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Hudson & Fournier: Catholic Countdown to Election 2012, Day 25. Substance and Smirks Comments

There are Catholics like Joe Biden who claim to follow what is too often called the "spirit" of Vatican II while rejecting the very foundations that important Council proclaimed. Then, there are others, like Paul Ryan, who grasp the implications of what it means to infuse the values informed by their Catholic faith into their political participation on fundamental moral issues such as the Right to life Continue Reading

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  1. Jon Matthew
    2 years ago

    Vice President Joe Biden admits that abortion is morally wrong/evil but supports the right of Americans to committ this evil act? The Vice President is guily of the Sin of Omission and needs to be called out for his treason against the faith...

    Also Congressman Ryan is wrong about allowing abortion/murder of the innocent for rape, incest, etc. Abortion/murder can never and should never be justified by any means and he needs to be corrected on this point.

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    Does the church provide for the exceptions for abortion that Ryan articulated last night? If that is going to be the policy of a Romney/Ryan ticket, then the abortion industry has already won.

    Mother Angelca from EWTN had a great interview (archives) with the founder for the Walk For Life. It's a great interview and explains the problems with these exception policies. I believe the Ryan is more pro-life than Joe Biden, personally. But I don't think either are willing to put their political fortunes on the line to be truly pro-life. None of them are.

  3. michael
    2 years ago

    According to the bishop of Wilmington, Delaware, VP Joe Biden is a Catholic in good standing. At least as a senator, Biden received Holy Communion each week in his home district. I'm sure he's gets back to Delaware regularly as VP and receives the Blessed Sacrament as well. What is a Catholic voter to think? To receive the Body and Blood of our Lord is to be in Communion with Him and all that He stands for. Perhaps our good bishops should help the great majority of the flock by excommunicating this lost sheep. The time to do this is now...just before the election. Will it backfire? Well, let's not think naturally for once, but rather supernaturally.

  4. Ruth
    2 years ago

    Barbara, Priests were not to hold public office and were not to campaign for particular candidates. But they ARE suppose to help us form our conscience and Laity are suppose to engage in politics and help our nations to understand moral issues on a political scale.

    We are actually not a democracy so much as a republic. Theocracy would be 'led by God' though these days the term has deteriorated to 'led by religious leaders.' But we all should strive for a true private theocracy and vote accordingly.

    There is no doubt as to the differences in the two candidates and who the country would fare better under both morally and economically.

    A few notes on social issues:
    We as Christians are called to remember that the care for the poor and disavantaged is a personal responsibility. Government means are important and helpful but we always must fill in the gaps by our individual works. Otherwise, we will lack the 'giving of love' in our lives.

    Personally the people who most distress me are the ones who try to 'solve' the 'problem of the poor' by striving to kill off their children (contraception/abortion.)

    But that last is personal. I grew up as government-defined working poor (never on welfare but we did get free lunches in school) and the tenth of eleven children. We were country and raised almost all our own food and were never hungry even without the free lunches. All 11 have college degrees and none live in poverty now. But if they did, I would still support their right to reproduce and we would take care of our own. From experience, I strongly believe in hand-ups but hand-outs only when absolutely necessary.

  5. Thomas
    2 years ago

    Catholic's like Joe Biden are hypercritical when they say they are pro-life but don't want to impose there beliefs on others. Everyone knows they have no moral compass. If you don't want to impose your beliefs on others, why are you in Politics. Imposing your beliefs on others is why you are a politician.

  6. abey
    2 years ago

    If the Moderator was "open" to Catholic answers why did then she "close" a Catholic question raised by Ryan ?. to the Quiz question "Is that Hypocrisy or Left leaning? The answer being "One in each other".

  7. jpj
    2 years ago

    Joe Biden will fight for Obama but will not defend the unborn, what a disgrace.

  8. Barbara Mathews
    2 years ago

    One of the first acts of Pope John Paul II was to have his clergy get out of politics if they were holding local offices. If I remember correctly many American priests were sitting on city councils and the like. He didn't believe his priests should be influencing politics. I am dismayed to listen to our deacon in his homily discuss political matters and then read here you think the Romney/Ryan ticket will lead this country better only because Paul Ryan is a "better Catholic" than Vice President Biden. We live in a democracy and not a theocracy, as the founding fathers intended. The Church is not in the business of politics but in the business of saving souls. That is not done by legislation but by reaching out to those who are on the fringes of society and welcoming them, as Christ did.

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