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Hudson and Fournier: Catholic Countdown to Election 2012, Day 23. Abp. Chaput says 'Be a Catholic First' Comments

"What if you had to choose between our country and Jesus, what would you choose? We have not had to make that choice, yet." With that last comment, a ripple of recognition could be felt in the audience, as if the Archbishop was tapping into the deep concern that brought them into the gymnasium on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in autumn. Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Theresa H., I wholeheartedly concur. Truer words were never spoken. Blessings...

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    Theresa, a vote for evil is still a vote for evil. If 40 years of Roe v Wade teaches us anything, it's that the opposition party will leave bad laws in place because it's excellent political fodder that can be used every election cycle. Pick your law, right or left, and it's easy to see that the promises to repeal etc are always left undone. I guess in this case a repeal of the HHS mandate can be done with Romney/Ryan? Romney has had virtually every position on almost every issue so it's a little hard to peg where he might actually go.

    As for voting third party, well I guess in this two party system where they have successfully locked the process down between dumb and dumber, you are right, maybe it is "throwing a vote away." But doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result seems foolish too.

  3. Theresa H
    2 years ago

    Rob.....and All, So what do we do? Vote or not vote? To NOT vote, dare I say, is a "cop out" that is actually a vote! If we have no "good' choice" then we have to vote for "the lesser of two evils;" a third-party vote will be a vote for one of the "two" primary candidates. We have seen 4 years of what Obama has to offer--and he has assured us that he will do even better at what he is in the process of doing = destroying our Country's Founding Principles--if he is given four more years. So, if Romney is lying (I don't think he is, but IF he is), I'd still risk having him in the Oval Office over four more years of Obama!!! I do really think--in the light of history that our "time" may be up. Our basically hedonistic "culture" today has drifted way too far away from our historical Founding Principles. It will take a real "miracle" to get us back on track. I think there is more possibility to at least start turning around with Romney and Ryan....But, no doubt about it, not a little "prayer and penance" is needed for this "cause that is just...."

  4. Audrey McDowell
    2 years ago

    Audrey - did I spell your last name right?

  5. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Please Rob, I Hope and Pray for Something different! I get your American Idol analogy, and I agree, but can THIS time, pray God, be different? Blessings...

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    Paul, you hit the nail on the head. Great post!

    I think this entire election cycle, actually I think you have to go back to the democratic primary preceeding Obama, to say that it's become merely a political version of American Idol. The wealthy class picks a group of individuals who will be our choices. We fight and fight about who is better than who and ususally end up with the one who sort of leaves that "I just threw up in my mouth" taste. But like good little sheep, we jump on it and defend them tooth and nail as if the election were the super bowl and not actually electing the leader of the "free" world. The only thing we need to finish this off is to be allowed to text our winners as they do on American Idol.

    Four years from now we'll be back to talk about the debt, deficits, probably another war we shouldn't have started, abortion etc. The political class, they are counting on it. Keeps them and their supporters in business. I guess we just have to vote for who our little conscience tells us to, but it's getting harder to pretend that our choice really amounts to anything.

  7. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Paul-Emile Lerey, No. You are not on your little kayak all alone at sea. Your posts are very good and display mature insight. I certainly enjoy reading them and some of your words even exercise my brain at times! Ha. I wonder if your articles, and that is what they are, (and I say this to you in all sincerity, not only because it was said to me, once upon a time), but because you do say what needs to be heard... but perhaps it is a little long for some people. I do not think that you would feel like the little kayak alone at sea, if you made more short and frequent posts. Just a suggestion. I know that the writer is not finished until the writer is done. And your articles are indeed thought provoking! Actually, I agree with everything you said. Food for thought was China. It has been no problem to me at all to vote Catholic Truth before Dem. or Rep. But since neither are even 80% correct, I still find myself voting R/R. That particular party just happens to be more in line with Catholic thought. Blessings...

  8. Tammy
    2 years ago

    Every thing is in God's Plan of Salvation.If the Israel did not fall, the faith would not have reached the ends of the world. All things are vanity and are passing. The world will only be healed and restored through the blood of Jesus and the word of God. God has a special plan for each of us, and we must do his will, follow the purpose that he has for us. Its sad to see devout Catholics, who are doing very well financially, however tehy do not they distribute their wealth to the have nots, Instead they go and buy another bigger house, another bigger car and get swept away in proving who is doing the best financially. They have lost the courage to live as Jesus lived in humility, meekness, charity, Justice. Church leaders have instructed the faithful on living the Gospel life, and how is the time for them to step up evern more in proclaiming God's word through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  9. Angela Petrash
    2 years ago

    I wish my Bishop would be so bold! May God continue to bless you Abp. Chaput!

  10. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr., thank you for the encouragement. I sometimes feel like a little kayak out at sea, therefore from time to time a vote of confidence is encouraging. Larry, your comment about "poor in spirit" caught my attention. Yesterday, in our faith sharing group this exact theme came up. Poor in spirit is about humility. Many economically poor are NOT poor in spirit. Therefore, verbiage and platitudes painting all economically wealthy types as evil selfish tyrants are sometimes elements of sophistry and deceitful manipulation. In the spirit of this article, "to forget about labels", I also wish to gently criticize Mr. Romney. His recent comments about China devaluing and manipulating their currency are very manipulative in nature. Japan manipulates their currency. Many countries manipulate their currencies. The United States manipulates their currency. What are QE1 and QE2 about? What does the Federal Reserve, with Mr. Bernanke and his troops, often do? Where was the price of gold say 10 years ago? What is it now? See the charts on Is gold's rise solely based on supply and demand fundamentals? Or, possibly, is it based also on fear? How about perception? Gold often goes in OPPOSITE directions of the USD index. Why? If Mr. Romney is to call out China on currency manipulations, let him first take the log out of his own eye and attack America first. What are unionized auto labourers in America and Canada paid, per hour, when all things are considered? Now, look at what they are paid in Japan. Who makes better cars, generally speaking? What are the salaries, after bonuses, of Japanese execs? Compare this with the salaries of American execs in the same line of work. The difference is in the millions of dollars. Yes, let us DROP the labels and keep both sides of the sophistry circus on the stage of actors gathering at the often brand name Master Sophists' Hotels and Stadiums across the lands as honest as possible. That alone is practically almost impossible, but we must try nonetheless. It is very unfortunate that herds were gathered inside the Roman Coliseum to see innocent victims slaughtered in the Roman days; these days they gather inside sports stadiums freely to vote to get slaughtered. What an illusion, this smoke and mirror circus of democracy is; a mob electing a mob leader. And let us not forget that the majority is usually WRONG. Once again, for the upteenth time, how to reconcile this fact with another fact that in democracies majority counts? It is the nature of truth that it often separates itself from the crowd. Do NOT fear politicians, lawyers, judges, unions, academics, the system; including when you vote. Vote with the best part of your conscience. Be ruthlessly honest, including with your own conscience, when you vote as well. And NEVER mind the personality cult-like noise and flash. Who will do the least amount of damage and then, possibly, therefore by consequence potentially actualize the greatest amount of good? How to define what is good? Don't look to politicians for the answer. Define what is good by those most likely to have the proper definitions of "the good". I'll back up a cardinal or archbishop, generally speaking, must faster than any politician. To me, that is completely self-evident in most cases. Yes, there are politics and political types in all religions as well. However, let us look at motives. In the business of international, national, prefectural, state, provincial, regional, local politics; the motives are likely to be much less pure than inside the Catholic Church. Therefore, let us give more weight to our Catholic Church leaders than to Catholic politicians...there are very few St. Thomas More types in politics these days (and probably before as well; the good old days were not that good if history is any indication)! Instead of crucifying truth, why not send out the dogs on those who lie and manipulate us with our tax money! Do NOT EVER trust fully politicians....NEVER EVER fully trust them. Naive gullible fools trust politicians too much. What is the unemployment percentage in Spain currently? Over 20%. Is anybody going to tell us that Catholic politicians always behave in what is best for their people? Common, let us not be taken for a pile of fools. They love to insult our intelligence, these political baffoons! And then, I keep reminding myself of the dandelions and the rectangular box 6 feet under the ground. NOBODY escapes matter how powerful, controlling, economically rich, popular or unpopular, one is. We all eventually get to analyze the roots of dandelions from a perspective of about 6 feet underneath them. And that, truly, gives me GREAT HOPE! That alone gives me MORE HOPE than any political speech ever will! Perhaps this is why some saints allegedly went so far as to dig a grave right outside of their homes? To remind themselves each day as they stepped out the door of where they would end up. A future analyst of root structures of dandelions and sound analyst of lawn mowers passing above from the perspective of a rectangular box 6 feet under! Let us BURN brightly, as this historic election approaches. I am looking forward to the upcoming circus. Who will be wearing the blue soft toned tie? Who will be wearing the red toned power tie? And with all this, let us not forget the "New York Times effect on man" and which way it leans and the fact that it influences many other newspapers and commentaries as well; right down to the local paper in the middle of nowhere where goats and cows outnumber the citizens and where the population quadruples everytime there is a wedding or funeral. The New York Times, while very enjoyable and informative, does lean a certain way. And both candidates have some Harvard influences inside them; which way does Harvard lean? This is so much fun that before breaking out into fits of laughter, I better stop right here. Economists make the weatherman look accurate, goes the saying in economic circles. Therefore, be diligent in listening to them as well. Many of them get rich selling books on "how to" get rich; NOT by predicting future market directions. 2008 ought to still be fresh enough in the minds and hearts of people, therefore enough with this for now. Did Jesus have a university degree? No. An ivy league degree? No. Phd? No. Did he write any books? No. Interesting, isn't it? And yet, he had the courage to LAZER Pharisees. This, too, is very interesting. Let us think deeply about this fact. Now, see the parallels present between the Pharisees and politicians and political types...including some high ranking judges. Are academics always honest, or do they have a certain policy line and political correctness rope to tow at times for fear of getting slapped on the wrists by their so called superiors in the academic chain of command? Being tenured in academia results in one's salary doing a quantum leap, true or not? Who, I ask, is truly capable of and willing to be HONEST? This is something to think about as well. Instead of attacking truth, let us attack SOPHISTRY. In France, sometimes the farmers (at least in the past this happened) took out their manure spreaders to express their disgust with political governance. The politicians often feed us manure. One day, instead of dirt, I would like to see 6 feet of fresh manure dropped down out of the backhoe bucket to fill the hole. This would be a nice ending to the lives of NOT the saints, but to the lives of who? Politicians! 6 feet of fresh cow dung dropped out of the backhoe buckets to fill the hole before the lawn gets transplanted and the flowers trimmed; at least a little comedy to the tragedy might make some feel a little more optimistic! If we are to be in the pursuit of truth, why not send some politicians off with the same nonsense they fed us while in power? Cow dung! Not 2 scoops of Kellogg's raisin bran, an entire truckload of it! Then, watch the flowers grow and the lawn will be growing so fast the poor grass-cutting crew will be kept so busy the parish funds risk drying up! Perhaps it's a bad idea after all and a respectable funeral is what is best, on second thought. And then? Let God judge. The red or blue tie won't matter to God. Neither do ratings. Neither do platitudes. Neither does "your attitude determines your altitude" stupid slogans. If I have a positive attitude, I still can't fly off into orbit by positively flapping my arms! We need to WAKE UP some people and PEEL the cobwebs off their eyes and LAZER the cataracts off their souls. Socrates was ruthless with nonsense. We need a few more of those types hanging around in the shopping malls and filling the stands at the SOPHISTRY SYMPOSIUMS. Change is coming to America? I hope it comes around again and I will likely be hoping the same thing in another 4 years, I fear...regardless of who gets elected. And if I am cynical, to some, it is because the system and politicians did it to who? Themselves. This is why so many are cynical, it is barely taken seriously anymore. Who, in their right mind, would fully trust a politician? An insane person, that's who. And I'm sure politicians vote seek inside senior homes, preying on the trust of some very good people. This would not surprise me. Let us see what happens at the SOPHISTRY SYMPOSIUM this week. Better than watching the 3 stooges, until I remind myself that much of it happens with power, control, money manipulators. Let us at least be of influence, if nothing else. You do not need partisan or political power, or control, or money to INFLUENCE. Therefore, do not lose hope.
    Paul-Emile Leray

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