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Hudson & Fournier: Catholic Countdown to Election 2012 - Day 33: The Mormon Card and Losing the First Debate Comments

There is no question of who won this first Presidential debate. The news over the next 24 hours will demonstrate that this first Presidential debate marked a turning point in this critical election. The only question is how much - and how quickly - the poll numbers change? Continue Reading

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  1. TheRose
    2 years ago

    Good morning: Today, 10/12, we are in a world watching history being made. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a comment or two in reference how can one vote for a president who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ. We Christians are called to be inspectors of the fruit meaning looking for what one says and one does matches; making ones yes be yes and ones no's be no's. Personally, as a believer in Jesus Christ, I trully do believe in bringing forth the gospel into the real world thru the spoken Word and the deeds we do to prove our faith. We are to look at a persons character matching with his spoken word and observe does it match, within reason. I do not agree with the Mormon cultive beliefs, yet, I do highly respect a person, such as Mr. Romney, for being faithful to his belief, honorable to his church and to his familiy, and progressing his honorable character into the real world of business and politics and standing on his honesty and trustworthiness in making, for what I see and hear, his yes be yes and his no's be no's, unless there is a manly agreement to alter the agreements. My impression is that his character, no manner how it came to evolve, is based on his belief in God and the honor he pays his particular church. His faith does not seek to divide, destroy and kill as some other beliefs in this world and if I may say, too, not like the church Mr. Obama went to for over 20 years with a theology that supports and advocates division of races and promotes race supremacy. This type of theology is contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The focus should be on the character of the individual in the formation to create a leader for the country as a whole and let God use that person for the greater good of the people for the salvation of the United States of America. Together, we die or together we survive the storms of life as it is today. Many come in the name of Jesus, yet, their fruits are of evil persuasion as Mr. Obama has proved by his demonstrated intimate relationship with Planned Parenthood and his taking the issues of womanhood and turning around the respect and holiness of women into a tennis match against those of moral standards and promoting division between the male and the female genders,, between black and white, between Catholics and the political world and the tearing apart of the holiness of the family unit beginning with advocating strongly the killing of the most vulnerable person, the baby. Just in the United States of America, the unborn child, even up to last moments of full conception, the very opportunity of this human being to take one breath and to live life here in this country, as protected under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,is being robbed. Mr. Romney, in character, and not even looking at his claimed church theology, has demonstrated moral standards, honesty in the business arena and success in his financial affairs, with his family and in his faith. And those of contrary purposes seek to tear down what is not like them. Mr. Obama has lied from the beginning on his birth records, his Christian doctrinal beliefs with matching his heart in word and in deed, and promised much, which is what a community organizer does, yet, does not have the fortitude, integrity, and validity of what comes out of his mouth unless he presents a Golden Carrot to those he is trying to suck down the vaccum of demise. This is just like the vaccum used to suck the brains out of unborn babies. This is what Mr. Obama is doing to the American people. And many will accept " things" , buying their votes, to be lead down the path to the gas chambers to be exterminated just like the Jews. meanwhile keeping their eyes on Papa Obama. Mr. Obama is a Muslim in disguise. He is not an American born citzen as required for Presidency and he has set the American people up, as a whole, for the enemy to come in to destroy even the vary foundational beliefs of our Godly society. As a community organizer, he can fool some of the people some of the time. Yet, he can't fool all the people all the time....Jesus Christ spoke to beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. And this is what has creeped into the political arena and manipulated many by using The Golden Carrot Principle of getting votes. It is trully the Great Kickback Gimmick of the Century next to Nixon and the Watergate Tapes...This is why the watch of Mr Barack Obama is referred to as the Death Culture because his plan has been to rip the very seams of the patchwork of the American Societal Quilt apart and recreate a new nation, a society, based on lying, manipulating, immorality, and the selfish self centered egotistical rise of a King at no cost of little tiny babies. Now, tell me, trully ,where is Jesus Christ in this picture of these two political entities?...Mr. Obama says he is a Christian, yet, where is the fruit! Mr. Romney says he is a Mormon, and yet....let's all be inspectors of the fruit for our leaders because what is at the top will flow down. It is "our" country, together and, trully ,where one suffers, we will all suffer ...well, until the next election...Now, is the time for change. Live and learn children.....We only live once in these bodies. Do you want another Hiltler? Well, he is being created in the White House at this time and even Hilter went to Catholic schools as a child........TheRose ,

  2. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    Concern for truth! The thesis of this article is get to expose the truth of one incident that might move voters to support a specific candidate. Last night in the debate both candidates sited many facts of profound importance to all Americans. This morning both sides are claiming the facts were used to draw false conclusions. Anyone concerned with the common good would want to explore the meaning of those facts. Why are you not helping to search for truth in the political rhetoric of last night's debate?

  3. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    A few things about the debate. Number one, Obama should not have used a public debate to wish his lovely wife a happy anniversary message right out of the gate. I know in debates one wants to quickly get the audience on their side, but yes Mr. President, we know you love your beautiful wife. We get that. But some of us are wondering what percentage is sincere and what percentage is political rhetoric. Either way, it cheapens your sincerity in my eyes. Two: many politicians do this; they say something along the lines of, "well if those are the ideas you want, then my opponent is your candidate, not me." The problem I have with this is that the President of the US should be concerned when Americans are going to make bad choices. There are better ways to show respect for voter choice than nudging people toward your opponent. This is little different from Romney's 47% misstep. Basically you are saying, hey, I don't care about you, vote for the other guy. Mr. President, you may not mean that, but that's how it comes across. And now third: Romney really bothered me when he said (paraphrasing) "I have a test, and that test is this, if a program is not critically vital, I am not going to borrow money from China to pay for it, I'm cutting it." This begs the question, which programs are critically vital, vital enough to borrow money from China! This is shallow thinking on Romney's part and it concerns me, he really should follow his sentiments all the way through. I can't believe Obama let it slide but arm chair criticism is not hard to pull off, I'm not in front of 40 million people. As an aside, poor Jim Lehrer, the 78yr old was basically told he'd be fired by Romney! Not nice! I think overall Obama's remarks showed careful thinking and will look better on paper, but Romney won the style contest. And we all know that Americans love their style. Looking forward to the next debate. -Cheers! -Mike, friendly atheist. (PS, I'd like to remind people there are three other people running for President who will be on the ballot).

  4. ninov
    2 years ago

    @ Juneau - Mike you are wrong. As a small business owner in Ohio, the HHS mandate is forcing me to either choose to pay for contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs, which is INDEED against my religious beliefs or drop health care, something not against my religious beliefs but something I wish to do out of charity for the 300 workers at our factory. So when you say, neither pose a threat, you are flat wrong. That is a threat. As a Catholic, I am taught be believe that if I participate with money, driving someone to a clinic or to the pharmacy to get a pill or provide health care that does any of these to kill a human being, I indeed have a threat to my religious liberty. Unfortunately, what I will likely do us drop health insurance and give the money the company saves to the employees, but that won't be enough to pay for a group rate and they will all likely end up on the government plan, which is exactly what the Obamacare act is trying to do. Get more people on the government roles. You are wrong and I question if you've ever looked into this health care debacle from a business owner perspective. It's quite simple, it's clearly forcing me to do something against my religion.

  5. Eamon Hatley-Smith
    2 years ago

    Aren’t all human beings natural allies already? And if a person’s prepared to ignore a fundamental bond like that, is he [sic] really likely to pay much attention to mere forms of words? (Thomas Moore (2009) Utopia, Penguin, New York, p. 100).

  6. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    Neither Romney nor Obama pose threats to the religious. Both are, what Daniel Dennett might call, "believers in belief." It's not a trait I particularly like in an adult. In other words, personal outlooks about reality aside, both, I suspect, want Americans to be able to believe in whatever they want if it "works" for them and doesn't violate our supreme governing document, the Constitution. I'm a voter, on the other hand, who cares more about truth even if it means that the truth is uncomfortable. Of course, I would never be elected to public office with that plank in my platform. In a way I'm glad religion hasn't played a significant role in this election cycle. For me, a person of no faith, it was a breath of fresh air. -Cheers! -Mike, friendly atheist.

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