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Obama and Cecile Richard's Caricature of the American Woman Comments

Quite frankly, Cecile, (to use a phrase you love) I've had quite enough, more than enough, of the vulgar caricature of the American woman being presented by you and Planned Parenthood and all your liberal feminist friends, Obama and his administration, and the manipulative, cowardly, dishonest institution we used to call the Press.  Don't you dare tell me that my freedom and my happiness depends on the "right" to execute my own children. Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago


    I think Obama's and Joe's position on moral issues is widely known. I didn't vote for them the first time around and don't plan on it this time. Not sure how much more I need to say about that. My angst is not whether I'm going to vote for Obama vs Romney, but whether I'm going to do a write in or something else.

    What is not know is what exactly I'm getting from the other side. Love them or hate them, at least I know where they stand. GOP? Who the heck knows? Seems to be shifting every day. And since you brought it up, I do believe my vote is very precious. I believe my church holds me to a very stingent standard in exercising that precious right. Am I not obligated to exercise that same stringent standard, you know perform due dillegence on who is going to get my vote?

    As I can call it now, I have a choice between a party that suports and advocates death, and another who does so silently, but is anti-death enough to get the pro-life vote. I see no difference anymore. Honestly, I don't think either party really cares one way or the other, they are just appealing to bases for votes. And truth be told, the more I hear all the nonsense conspiracy theories and flat out unfair opposition to our President, it really makes me wonder what I'm voting for when I vote against him.

  2. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago


    You have spent nearly all of your efforts here on what you believe are problems with the Republican candidates holding them to a very stringent standard you have set in order to receive your very precious vote. I am sure those of us who love and respect you for your stance would be interested in your as yet little noted careful analysis of Barack and Joe pointing to specific moral issues you (hopefully) have with their positions if that is not too much to ask of you.
    Also, since to be honest we all have but two choices as to who will be running our country for the next four years and we are engaged in an election to choose a civil commander in chief and NOT the country’s Christian Chaplain in Chief (as Catholics the Pope does that for us) we should be interested enough in the welfare of our fellow non-Catholic or non-Christian citizens to make every effort to see that our civil leader, in our judgment, has character and principles which most closely match the faith and morals we cherish and hold as those worthy of all freedom loving people. If that is not evident to us as a conscientious voter or enough criteria for us to make our decision by now then we should respectfully remove ourselves from the discussion.

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, it's not that I don't concur on many points Bill and others make. But I have no illusions about what a vote for the RR ticket means. ON a majority of the very issues that are discussed, it means nothing. Why? Because these issues have gone too far already and wishy washy change my position my the day Romney will basically do whatever he has to do to get a vote. He will not be the champion on any of these issues. Just take a look at the ads running in the Murdoch race.

    For me personally, I'm just sick of always having to compromise with these clowns.

  4. Ingrid M.
    2 years ago

    I agree with Theresa H, totally. I am not American but I know that what American authorities want they want the rest of the world to do and are prepared to even bully their way through. There are forces behind these authorities. I was recently in the US in July and what I saw was really scary. The traditional family is at stake as well as life itself. The devil works in mysterious ways and here it was apparent. As Elysha also points out, the wolf dresses in the sheep's clothing of "protecting your rights."There is a serious attack on Christianity and the christian life. Please stand firm and say no through your vote.

  5. Rob
    2 years ago

    Guys, after watching the dust up on abortion this morning and how quickly the Romney campaign worked to distance themselves from it, do you really wonder why I'm so frustrated? To top it off Romney starts running ads to ensure voters that he supports contraceptives and exceptions for abortions. When they played that commercial this morning I spit out my toothpaste and had to change. I'm sorry guys, but time to stop drinking the kool aid.

    Bill, all I want is a pro-life politician to be as pro-life in speech and action as I am instructed to be with my vote. I want to vote pro-life, not exceptions for abortion as if that is really a different choice. It does not take a rocket scientist to begin to see why so many just ignore the life issue completely when they watch what is happening right now go on right before their eyes. Personally, I don't understand how Paul Ryan can take part in it. Wouldn't this be a material cooperation with evil?

    As for all the socialism cries etc, well that is a matter of prudential judgement for all voters to make.

  6. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Did you read and HEAR Bill Sr.'s post to Theresa H.?

    Another insightful letter that agrees w/Theresa H., JoAnn, Vance, myself and others.
    Those who do not concur, know who they are very well, and would do well to also read and contemplate. Blessings to all..

  7. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, who is moaning? I am merely accepting where we are and expressing disappointment that the RR ticket basically buckled under pressure and ensured that the march of death continues. So long as abortion continues to be one of those issues that always gets compromised, it will never go away. Evil just needs a crack. Doesn't matter if you have George Washington as president, a little evil is still evil. And as this race continues and I watch Romney morph on national TV to who I really think he is, I don't think we will get a much different result.

  8. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    Theresa H.

    Your are 100% on target, But for many of our Catholic brethren that is not enough. They vary from simply liberals at heart or refuse to take sides hanging on for things like the total restriction of all abortions or even want to retain Obamacare saying it is necessary as a social justice measure or go so far as to say same sex marriage is just being fair because we can not deny some homosexuals are born that way. It seems they are waiting for the Pope to appear on the presidential ballot and most of the hierarchy are running for congress. On the other hand you and most of rest of us realize that until Christ comes again (and we pray soon) we have to do the best we can to control the very dire situation we as Americans are in due to the years of capitulation of Christian values to the progressive liberal agenda which has been taken over by Marxist socialism now lead by Barack Obama and practicing Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and the very charming but deadly dictator running the HHS, Kathleen Sebelius forcing our Catholic institutions to set aside their religious conscience and provide under threat of fines contraception and abortions for their employees. God Bless the straglers but we must press on without them to hopefully preserve America for them and our own grandchildren.

  9. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Rob, Rob: Why do you still not get it? Read Theresa H. post and do some real contemplating! There have been too many responses, going into detail about Romney v. Obama...Life v. Death. It seems you want to quibble about something just to have something to moan about. Yes, we all know his platform is not perfect, but who said life was? We all know we rather have it our way. But we are adults, and we can not sit down and have a tantrum. And most of us feel like Theresa H. and this is the Best Shot we have at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of much as it can be in this world anyway.

    Your vote is your vote. Your conscience is your conscience. I am your sister, and my thoughts and prayers are always with you. Blessings...

  10. Theresa H.
    2 years ago

    This election will be an incredible moment in US History. The LIFE Issues are center-front. Obama is 100% "pro-choice" for "women's 'rights" (abortion/contraception for any reason); Romney allows for a few exceptions to the pro-Life position (rape, incest--in this respect, I do not agree with Romney). Romney is anti-embryonic stem-cell research; Obama is all for e-stem cell research. Obama has clearly stated he is pro "same-sex marriage;" Romney is clearly pro "marriage between one man and one woman." In the "Patient Affordable Health Care Act" Obama is forcing the Catholic Church as an employer (and secular employers who conscientiously object) to pay for health insurance covering abortions and contraceptives for women; Romney opposes this imposition on the Church and conscientious employers and says he will repeal it. Clearly, in the realm of abortion, contraception, and marriage, Romney's position is much closer to the Catholic position. In these circumstances, we must choose the person whose stance is closer to the Pro-Life/Pro-Marriage stance. Moreover, to choose NOT to vote will be a vote for the incumbent and That will have enormous consequences, I fear, even beyond what we already see.... In fact, I tend to think that our days as the USA we have known for over two hundred years will soon come to an end if we continue much longer on this path.... We live in a a hedonistic "culture of death;" turned in on the "self," we will self-destruct if we don't do an "about face" soon!

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