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Hudson & Fournier: Catholic Countdown to Election 2012, Day 25. Substance and Smirks Comments

There are Catholics like Joe Biden who claim to follow what is too often called the "spirit" of Vatican II while rejecting the very foundations that important Council proclaimed. Then, there are others, like Paul Ryan, who grasp the implications of what it means to infuse the values informed by their Catholic faith into their political participation on fundamental moral issues such as the Right to life Continue Reading

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  1. Brian English
    2 years ago

    "95% of Ryan's view is NON-CATHOLIC! Ryan's ideology is not of the Franciscan or Augustinian, it is totally Ayn Rand."

    Identify an aspect of his proposed budgets that could have been written by Ayn Rand. I'll even accept just one.

    "We cry for anti abortion laws at the same time we protest against regulations and bills that will keep children safe, feed and medically sound."

    What protests are you talking about? And where in the Bible or Church Tradition does it say that the primary help for the poor should come from the government?

  2. John
    2 years ago

    Biden grinned thru the debate because as Ryan said , he was under duress. It was a grinn of a fool as far as I am concerned. It seems that he is not the only one. Not the first time you see newscasters, especially women, grinning while broadcasting the most sad news items, like disasters and deaths etc. They should be fired. Learn from Walter Cronkite and Eric Saveried. They were Real newscasters.

  3. Catherine
    2 years ago

    Heaven help us all.... it is truly painful to pickup a Catholic comment this political season. I can not believe how much biasness and hate that comes from my sisters and brothers. This behavior is not Christlike! When have my church become the Republician Catholic Church of the United States? Why are were teaching and preaching as if Ryan is a man after Christ Himself? 95% of Ryan's view is NON-CATHOLIC! Ryan's ideology is not of the Franciscan or Augustinian, it is totally Ayn Rand.
    I have been a Catholic out of choice, and try to live the Catholic faith of virtues, and morals. Yes, I am PROLIFE, life for all peoples at every stage of life. I hurt for the the deaths caused by abortion, but also war, hunger and lack of heathcare. We cry for anti abortion laws at the same time we protest against regulations and bills that will keep children safe, feed and medically sound. We Catholic can be such Hyporites sometimes. In this year of faith, let us begin to work for Christ not for the republician party.
    We also need to begin decrying all the name calling, voters issues and racism that has plagued this country.
    Let us start BEING Christlike in word and deed.

  4. Bob Rees
    2 years ago

    The problem I have with the media, which by the way are nothing but cheerleaders for Obama, is the analysis that most Catholics support abortion, homosexual marriage and contraception. However, the Catholics quoted as supporting these sins are in all probability non-practicing Catholics, I can't and haven't seen any of the supposed main stream media types questioning practicing Catholics concerning these issues. Additionally, why don't the Bishops in charge of the various dioceses where these democratic congressman, senators and VP attend Mass and refuse the Holy Sacraments to them?

  5. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Paul.Emile Leray, Who will do the least amount of damage in areas where it counts most?

    Exactly right! Enjoyed your quotes...And they are exactly true. To answer your question seems simple really. O/B represents the Culture of Death. R/R represents Life. Maybe not as much as we'd like, but R/R is better than the Culture of Death. Let alone Freedoms. Your delicious quotes say the rest! Blessings...

  6. Vincent francone
    2 years ago

    I'd like to say that it refreshing to view the comments left by most on here regarding the debaters abortion views. I thought I would get on here to point out that neither candidates positions was consistent with catholic teachings, to my pleasant surprise, nearly all commenters have noted this. While Biden was as expected in left field, and Ryan was as expected in more congruence, it is dismaying the compromises public officials will make to be elected. I will vote for Romney/Ryan as they are closest to my theological views as a Catholic. But I do wonder how either can receive communion after publicly advocating contrarian positions to a fundamental tenet of the faith. So, I guess I am also dismayed at the current state of the Church which compromises (American church predominantly) with politicians to stay relevant. It was pointed out to a large audience that both candidates were Catholic, so, the non-Catholic viewers must have a very confused, and I'll informed view of Catholic teachings.

  7. vance
    2 years ago

    Do you know why Biden grinned and laughed during the debate? Because John F. Kennedy did that when he debated Richard Nixon in 1960. That boosted Kennedy in the polls. Ever since then ALL Democrat candidates do the SAME darn thing thinking it will boost them in the polls. SADLY, it does work with many. As for me, I'm sick of this obnoxious clown act. The biggest joke s the Marxist Media Talking heads declaring Biden as the Big Winner. The biggest losers were the audience who watched this clown act.

  8. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    I did not watch the debates last night. Instead went to a reading performance of James Joyce. From what I read today about the debates, I am glad I made that choice. There may have been more truth in the readings of James Joyce than in what was in the debates.

    As predictable in the debates last night, the candidates made statements about already well known issues, including their positions on abortion. Nothing new that I can gather from any of the reports I read. Nothing for sure that remotely reflected the deep concerns and anxieties of the working poor. Preferential option for the poor is a forgotten priority for sure.

    For any Catholic who puts great trust in any particular political party to be the moral voice of Catholic moral principles beware. Some individual issues may be resolved, some laws against abortion or same sex marriage may be changed. As far as I can tell political leaders are not going to help any of us be ready for the final judgment. In the final judgment, each of us will be held accountable: When Jesus will say to those who have been faithful:"For when I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and and you visited me." MT 25:36 For those not faithful, well you know the answer to that.

    Where am I? Far from where Jesus wants me to be. Each day in prayer, I ask how can I be more faithful? What must I give up to make me a light to the world? Lord take from me any pride that makes me feel I know it all or that I have THE answer for any human crisis.

  9. Erika
    2 years ago

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Ryan was expressing the position of Romney, as he is top of the ticket. I didn't read his answer as his own personal opinion. The question was answered first by Biden, which took a political turn instead of being personal. Ryan's job was to expose his belief of life begining at conception in a moral and scientific fact. As the VP candidiate he can only say so much. I believe the weight of this subject showed in Ryan's face, he understands that so many have trouble with idea of saving a child under the circomptances of rape as the line not to cross publicly. Yes I agree, it would be refreshing to see our officals boldly profess our faith with clarity, but it is the hearts we must change first. It's our job to lead our representatives by example. Ryan should respect and restraint with an oppenent who mocked and laughed. Pray for Biden, that he may find humility.

  10. AngeleS2S
    2 years ago

    Michael, it is laudable that you wish that Ryan had taken an stronger, purer stance against abortion. However, we must also take into consideration not only the fact that Ryan cannot publicly go further policy-wise than the man at the top of the ticket but also because we first need to make up for a tremendous amount of lost ground before anything more ambitious can get on the table. For one thing, abetted by the mainstream news media & the prejudices of the cultural elite, the other side is suceeding in its efforts to get our society to take for granted that abortion on demand should be regarded as a natural "right" and does not even want to allow a real debate that could risk a decisive change in the national consensus. Very crucial is the point that Ryan made that the Democratic party, far from its original intention of making abortion legal but rare and safe, it has become aggressively expanisive in promoting the availability abortion as if it were a positive good. So let's not give the impression that we may as well as sit at home on election day because neither ticket is completely on the side of the angels.

    In the context of violating religious liberty, Paul Ryan did bring up the Obama administration's attempt to force the Church to pay for contraception. Biden tried to weasal out of it with a meaningless assertion but Ryan pointed out that if there was a distinction with a difference there wouldn't be so many ongoing lawsuits against the Obama administration on the issue.

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