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WARNING EXTREMELY VIOLENT! Watch this video of an honor killing and understand Comments

Islamic honor killings are on the rise around the world as a new, more militant strain of Islam becomes increasingly popular. Sharia Islam, notorious for its brutal adherence to 7th century mores, is spreading. Believers adhere to the most brutal and bloodthirsty tenets - with apparent relish. A new video recently uploaded to the internet demonstrates this.  Continue Reading

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  1. KArlVDH
    2 years ago

    So... for those talking aout what an evil, bloodthirsty religion Islam actually is... never mind that you carefully avoid mentioning bloody deeds, acts and commands in our own Old Testament... how about simply explaining the real, live Muslims in the picture above with the sign that says, "We condemn honor killings," or the brave MAJORITY in Libya who've taken to the streets to protest AGAINT Terrorism, Jihadism, and to demand JUSTICE for the slain Americans there?
    Yeah... evil lot, those folks...

  2. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Gladius: right behind you, if you'll answer two simple questions: who would Jesus murder first, and what sort of weapon would He use??

  3. Stephen
    2 years ago

    In brotherly love let your feelings of deep affection for one another come to expression and regard others as more important than yourself.

    I think this would be a more appropriate point to make about this issue then posting more garbage like this article. I am ashamed for the person who published this.

    Peace be With You

  4. Brock
    2 years ago

    I totally agree with Liam above! I am a Christian (Protestant) and have very close, faithful and loving Muslim friends! "Sharia Muslims want to exterminate you. They are not peaceful in the slightest." This is a lie! Showing this footage and depicting that all muslims are murderers is a lie. In that same manner you can call all priests as Pedophiles, would you agree to that since there are a number of exposed cases?
    Pay attention! Such traditions are being carried out rampantly everywhere in the world, most importantly in developed countries! However, sexual molestation, rape, pedophilia, women abuse, abortion, gay marriage, open culture (i.e, sex with multiple partners, drug abuse, skimpy dressing, slandering, malice...), high divorce (no sacred vow of marriage of Man and Wife like Jesus and the Church)... the list goes on, all going happening in your back yard! How come the govt does not pay attention and resolves issues at home, on their own soul? Why press the message of "democracy" to other countries in the world? The Muslim Brotherhood is a joke! Its a puppet govt of the U.S., just like Saddam, Gaddafi and rest of the dictators they are now getting rid off because they all turned against the U.S govt! Have you seen what has become of Iraq(formerly Mesopotamia, a flourishing region in the Old Testament) Egypt (another Biblical country) and Libya now? Media generating such atrocious lies against all Muslims and trying to gain support to wage war in the Middle East. Do you know how many other expats are in the region to work and support their families back in their own countries??
    Jesus came NOT to condemn the world, but to SAVE it. His greatest commandment is Love! LOVE your neighbor as yourself!
    So I ask why try to remove the speck in another person's eye when you have a log in your own!?
    Matthew 7:1-6 sums it up!

  5. Wes Lisitza
    2 years ago

    I have to agree with Liam. This article does not portray Islam in a good light, despite the fact that it highlights the growing controversy and concern of Sharia Law. Anyone could post videos and write an article highlighting the brutality of Christians just as much as Muslims, and if there were video of the Inquisitions, we Catholics could not hold our heads up as high amid the deluge of criticism. Likewise, there are people who are not Christians would could lump us with several Christian based cults that engaged in anti-social acts with indifference in the streets. Just look at David Koresh or "The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord", The Westboro Baptist Church, or even the churches that have Pro-Life extremists who believe in bombing abortion clinics. To the non-Christian, they are all Christian for simply invoking Christ's name. We shouldn't engage in the same double standard stereotypes against Muslims in this way...

    As a final note, that video is horrible and I hope it's removed from the internet and this site. It's like posting spousal abuse videotaped on the streets but worse. We know it happens, but allowing it to be viewed is gratuitous and suggests that it is for entertainment purposes only.

  6. Zach
    2 years ago

    Well, there are brutal muslims.... but just for the records: Gandhi was killed by a fanatic Hindu...

  7. Liam
    2 years ago

    I love this site, but this is one of the worst articles I've ever read. This is spreading things that are untrue about the Islamic religion in general. I am a devoted, traditional Catholic and many of my most FAITHFUL friends are Muslims. They are devoted to God and preach peace. They equally condemn these killings. I suggest you take down this article because it spreads the idea that all Muslims are like this and that is a lie. Do NOT spread falsehood on a website called Maybe if you were informed on the Islamic religion, you would understand my anger at seeing this. Thank you and God bless.

  8. Rose
    2 years ago

    Obama meets with members of the Muslim brotherhood in the White House. They want to overthrow the US as we know it and replace our Constitution and rights with Sharia law. I believe Obama is insistent that a "video" has caused all the recent riots in the Middle East because he willingly wants to stifle our freedom of speech. What was it that Rahm Emmanuel once said, "Never let a good crises go to waste." WAKE UP, AMERICA

  9. Spiritus Gladius
    2 years ago

    Let us all realize what peace and love really mean. Above all things, God is just. Was he peaceful when he ordered Joshua to kill all that breathes? Or when he told Saul to exterminate entire nations? God is Lord of Peace in as much as there will be peace in heaven. But so long as sin exists on this planet, we will have no peace, nor should we want it. We shouldn't lie to ourselves and say that peace is here when it truly is not. Catholics before us realized this. Pope Urban II did the right thing. Let us pray that our Holy See realizes the evil that infests Islam as we make a stand against it. Evil is real. Hate it with ever fiber of your being. If you truly love, you will truly hate. If you truly want peace, you will truly want war. You cannot believe in good and evil while believing in pacifism. If you could see but a glimpse of the evil that I see every day of my life, you will want nothing more than to destroy it.

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