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Deal W. Hudson: More Obama Push Calls to Catholics Continue the Big Lie Comments

I could not believe that I had received another call from the Obama campaign looking for another of my college aged children in less than a week. I informed the caller that my son was a practicing Catholic and would not be supporting a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidate who did not respect the Catholic faith in his HHS mandate that would force all Catholics to pay for birth control, sterilization, and the abortion pill Continue Reading

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  1. Mike
    2 years ago

    I am not a Catholic, but rather a "Mormon". You can add one more lie to the score in these push polls. "Mormon" is a nickname. The complete name of the church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Note the name "Jesus Christ" in the name of the church. I know who my Savior is, and it isn't Obama. Catholics and Mormons may have theological disagreements, and that's fair, but we are on the same page as to the source of our salvation and the object of our faith. Please, if you get one of these calls, kindly inform the pollster than Mormons are indeed Christians?

  2. Odifasa
    2 years ago

    I think it is important to clarify an issue regarding the section on Obama. The writer suggests that Obama should not receive her support because his values despite him being a christian, are not in line with Catholic values. So lets take a look a some gallop and pew statistics regarding this matter. Despite the popes position and the churches position on gay marriage and rights in general and on the use of birth control and abortion the statistics don't really match up. Over 70% or Catholics believe in birth control, have used birth control or are using it. Over 50% support gay marriage and gay rights. And an appalling 32% of Catholics have received or would receive an abortion do to choice, not do to incest, rape or deformations. According to these numbers which you can access via a simple Google search show that in reality the Catholic body of citizens in this country are more aligned with Obama's positions than with the writers. Furthermore, these values are only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to identifying oneself as a Catholic. Of these, adherence to the Decalogue or ten commandments are paramount when considering the authenticity of ones claims to the morality and authority of the faith. Considering most (possibly the writer) Catholics cannot even name all the ten commandments much less follow them it is rather silly to point fingers at individuals. Especially ones like the president who is expected to keep his personal beliefs and the missions of his office separate. If we take this all into account it reveals a deeper issue within this country, one which creates a disparity between the reality of the source and implication of our values and how we think we are facilitating them. Peel the layers back and we find a nation who believe they are good Catholics but in reality are heretics. Heretics calling out other Heretics for being amoral according to a code they themselves have distanced themselves so far from it is hardly fare to claim authority.

  3. abey
    2 years ago

    A perpetual liar becomes lost to the truth.

  4. Lindangel
    2 years ago

    I hope I receive one of these calls from one of Obama's zombies! They will get an ear full from me, and I will also confront them on all the lies they are spewing!!!

  5. mgm.
    2 years ago

    I believe they keep calling ,I used to get a few calls a day and still do to a lesser extent from supporters of Romney and over the last year scores of calls from people that wanted to be in Romney's place now and I will no more vote for him or them as Joy will vote for President Obama. In a polite manner just tell the college age kid ( that seems to always be on the other end when picked up or when I used caller I.D. to call them back later ) to please take you off the calling or mailing list ,the political junk mail usually has a phone number on it too. I still get calls and mail from Republicans wasting their time but to a lesser extent now.

  6. Janusz
    2 years ago

    Sophie, I love your approach! I will use it if I get such a call.

  7. ninek
    2 years ago

    Wow, not playing "the Mormon card" in public, but doing it over the phone?! How low can Obama go?? You know what, Buddhists don't believe that Jesus is who we Catholics say he is, but I'd vote for a Buddhist over Obama in a heartbeat. I'd vote for a department store mannequin over Obama, lol!! Ok, I'm kidding...but barely.

  8. DLL
    2 years ago

    I am a healthcare worker and my Union local 1199 SEIU spends plenty of dues money to support the Obama campaign.This I objective to but I have no control over that,but they are wasting my union dues. Obama is like a flaming rock star or Dracula! As he has supporters that will lie for him no matter what.

  9. Sophie
    2 years ago

    Just a suggestion : Next time you receive these calls, play their game so you would know what lies they have or what they are up to and maybe you can try to find out who this real person is so as we can engage her. Maybe you can say first that your college kids are yet "undecided" as to whom to vote for and ask why Obama and if he isn't anti-Catholic etc? and then from her answers, engage her with more questions like "do you believe in the 5th Commandment of God which is Thou Shall not Kill"? And then ask her if what Obama extremes views on partial-birth abortion isn't going against this very commandment. You know, try to engage her as long as you can so that she can't call and "victimize" others too and you may in fact starts planting those seeds of doubt on these callers.

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