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Hudson & Fournier: Catholic Countdown to Election 2012 - Day 39: Language, Manners and Catholic Action Comments

Politics, like evangelization, is about convincing people to think and act other than the way they generally do.  Wagging your finger at those who disagree only pushes them away, perhaps permanently. Continue Reading

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  1. jl
    2 years ago

    What fools must Catholics be who would vote for the man who denies them freedom to practice their religion without penalty. Not to mention his support for even partial-birth abortion, his vote to deny care for babies who manage to survive abortion (they're taken somewhere in the facility and left to die), his apparent belief that sodomy is equivalent to the marital union of a man and a woman. Heaven help us.

    True Witness, you're wrong. U.S. taxpayers are indeed paying for abortions, and not just in this country. Please, learn the truth about the issues before you vote. God bless.

  2. michael
    2 years ago

    Dear Deacon Keith and mentioned and disparaged Michael Voris by name in your column, certainly a fellow friend in the battle. Perhaps in your next column you may want to mention the Bishop of Springfield, IL, who stated that a person who votes for a candidate who supports intrinsically evil policies is "moral complicit" by that vote. This is basically what Voris stated. Your video is excellent and I thank the good Lord that you will be running especially in Ohio just before the election. No need to fight friends...we have a common enemy in Obama. Michael Voris may not be invited to any New York Archdiocesan functions with the cardinal like Obama will be, but Mr. Voris is welcome at my humble table any day.

  3. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    True Witness: I shudder to think of what you will have to resolve when you stand before the Creator for YOUR judgement one day. I will pray for you. God bless.

  4. Irish Catholic
    2 years ago

    The Affordable Care Act mandates taxpayer funded abortion and preventive services, and forbids anyone to to refuse it without paying a penalty tax. That is wrong and is not the America that I know and love. For that reason I can not vote for Barack Obama.

  5. Lindangel
    2 years ago

    Wake up--"True Witness"- what kind of Catholic are you? Get your head out of the sand!
    Obama is a "godless" socialist-that is all you need to know. I will pray for your soul.

  6. Mac
    2 years ago

    Dear "True Witness": If you saw someone next to you being attacked viciously with intent to mortally wound, would you just stand by and wait for the attacker to "resolve it" with his Creator? Please take off your blinders to the truth.

  7. kathy
    2 years ago

    @True Witness...on Obamas second day in office, he overturned the "Mexican city policy" that prohibited USAID from contibuting money to international family planning agencies that offered abortion and abortion counseling. Bush overturned the bill in favor of not supporting the policy, when he was in office, and Obama's first offical act was to overturn this law. Obama has been for abortion since day one. Obama's goal was to and is to reduce unwanted pregnacies.

  8. Brian English
    2 years ago

    "Politics, like evangelization, is about convincing people to think and act other than the way they generally do. Wagging your finger at those who disagree only pushes them away, perhaps permanently."

    We heard all of this four years ago. When you have 45% of the CHURCH-GOING Catholics supporting Obama, it is time for the gloves to come off. At least those voting for Obama four years ago had the excuse that they didn't know what he would actually do. No more excuses.

  9. Brian English
    2 years ago

    "President Obama has not allocated one cent to pay for abortions."

    You are wrong. Two days after he took office, Obama revoked the Mexico City Policy, so now our tax dollars are being used in other countries to perform and promote abortion.

    In addition, go to the Nikas and Bordlee website and read their brief in the Obamacare case. Hidden in the 2,000 page law is a provision that establishes a surcharge that will be used to fund abortion.

  10. J. Bob
    2 years ago

    True Witness,
    wouldn't be more accurate to say that Obama just mandated someone else to pay for abortions, (i.e. HHS mandates).

    While you may not impose your credo on others, others may try to impose their credos on you. Then what do you do?

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