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The Difference Between 'Mrs. Jesus' and Mmes. Muhammad Comments

Nothing in the press suggested that Dr. Karen L. King's crazy theories about Jesus should be suppressed or that she was a Catholicophobe.  But the press was full of righteous indignation that Mr. Bacile's movie about Muhammad should be suppressed and that he was an Islamophobe.  Why should an attack against one religion based upon speculation be good and protected, and the attack against another religion based upon historical reports ... Continue Reading

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  1. Albert Lopez
    2 years ago

    People would rather believe that we descended from apes rather than created by God, in the same way they believe anything that attacks that belief in a God and treat it as an "enligtenment". . .poor creatures, they do not see that they are worth more that a million apes. . .they could not even prove that even one in a million apes could talk, or could think, or could reason. . .WE ARE NOT DESCENDED FROM APES. . .

  2. Mark
    2 years ago

    What are you saying?! that video was absolutely not anti-catholic nor anti-christian every body agrees the thing is a fake!but your statements above that the Muslim prophet was as shown in the movie is speculation not printed fact and the thing was a video made on purpose while this lady only 'found' (I too highly question it's authenticity , the only question that remains is whether the thing was forged recently or during the 4th century) a shred of paper which could then be used to question Christianity it was no direct propaganda film made for ridicule?! if someone forged a fake Islamic book they too would not receive no violent threats (further more I would beg you not to judge your brothers in faith with a few that are violent as long as there is even one peaceful Muslim let us not tarnish the name while it is true that even one bad Muslim can prohibit us from making angelic comments about it so let us leave the actions of men behind and focus on the faiths themselves) your article speculates that what the blatant attacking video by the Bacile man was true simply because it could be possible. that is as much possibility as saying that archangel Michael has a purple pet octopus called fluffy!

    I agree with mister Patrick Reynolds when he says that Christians are easier targets as there is no retaliation perhaps the extreme retaliation by the Muslim people has been successful in thwarting further attacks?

    In hard times like these where faith in God is being attacked from all corners and as human society degenerates before our eyes ,it is not time to pick at one another and fight with our old allies and friend! I simply hope that all Christians, Muslims and Jews may come together to fight against the atrocities that plague our lands today. may God protect us Amen.

  3. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Mr. Greenwell: Another superb article as usual! You show us by the different responses to your article below that we Catholics are indeed different. I enjoyed your article thoroughly! Hearing all the media news of the You Tube tape, and then your explanations, were truly enlightening! Let alone the infamous Dr. King and mesmerized media. Keep 'em coming! Sunday Blessings...

  4. xan
    2 years ago

    most muslims are very fanatic and often use violence to defend their religion.. I feel sorry for muslims who applies their religion in the right way. We, Christians, are avoiding overload fanaticism and against violence :) we use love to defeat their anarchy
    let us develop our faith more and more !!

  5. isabel
    2 years ago

    it is very sad how the good doctor is using her qualification and supposed knowledge turn against the One who gave her the brains in the first place.
    as the saying goes, the more educated you are, the more stupid you become......or something like that.

    we should continue to hold onto our Faith because the Lord God Almighty will be the final judge.

  6. Celia
    2 years ago

    Now why does that not surprise me. muslims have been literally drilled in the faith even the lapse ones would rise to the occasion. Maybe our Catholic faith would be a lot stronger if we had stuck to traditions of Vat I rather than try to keep up with modern times. I can't help but think if Vat Council II was a big mistake, we seem to be going steadily downhill although I do believe the gates of hell will not prevail as Christ promised.

  7. Emerine
    2 years ago

    hi.. i'm a 17 yr old.. but i found this article very truthful and honest. Keep up the good work, Mr. Andrew. Just because we catholics are not holding rallies or violent strikes around the globe does not mean that we have nothing to defend ourselves with. Only God will and God should judge those who persecute us.

    Praise God.


  8. Patrick Reynolds
    2 years ago

    Because Catholics won't riot in the streets and advocate murder, so these people fear no reprisals. Our peaceful natures make us easy targets.

  9. Mike
    2 years ago

    Its obvious our country is already anti-Christian, and especially anti-Catholic. The media magnifies it. It's a little ironic that our country was founded on Christian principles, and yet our country now wants to do away with anything Christian.

    It doesn't help when we have leaders who say they're Christian and openly promote an anti-Christian agenda

  10. Daniel
    2 years ago

    "The only seeming way to explain these apparent inconsistencies is that some men and women are moved by the spirit of Christ and others moved by the spirit of the anti-Christ." Wow!

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