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Memo shows Obama refused to increase security ahead of terror attacks Comments

There's more evidence today that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack, of which the government had warning. According to diplomatic cables, officers in Benghazi asked the Obama administration for more security forces for months prior to the attacks and never received a response.  Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    JoAnn: It will indeed, be much uglier in the ME at some designated time. Palestine is not full of love...what is it the Bible says about one's enemies? not that I am calling them an enemy, but they have sure proved that they can not be trusted. What is Obama's two-step w/them anyway? The whole relationship over there sure does not smell like a bed of roses. Then Beng. Cover Up stinks to high heaven. Obama knew what happened that day. I know you are not fooled by the great pretender. There is too much going on w/Obama in the ME, lack of support for Ho;y Jerusalem, the UN...of which I no longer trust or believe, etc.

    Islam has always been the same. Their ways have never changed. By that I mean, grown into the maturity of love. Have you read the historical accounts of the three Holy Wars? It shows you how they have not changed; a lot of Christians were no better, but at that time, no one was any different. However, some Christians, it seems to me, were more True Christians? than we are today? At least the majority practiced major feast days and holy days. Not that it was perfect, what ever is? If you have read up on these historical books, plus know what you know, I know you know what I mean. It is 1:45AM and I do not know that I am making sense so I better go. Blessings Always...

  2. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Agreed. Blessings..

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, honestly, I have a lot of hope. I have absolutely zero hope in politics. Both parties have been so utterly corrupted that in them there is absolutely no hope. And while things socially are pretty bad, I do feel a movment of the Spirit working to change that. While many believe that we are racing off the cliff, I honestly believe that all the evil around us is about to fall under the weight of it's own destructive power. As time passes more and more things of the world are being revealed for what they are and slowly people are waking up to this fact.

    I think at some level we've bought the lie that change in this country comes from the top down. If we just elect this government, then things will get better. Doesn't work because that's never been how things work in this country. Things only change when it's a true movement of the people. Once the people of God begin investing in their brothers and sister instead of the things of Caesar, I think we will be well on our way. We just have to keep praying and keep pressing forward. In the end "we" need to worry.

  4. Theresa H.
    2 years ago

    JoAnne and All, No doubt about it, the "times" are very serious. We know not what next--though there is plenty going on even NOW....Our Elections will have an impact--for better, or worse....The whole Benghazi matter is horrible--and shame on our President and his cohorts. (What is the "military" for--if the President refuses to "send" them to protect our Ambassador and those with him! What's going on with this President? One thing after another--Doesn't add up to anything good for the USA! I pray God: "Deliver us from all evil. Amen."

  5. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Theresa H: No one knows the date and time that Jesus will return, that's very true. In Mt. 24, Jesus was very specific. Jesus also said to be observant and KNOW the signs. When we see certain signs, we are to "look up for our redemption is nigh." We cannot deny what is happening in the middle east. More and more nations are against Israel, including many in our own country. Prophecy says the whole world will go against Israel. We know this present administration is very "soft" when it comes to Islam. In Obama's own book, he states that he will stand with the Muslims and I think that has been quite evident. In Obama's address to the assembly at the recent United Nations conference, Obama said there is no one who has suffered more than the Palestinians. EXCUSE ME? He also STILL kept blaming what happened in Benghazi on the FILM. He said it 5 TIMES! (Note: his address to the UN was 2 weeks AFTER Benghazi) If Abbas is successful in getting the UN to declare Palestine a "non-member state," it will be a very trying time for Israel. Worse than it already is or has been. We must pray for their deliverance. Thank you for your posts, Theresa. Keep them coming. God bless.

  6. Debra
    2 years ago

    The White House watched it LIVE.

  7. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy & Theresa: Very wise words. I saw some news in "The Jerusalem Post" the other day. We all know that Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, has refused to meet with Netanyahu for more peace talks. It has been deadlocked since 2010. Although, Netanyahu has indicated that they are willing to make "painful concessions", Abbas will not meet with him because he knows Netanyahu will not give him what he wants. He wants a recognized Palestinian state with East Jerusalem for their capitol, which means Israel will have to go back to the 1967 borders. Netanyahu will not agree to that! It will leave Israel indefensible and split Jerusalem. Abbas knows Netanuahu will not agree to this. Sooo, Abbas is meeting with the United Nations next month. Abbas said he would be ready for negotiations with Israel "straightaway" IF the UN recognizes Palestine as a non-member state. If the UN gives Abbas what he wants, then the UN will force Israel to agree to Abbas' demands. Jerusalem will be split in two and Israel will lose the 1967 borders. That would mean that "Palestine will become a nation under occupation." The moment Abbas gets this, every single thing Israel does in East Jerusalem or the "West Bank" will become null and void. Jews living in the West Bank will be under Palestinian Authority. We all know that Jerusalem will be the price for peace. That peace will only be temporary. Do you really think the Jews living under Palestinian Authority will really have any peace. If they do, it will NOT be for very long. In the "peace agreement," (Confirmation of the Covenant) Palestine will allow the Jews to share the Temple Mount. Yeah, that's going to go real well. In response to the UN bid, Israeli officials have threatened financial sanctions against Abbas's Palestinian Authority, which is dependent on Israeli-transferred customs duties and Western aid. All of this is in Revelation, watch the events unfold. Everytime, in the past, when Israel gave up some of her land for peace, God punished Israel It is going to get very ugly over there. God bless.

  8. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Thank God for the young. For the young still see w/clear hopeful and unglazed eyes. In every generation, the older generation has mostly thought that that generation, the new younger generation, was going to the dogs. It is nothing new. And when history was indeed very very bad, all that was then left, was Hope of and in God, or the gods. And when one knows the Bible very well, it is easy then, to put even more Hope in God for the End Times for Jesus to come Now. So great is their/our desire. There have been many times through out history when man has thought this. The Early Christians even thought it was the End Times. But in the Final Analysis I believe Jesus. He will return. In a few days. Each day, likened to a thousand years. And He will reappear the same as He Ascended into the heavens; reappearing, descending from the heavens...Therefore, we know not the day or hour, and our souls had (darn well better be ready, in my opinion) better be ready when He comes...without warning....Surely it seems a lot has transformed in the last 100 years! We have nothing to be frightened of, as long as we are on the side of Truth and Love.

  9. Theresa H.
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, I was just reviewing the Comments on this page...and wanted to say something that sticks in my mind about the Book of Revelation....It is full of mysterious events that many great and ordinary men and women have tried to unravel and apply all through Time. It is certainly the "Word of God," but in the light of the whole of Sacred Scripture, it is important not to forget what Jesus said to the Apostles when he spoke of the End-Times....He did, indeed, tell us to read the "signs of the times;" He also told us that we "do not know the day or the hour when the Son of Man will come...." He also said: "Be prepared, for the Son of Man will come like a thief in the night." All through the centuries there have been great times (Middle Ages and the growth of Christianity...) and horrible times (the destruction of Jerusalem, divisions in the Church, the Crusades, the Protestant Reformation, and "wars and rumors of war," throughout. Today, in these times of "technical strength"--like never before (which Pope Benedict refers to in his book: "Spirit of the Liturgy"), one does wonder: "what next," but, in any case, in any "era" we are to told to "be ready." Each of us will have our individual "day and hour" when we will stand before the Son of Man. We, ourselves, have seen many leave us here in this "Valley of tears." Sometime we forget, caught up as we are in "things seen:" our life, each life, is, indeed, short, very short in the light of our "time" in this world--and eternity.... I dare say, while we read the Book of Revelation who knows what next and when? On thing is sure in any case, our individual departure in a comparatively very short time! As we grow older, we realize how short life here is; our vocation (and our prayer) is to "walk before God and do good," in whatever "time" here below that we have before us and "be not afraid."-- Heartening words of Jesus and Bl Pope J.P.II and Pope Benedict XVI echoing HIM!

  10. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rob: Thank you for your opinion. God bless.

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