn. I am appalled with the situation. However, the entire blame does not fall on Greek shoulders. The wealthier EU nations changed laws adding even more burden to their poorer southern neighbors. Thus, xenophobia has reared it's ugly head in all three countries.

  8. Patrick Reynolds
    2 years ago


    You applaud a group that is using gang violence to further their ideals....? This is about the farthest thing from Catholic you can find...

  9. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    The Golden Dawn aren't Nazis. They even have the blessings of the Orthodox Church. In the one instance I can recall of them destroying a shop, it belonged to an illegal immigrant from Turkey.

  10. TruthShinesOut
    2 years ago

    Support for Golden Dawn has doubled since the June 2012 elections & they are now according to all mainstream polls, the 3rd largest political party in Greece, consistently polling 14% to 16%. The leading party according to these same polls is Syriza with 30% & New Democracy with 27%. Golden Dawn would likely score 20% if elections were held today according to a recent statement by a former Greek PM. The fact is that since June, support for Golden Dawn has been rising by roughly 1.4% per month. At that rate they will be the leading party in Greece within 12 months. Golden Dawn will govern Greece by late 2013 & they have promised to make good on their pledge to deport the 2 million ILLEGAL immigrants residing in Greece and to strip all illegal immigrants who have recieved citizenship under an amnesty,of that citizenship (same for the children of these illegal immigrants).

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