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Hudson & Fournier: Catholic Countdown to Election 2012, Day 25. Substance and Smirks Comments

There are Catholics like Joe Biden who claim to follow what is too often called the "spirit" of Vatican II while rejecting the very foundations that important Council proclaimed. Then, there are others, like Paul Ryan, who grasp the implications of what it means to infuse the values informed by their Catholic faith into their political participation on fundamental moral issues such as the Right to life Continue Reading

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  1. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    Quite honestly, the more I follow all candidates on both sides the more I am inclined to agree with what Mr. Ross Perot once said: anyone truly capable of doing the job would likely not want it to begin with. I take this to mean that the best of the best are not in politics. They are doing other things. Cynical, but I fear it is true. I am really not that impressed by any of them. Why should I be surprised? It is, after all, politics. Campaigning? Marketing. Governing? Plato likely had it right. Does anyone know of any potential all benevolent dictators who, although not desiring the job, somehow could be chosen in ways other than through the circus of smear campaigns, sophistry, demagogic speeches? It is the nature of truth that it often separates itself from the crowd. How then, I ask, to reconcile this with the fact that majority counts in democracies? The majority is usually wrong. History often proves this. One way to view all this, perhaps, is by asking the following question: who will do the least amount of damage in areas where it counts most?
    Paul-Emile Leray

  2. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    Re; the "theocracy" comment..if Catholic democrats are upset about deacons delivering pro-life homilies and other Catholics saying Romney/Ryan would better lead us than the evil man Catholic democrats support....then Catholic democrats should also crticize homilies attacking racism and attacking lack of concern for the poor. We must wecome racists and those who hate the poor, and not legislate to prohibit raqcism or hatred for the poor. Only when we change every heart to oppose racism and to oppose contempt for the poor can we legislate against racist discrimination and in favor of subsidies for the poor.

  3. Stephanie
    2 years ago

    Sorry, but even though the Romney-Ryan campaign says abortion is okay in the cases of rape and incest, even though that is against Church teaching, one has to choose the lesser of two evils. The Obama-Biden campaign supports abortion at any time for any reason. Additionally, their team has been giving millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood every year, so not only do they support abortion in private, but they are actively promoting it and even helping women obtain abortions. Very evil indeed.

    2 years ago

    I made that same point in my earlier posted comment. The Church teaches the principle of double-effect. If a woman is at risk during a pregnancy doctors should do what they can, first, to cure the underlying illness of the mother. If, by consequence but not by intent, the baby dies that is not morally wrong. The intent was to heal, DO NO HARM, and unfortunately the baby does not survive. The intent was NOT to perform an evil act, abortion, that good may come from it.

  5. james in colorado
    2 years ago

    I too was disappointed in Ryans answer in regard to abortion , about exceptions for rape and incest. Of course, he has to "work" with Romney on this issue, but a clarifation of their position was in order. How refreshing it would've been to hear him say that it is the Churches firm statement that ALL life is Sacred, and no life should ever be aborted, but that his running mate Romney does not share that belief. Let us keep all of them in our prayers.

  6. John Mainhart
    2 years ago

    Good for you, Barbara. I ,have been reading the gospels of Christ and I don't recall Christ spending His time trying to change the Roman Empire. Christ was interested in building up His Kingdom by building up the Faith of the souls whom He calls, which is everyone, to believe in Him

  7. nikorb
    2 years ago

    I noticed that the author of this article has not pointed out that Ryan's view n abortion being okay in the instances of rape, incest, and the life of the mother are not in line with the church. I think, personally, that Paul Ryan took this view in order not to scare away voters. However, if this is the case, it shows that Ryan does put some politics over his faith. While I support him, i cannot support this view. We must remember, "It is not the too hot, nor the too cold, but the lukewarm that God hath spat out of His mouth." We must be strong in our faith in every way in our lives.
    The other problem with Ryan's statement is that it paints an incorrect view on the Catholic church as supporting abortion in certain cases. It is not for humans to decide what life is worth to live. It is not mercy-killing to kill a person who has been raped, why would it be so to kill a child who is the product of rape? The simple answer: it is not. God has made every cell to be loved. We must remember and live by this every day of our lives. -God bless.

  8. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    The debate and the difference in a nutshell.
    "Biden gave the predictable answer of the Catholics in public life who have compromised on truth. He "refuses to impose" his personal religious beliefs on the American people -- the classic Drinan-Kennedy-Cuomo-Pelosi dance step. Biden further denied the violation of religious liberty caused by the HHS mandate and Raddatz cut Ryan off when he asked Biden why so many Catholic institutions were suing the Obama administration over the mandate."

    Unlike Biden who has come to believe his faith is a burden refusing to impose its gift of true freedom on anyone (as if he actually had the personal power to do so yet feels perfectly comfortable in giving mothers the right to kill their unborn), Ryan understands and sees his faith as a blessing. Biden not only will not defend his faith he lays it aside assuming its values unworth to share with his fellow citizens for the good of our society. Ryan has no regrets for a willingness to incorporate the truth and justice of Catholic teachings within legislative initiatives to help guide us back on the path of divine providence set forth in our founding documents and away from the administrations road to secularism. That is the difference and the debate proved it.

  9. J. Bob
    2 years ago

    Didn't Michelle Obama say something to the effect "black churches are a perfect place to discuss politics". Does that mean if one goes to a predominately black Catholic church it's OK, but not the other way around?

    2 years ago

    I was not surprised with the VPs answer to the abortion question and his faith. He personally is against abortion but won't publicly defend life or force his beliefs on others. Paul Ryan stated he is pro-life EXCEPT rape, incest and life of the mother. The Catholic Church DOES NOT teach that position either, Church teaching does not allow for exceptions. The Church teaches the principle of double-effect. You try to save the life of the mother and if, by consequence and not intention, the baby dies that is, while regrettable, acceptable. DO NO HARM as the hypocratic oath infers. Neither of their responses reflects true Catholic teaching on the abortion question. So in that sense I was more disappointed in Paul Ryan's response since I already expected Biden's response.

    I also do not recall Paul Ryan challenging the VPs statement that no Catholic institution will be "forced" to provide or pay for contraception.

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