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Memo shows Obama refused to increase security ahead of terror attacks Comments

There's more evidence today that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack, of which the government had warning. According to diplomatic cables, officers in Benghazi asked the Obama administration for more security forces for months prior to the attacks and never received a response.  Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Did anyone notice how Obama answered this question on the P. Debates last night?
    He Is Absolutely Incredible! Wanting to pull the wool over the American people's eyes! He needs no further investigation on Libya. Who is he trying to kid? A lot of Media and innocent oblivious people...and there buying it! Gullible and naive people. Obama has created a lot of division in this country, where it should not be. It is starting to remind me of the Civil War. Brother against brother. Son against Father, Daughter against Mother, Friend against friend. And the list goes on. He needs replaced just for that. All aside: The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together. Let us stand United.

    Mom could only take 10 minutes of the Debates last night. I was more than a bit irritated at Obama going Overtime...I disliked having to listen to his deceitful lies and his avoiding questions like he was playing dodge ball on the sly. I Hope enough people saw through him...but I don't know. This is really getting down to the wire! Peace...

  2. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Jo Ann, I have not studied Rev. as in depth as you. How do you know that the 4th or 5th trumpet has sounded? Blessings...

  3. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: The 6th trumpet war is brewing. It WILL come and it CANNOT be stopped. Prophecy says so. It will start in the Euphrates River region. Syria is fighting with Turkey. Iran is supporting Syria. War is festering. No matter who is president, war will come. I would rather Romney be president at that time, then Obama. Obama has now sent troops to Jordan to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing the Jordanian King. He is arming the MB with weapons. Like you said, it's sad but joyful. I thank God for letting me live this long to witness prophecy being fulfilled. God bless.

  4. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Jo Ann, Sincerely Agree with you! What more can I say? Well, we both know through the Word what might be...Actually, it will be, but we do not know when. It is sad and joyful!

  5. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: Hi to you too. I've been away but you have been in my prayers too. I posted a note to you regarding Emma's post on that Executive Order she was talking about. Remember? She is right on. I can't remember where I posted it though. I'm still trying to learn how to navigate this new format. I'm not sure I like it. I guess I'll get used to it, but right now it's a little confusing for this old lady. The election is getting close. I heard something today that I want to research. I heard that if Obama loses this election, there is a position for him at the United Nations. SCARY! In the Dec. 2008 Financial Times magazine, there was an article entitled "And Now For A World Government." It read as follows: "A taste of the ideas doing the rounds in Obama's circle, is offered by a recent report from the Managing Global Insecurity Project, (MGI), whose small U. S. Advisory group that includes John Pedesta, the man heading Mr. Obama's "transition" team and Strobe Talbot, the President of the Brookings Institute, from which Miss Susan Rice has just emerged. The MGI report argues for the creation of a UN "HIGH-COMMISSIONER" for counter-terrorist activities, a legally binding climate-change agreement negotiated under the auspices of the UN and the creation of a 50,000 strong UN peace keeping force. Once countries had pledged troops to this reserved army, the UN would have first call upon them." I sure hope they don't want Obama. His foreign policies SUCK. Time will tell. God bless.

  6. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    The event, and the murders that took place, happened on Obama's watch under his State Dept. And Obama and his administration lied to the American people about what happened. They had Susan Rice "lie" to the UN assembly about what happened. Even Biden denied that they "knew" that extra security had been requested, but that they hadn't responded to it.

    Just a series of lies designed to coverup the failure of Obamas State Dept and not make Obama look inept in his policies toward Libya during an election year. Those policies cost the lives of four people, and to date, no one in the Obama administrtasion is willing to acknowledge that! But they will repeat it!!

  7. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Ok... so... the article doesn't actually say what the headline claims, and the use of the picture was shameful and sensationalistic. I would like to think C.O. is better than this.

  8. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Jo Ann, Hi! Glad to see you back on board! Was thinking and praying for you. That personal note aside, let me state that I agree with Everything you said, and to whom you directed your statements to. Peace and Blessings...

  9. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    To CO Journalists: Was this picture of Ambassador Stevens necessary? This man suffered a horrific, torturous, inhumane death from these people from hell. I'm sure his family wishes these pictures would go away. Also, we didn't need the picture of that drug cartel guy either. Seems like there is nothing sacred anymore and it's worse coming from a Catholic site. I'm very disappointed. God bless.

  10. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Warren: If you were watching the investigation on TV yesterday, you will have learned from Ms. Lamb herself, that funds do not effect their job. She was asked if funds would have made a difference in the security of the Consulate in Benghazi, she said an emphatic NO!!! So don't even go there. This is not red vs. blue. We are in the fight of our lives against pure evil that has taken over this country and this world. Wise up and get the chip off your shoulder. We need to join forces no matter what our political or religion persuasions are or we will be calling each other "comrade" instead of friend very soon. God bless.

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